闇の隆盛 (English: Dark Ascension) is an French expansion set for Magic: the Gathering published by Wizards of the Coast on 3 February 2012. It consists of 158 cards.

This expansion is designed by Mark Rosewater (lead designer), Jenna Helland, Zac Hill, Graeme Hopkins and Matt Tabak. It is developed by Tom LaPille (lead developer), Mark L. Gottlieb, Zac Hill, David Humphreys and Ken Troop.

Color BreakdownEdit

  • 27 Black
  • 27 Blue
  • 15 Colorless
  • 27 Green
  • 9 Multi-color
  • 27 Red
  • 26 White

Type BreakdownEdit

  • 10 Artifacts
  • 79 Creatures
  • 16 Enchantments
  • 21 Instants
  • 4 Lands
  • 1 Legendary Artifact
  • 3 Legendary Creature
  • 1 Planeswalker
  • 26 Sorceries

Rarity BreakdownEdit

  • 64 Commons
  • 44 Uncommons
  • 38 Rares
  • 12 Mythic Rares

Card ListEdit

1/158 大天使の光 [Archangel's Light] Mythic Rare [White] [Sorcery]
2/158 扉に閂 [Bar the Door] Common [White] [Instant]
3/158 暁天 [Break of Day] Common [White] [Instant]
4/158 罪の重責 [Burden of Guilt] Common [White] [Enchantment]
5/158 疲労の呪い [Curse of Exhaustion] Uncommon [White] [Enchantment]
6/158 エルゴードの審問官 [Elgaud Inquisitor] Common [White] [Creature]
7/158 信仰の盾 [Faith's Shield] Uncommon [White] [Instant]
8/158 町民の結集 [Gather the Townsfolk] Common [White] [Sorcery]
9/158 ガヴォニーの鉄大工 [Gavony Ironwright] Uncommon [White] [Creature]
10/158 ホロウヘンジの霊魂 [Hollowhenge Spirit] Uncommon [White] [Creature]
11/158 高まる献身 [Increasing Devotion] Rare [White] [Sorcery]
12/158 未練ある魂 [Lingering Souls] Uncommon [White] [Sorcery]
13/158 忠実な聖戦士 / 不浄の聖戦士 [Loyal Cathar] / [Unhallowed Cathar] Common [White] / [Black] [Creature]
14/158 深夜の護衛 [Midnight Guard] Common [White] [Creature]
15/158 霧のニブリス [Niblis of the Mist] Common [White] [Creature]
16/158 壺のニブリス [Niblis of the Urn] Uncommon [White] [Creature]
17/158 天啓の光 [Ray of Revelation] Common [White] [Instant]
18/158 鎮魂歌の天使 [Requiem Angel] Rare [White] [Creature]
19/158 聖所の猫 [Sanctuary Cat] Common [White] [Creature]
20/158 降霊術 [Séance] Rare [White] [Enchantment]
21/158 銀爪のグリフィン [Silverclaw Griffin] Common [White] [Creature]
22/158 熟練の突き [Skillful Lunge] Common [White] [Instant]
23/158 突然の消失 [Sudden Disappearance] Rare [White] [Sorcery]
24/158 スレイベンの守護者、サリア [Thalia, Guardian of Thraben] Rare [White] [Legendary Creature]
25/158 スレイベンの破滅預言者 [Thraben Doomsayer] Rare [White] [Creature]
26/158 スレイベンの異端者 [Thraben Heretic] Uncommon [White] [Creature]
27/158 巧みな回避 [Artful Dodge] Common [Blue] [Sorcery]
28/158 意思の詐話師 [Beguiler of Wills] Mythic Rare [Blue] [Creature]
29/158 骨を灰に [Bone to Ash] Common [Blue] [Instant]
30/158 同族の呼び声 [Call to the Kindred] Rare [Blue] [Enchantment]
31/158 スキフサングの詠唱 [Chant of the Skifsang] Common [Blue] [Enchantment]
32/158 予言の寒気 [Chill of Foreboding] Uncommon [Blue] [Sorcery]
33/158 対抗激 [Counterlash] Rare [Blue] [Instant]
34/158 こだまの呪い [Curse of Echoes] Rare [Blue] [Enchantment]
35/158 予言 [Divination] Common [Blue] [Sorcery]
36/158 地下牢の霊 [Dungeon Geists] Rare [Blue] [Creature]
37/158 ゲラルフの精神壊し [Geralf's Mindcrusher] Rare [Blue] [Creature]
38/158 捕海 [Griptide] Common [Blue] [Instant]
39/158 ヘイヴングルのルーン縛り [Havengul Runebinder] Rare [Blue] [Creature]
40/158 首無しスカーブ [Headless Skaab] Common [Blue] [Creature]
41/158 高まる混乱 [Increasing Confusion] Rare [Blue] [Sorcery]
42/158 神秘の回復 [Mystic Retrieval] Uncommon [Blue] [Sorcery]
43/158 ネファリアの海鳶 [Nephalia Seakite] Common [Blue] [Creature]
44/158 息吹のニブリス [Niblis of the Breath] Uncommon [Blue] [Creature]
45/158 執拗なスカーブ [Relentless Skaabs] Uncommon [Blue] [Creature]
46/158 救助の手 [Saving Grasp] Common [Blue] [Instant]
47/158 金切り声のスカーブ [Screeching Skaab] Common [Blue] [Creature]
48/158 死者の秘密 [Secrets of the Dead] Uncommon [Blue] [Enchantment]
49/158 叫び霊 [Shriekgeist] Common [Blue] [Creature]
50/158 魂を捕えるもの / 恐ろしい憑依 [Soul Seizer] / [Ghastly Haunting] Uncommon [Blue] [Creature] / [Enchantment]
51/158 嵐縛りの霊 [Stormbound Geist] Common [Blue] [Creature]
52/158 思考掃き [Thought Scour] Common [Blue] [Instant]
53/158 塔の霊 [Tower Geist] Uncommon [Blue] [Creature]
54/158 黒猫 [Black Cat] Common [Black] [Creature]
55/158 マルコフに選ばれし者 / マルコフの召使い [Chosen of Markov] / [Markov's Servant] Common [Black] [Creature]
56/158 不幸の呪い [Curse of Misfortunes] Rare [Black] [Enchantment]
57/158 渇きの呪い [Curse of Thirst] Uncommon [Black] [Enchantment]
58/158 命取りの魅惑 [Deadly Allure] Uncommon [Black] [Sorcery]
59/158 死の愛撫 [Death's Caress] Common [Black] [Sorcery]
60/158 ファルケンラスの拷問者 [Falkenrath Torturer] Common [Black] [Creature]
61/158 遠沼の骨投げ [Farbog Boneflinger] Uncommon [Black] [Creature]
62/158 影の悪鬼 [Fiend of the Shadows] Rare [Black] [Creature]
63/158 ゲラルフの伝書使 [Geralf's Messenger] Rare [Black] [Creature]
64/158 墓所這い [Gravecrawler] Rare [Black] [Creature]
65/158 墓所粛正 [Gravepurge] Common [Black] [Instant]
66/158 陰惨な発見 [Gruesome Discovery] Common [Black] [Sorcery]
67/158 悲惨な旅 [Harrowing Journey] Uncommon [Black] [Sorcery]
68/158 名門のグール [Highborn Ghoul] Common [Black] [Creature]
69/158 高まる野心 [Increasing Ambition] Rare [Black] [Sorcery]
70/158 不浄なる者、ミケウス [Mikaeus, the Unhallowed] Mythic Rare [Black] [Legendary Creature]
71/158 貪欲なる悪魔 / 強欲の大悪魔 [Ravenous Demon] / [Archdemon of Greed] Rare [Black] [Creature]
72/158 海墓の刈り取り [Reap the Seagraf] Common [Black] [Sorcery]
73/158 盲いたグール [Sightless Ghoul] Common [Black] [Creature]
74/158 スカースダグの剥ぎ取り [Skirsdag Flayer] Uncommon [Black] [Creature]
75/158 悪意に満ちた影 [Spiteful Shadows] Common [Black] [Enchantment]
76/158 悲劇的な過ち [Tragic Slip] Common [Black] [Instant]
77/158 死せざる邪悪 [Undying Evil] Common [Black] [Instant]
78/158 復讐に燃えた吸血鬼 [Vengeful Vampire] Uncommon [Black] [Creature]
79/158 覚醒舞い [Wakedancer] Uncommon [Black] [Creature]
80/158 ゾンビの黙示録 [Zombie Apocalypse] Rare [Black] [Sorcery]
81/158 苦悩の脱走者 / 狼男の荒らし屋 [Afflicted Deserter] / [Werewolf Ransacker] Uncommon [Red] [Creature]
82/158 頭目の乱闘 [Alpha Brawl] Rare [Red] [Sorcery]
83/158 血の抗争 [Blood Feud] Uncommon [Red] [Sorcery]
84/158 燃える油 [Burning Oil] Uncommon [Red] [Instant]
85/158 流血の呪い [Curse of Bloodletting] Rare [Red] [Enchantment]
86/158 エルドワルの切り裂き魔 [Erdwal Ripper] Common [Red] [Creature]
87/158 信仰無き物あさり [Faithless Looting] Common [Red] [Sorcery]
88/158 不死の火 [Fires of Undeath] Common [Red] [Instant]
89/158 憎悪縛りの剥ぎ取り [Flayer of the Hatebound] Rare [Red] [Creature]
90/158 投げ飛ばし [Fling] Common [Red] [Instant]
91/158 炉の小悪魔 [Forge Devil] Common [Red] [Creature]
92/158 やじる悪鬼 [Heckling Fiends] Uncommon [Red] [Creature]
93/158 地獄乗り [Hellrider] Rare [Red] [Creature]
94/158 内陸の隠遁者 / 内陸の災い魔 [Hinterland Hermit] / [Hinterland Scourge] Common [Red] [Creature]
95/158 高まる復讐心 [Increasing Vengeance] Rare [Red] [Instant]
96/158 マルコフの刃の達人 [Markov Blademaster] Rare [Red] [Creature]
97/158 マルコフの大将軍 [Markov Warlord] Uncommon [Red] [Creature]
98/158 モンドロネンのシャーマン / トヴォラーの魔道士狩り [Mandronen Shaman] / [Tovolar's Magehunter] Rare [Red] [Creature]
99/158 月の帳のドラゴン [Moonveil Dragon] Mythic Rare [Red] [Creature]
100/158 近野の忍び寄り [Nearheath Stalker] Common [Red] [Creature]
101/158 紅蓮心の狼 [Pyreheart Wolf] Uncommon [Red] [Creature]
102/158 茜の狼 [Russet Wolves] Common [Red] [Creature]
103/158 野の焼き払い [Scorch the Fields] Common [Red] [Creature]
104/158 砕かれた知覚 [Shattered Perception] Uncommon [Red] [Sorcery]
105/158 ファルケンラスの鉤爪 [Talons of Falkenrath] Common [Red] [Enchantment]
106/158 松明の悪鬼 [Torch Fiend] Common [Red] [Creature]
107/158 狂気の残骸 [Wrack with Madness] Common [Red] [Sorcery]
108/158 茨群れの頭目 [Briarpack Alpha] Uncommon [Green] [Creature]
109/158 しがみつく霧 [Clinging Mists] Common [Green] [Instant]
110/158 押し潰す蔦 [Crushing Vines] Common [Green] [Instant]
111/158 夜明け歩きの大鹿 [Dawntreader Elk] Common [Green] [Creature]
112/158 錯乱したのけ者 [Deranged Outcast] Rare [Green] [Creature]
113/158 森林の好意 [Favor of the Woods] Common [Green] [Enchantment]
114/158 群れに餌 [Feed the Pack] Rare [Green] [Enchantment]
115/158 グール樹 [Ghoultree] Rare [Green] [Creature]
116/158 墓耕しのワーム [Gravetiller Wurm] Uncommon [Green] [Creature]
117/158 不気味な開花 [Grim Flowering] Uncommon [Green] [Sorcery]
118/158 ホロウヘンジの獣 [Hollowhenge Beast] Common [Green] [Creature]
119/158 吠え群れの飢え [Hunger of the Howlpack] Common [Green] [Instant]
120/158 高まる残虐性 [Increasing Savagery] Rare [Green] [Sorcery]
121/158 ケッシグの出家蜘蛛 [Kessig Recluse] Common [Green] [Creature]
122/158 ラムホルトの古老 / 銀皮の狼男 [Lambholt Elder] / [Silverpelt Werewolf] Uncommon [Green] [Creature]
123/158 森での迷子 [Lost in the Woods] Rare [Green] [Enchantment]
124/158 捕食者のウーズ [Predator Ooze] Rare [Green] [Creature]
125/158 軽蔑された村人 / 月傷の狼男 [Scorned Villager] / [Moonscarred Werewolf] Common [Green] [Creature]
126/158 ソンバーワルドのドライアド [Somberwald Dryad] Common [Green] [Creature]
127/158 絡み根の霊 [Strangleroot Geist] Uncommon [Green] [Creature]
128/158 追跡者の本能 [Tracker's Instincts] Uncommon [Green] [Sorcery]
129/158 ウルヴェンワルドの熊 [Ulvenwald Bear] Common [Green] [Creature]
130/158 村の生き残り [Village Survivors] Uncommon [Green] [Creature]
131/158 食百足 [Vorapede] Mythic Rare [Green] [Creature]
132/158 野生の飢え [Wild Hunger] Common [Green] [Instant]
133/158 狼に噛まれた囚人 / 爪の群れの殺人者 [Wolfbitten Captive] / [Krallenhorde Killer] Rare [Green] [Creature]
134/158 若き狼 [Young Wolf] Common [Green] [Creature]
135/158 戦墓の隊長 [Diregraf Captain] Uncommon [Multi-color] [Creature]
136/158 ドラグスコルの隊長 [Drogskol Captain] Uncommon [Multi-color] [Creature]
137/158 ドラグスコルの肉裂き [Drogskol Reaver] Mythic Rare [Multi-color] [Creature]
138/158 ファルケンラスの貴種 [Falkenrath Aristocrat] Mythic Rare [Multi-color] [Creature]
139/158 ヘイヴングルの死者 [Havengul Lich] Mythic Rare [Multi-color] [Creature]
140/158 高原の狩りの達人 / 高原の荒廃者 [Huntmaster of the Fells] / [Ravager of the Fells] Mythic Rare [Multi-color] [Creature]
141/158 常なる狼 [Immerwolf] Uncommon [Multi-color] [Creature]
142/158 イニストラードの君主、ソリン [Sorin, Lord of Innistrad] Mythic Rare [Multi-color] [Planeswalker]
143/158 流城の隊長 [Stromkirk Captain] Uncommon [Multi-color] [Creature]
144/158 迷いし者の祭壇 [Altar of the Lost] Uncommon [Colorless] [Artifact]
145/158 アヴァシンの首飾り [Avacyn's Collar] Uncommon [Colorless] [Artifact]
146/158 生の杯 / 死の杯 [Chalice of Life] / [Chalice of Death] Uncommon [Colorless] [Artifact]
147/158 束縛の刃、エルブラス / 解き放たれたウィゼンガー [Elbrus, the Binding Blade] / [Withengar Unbound] Mythic Rare [Colorless] / [Black] [Artifact] / [Legendary Creature]
148/158 処刑人の頭巾 [Executioner's Hood] Common [Colorless] [Artifact]
149/158 墓掘りの檻 [Grafdigger's Cage] Rare [Colorless] [Artifact]
150/158 重いつるはし [Heavy Mattock] Common [Colorless] [Artifact]
151/158 獄庫 [Helvault] Mythic Rare [Colorless] [Legendary Artifact]
152/158 目玉の壺 [Jar of Eyeballs] Rare [Colorless] [Artifact]
153/158 壁の守部 [Warden of the Wall] Uncommon [Colorless] [Artifact]
154/158 狼狩りの矢筒 [Wolfhunter's Quiver] Uncommon [Colorless] [Artifact]
155/158 進化する未開地 [Evolving Wilds] Common [Colorless] [Land]
156/158 不気味な辺境林 [Grim Backwoods] Rare [Colorless] [Land]
157/158 憑依された沼墓 [Haunted Fengraf] Common [Colorless] [Land]
158/158 大天使の霊堂 [Vault of the Archangel] Rare [Colorless] [Land]

New MechanicsEdit

  • Fateful Hour is a new ability word. Cards with this ability have an enhanced effect when their controller has 5 or less life.
  • Undying is a new keyword mechanic that is featured on creature cards. When a creature with Undying dies, if it had no +1/+1 counters on it, it returns to the battlefield with a +1/+1 counter on it.

External LinksEdit

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