ロスト・サンクチュアリ or Structure Deck 20: Lost Sanctuary is the twentieth, 1st Edition, Structure Deck for Yu-Gi-Oh! OCG. It is published by Konami in 11 December 2010 and is printed in Japanese and available in Japan only. There are also an International English and a French version of this set. This set consists of 38 cards.

Type BreakdownEdit

  • 22 Monsters (1 Normal, 19 Effect, 2 Tuners)
  • 10 Spell Cards (3 Normal, 3 Continous, 2 Field, 2 Quick-Play)
  • 6 Trap Cards (3 Normal, 2 Counter, 1 Continuous)

Rarity BreakdownEdit

  • 37 Commons
  • 2 Super Rares
  • 1 Ultra Rare

Card ListEdit

SDLS-JP001 マスター・ヒュペリオン Master Hyperion Ultra Rare [Monster/Effect]
SDLS-JP002 神秘の代行者 アース The Agent of Mystery - Earth Super Rare [Monster/Tuner]
SDLS-JP003 奇跡の代行者 ジュピター The Agent of Miracles - Jupiter Super Rare [Monster/Effect]
SDLS-JP004 裁きの代行者 サターン The Agent of Judgment - Saturn Common [Monster/Effect]
SDLS-JP005 英知の代行者 マーキュリー The Agent of Wisdom - Mercury Common [Monster/Effect]
SDLS-JP006 創造の代行者 ヴィーナス The Agent of Creation - Venus Common [Monster/Effect]
SDLS-JP007 力の代行者 マーズ The Agent of Force - Mars Common [Monster/Effect]
SDLS-JP008 神聖なる球体 Mystical Shine Ball Common [Monster]
SDLS-JP009 The splendid VENUS Splendid Venus Common [Monster/Effect]
SDLS-JP010 光神テテュス Tethys, Goddess of Light Common [Monster/Effect]
SDLS-JP011 ウィクトーリア Victoria Common [Monster/Effect]
SDLS-JP012 大天使クリスティア Archlord Kristya Common [Monster/Effect]
SDLS-JP013 マシュマロン Marshmallon Common [Monster/Effect]
SDLS-JP014 ヘカテリス Hecatrice Common [Monster/Effect]
SDLS-JP015 シャインエンジェル Shining Angel Common [Monster/Effect]
SDLS-JP016 神聖なる魂 Soul of Purity and Light Common [Monster/Effect]
SDLS-JP017 天空騎士パーシアス Airknight Parshath Common [Monster/Effect]
SDLS-JP018 コーリング・ノヴァ Nova Summoner Common [Monster/Effect]
SDLS-JP019 天空の使者 ゼラディアス Zeradias, Herald of Heaven Common [Monster/Effect]
SDLS-JP020 オネスト Honest Common [Monster/Effect]
SDLS-JP021 ハネワタ Hanetawa Common [Monster/Tuner]
SDLS-JP022 聖なるあかり Consecrated Light Common [Monster/Effect]
SDLS-JP023 天空の宝札 Cards from the Sky Common [Spell Card/Normal]
SDLS-JP024 神の居城-ヴァルハラ Valhalla, Hall of the Fallen Common [Spell Card/Continuous]
SDLS-JP025 テラ・フォーミング Terraforming Common [Spell Card/Normal]
SDLS-JP026 地砕き Smashing Ground Common [Spell Card/Normal]
SDLS-JP027 天空の聖域 The Sanctuary in the Sky Common [Spell Card/Field]
SDLS-JP028 光神化 Celestial Transformation Common [Spell Card/Quick-Play]
SDLS-JP029 異次元からの埋葬 Burial from a Different Dimension Common [Spell Card/Quick-Play]
SDLS-JP030 死皇帝の陵墓 Mausoleum of the Emperor Common [Spell Card/Field]
SDLS-JP031 一族の結束 Solidarity Common [Spell Card/Continuous]
SDLS-JP032 天空の泉 The Fountain the Sky Common [Spell Card/Continuous]
SDLS-JP033 神罰 Divine Punishment Common [Trap Card/Counter]
SDLS-JP034 異次元からの帰還 Return from the Different Dimension Common [Trap Card/Normal]
SDLS-JP035 激流葬 Torrential Tribute Common [Trap Card/Normal]
SDLS-JP036 光の召集 Beckoning Light Common [Trap Card/Normal]
SDLS-JP037 奇跡の光臨 (x2) Miraculous Descent Common [Trap Card/Continuous]
SDLS-JP038 神の宣告 Solemn Judgment Common [Trap Card/Counter]

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