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A Reign of Kings
Areignofkings booster
Game/Set: A Game of Thrones CCG


A Reign of Kings


Fantasy Flight Games







Cards Total:


A Reign of Kings is the 15th expansion of A Game of Thrones CCG and the fourth set of the Valyrian block. It is printed by Fantasy Flight Games in 2005 and consists of 144 cards. It is packaged in 11-card boosters only.

Type BreakdownEdit

  • 3 Agenda (all Neutral)
  • 24 Attachment (4 Baratheon, 3 Greyjoy, 3 Lannister, 3 Martell, 4 Neutral, 3 Stark, and 4 Targaryen)
  • 61 Character (8 Baratheon, 8 Greyjoy, 10 Lannister, 8 Martell, 9 Neutral, 10 Stark and 8 Targaryen)
  • 30 Event (all Neutral)
  • 22 Location (3 Baratheon, 4 Greyjoy, 2 Lannister, 4 Martell, 4 Neutral, 2 Stark and 3 Targaryen)
  • 4 Plot (all Neutral)

Rarity BreakdownEdit

  • 46 Common
  • 47 Uncommon
  • 51 Rare

Card ListEdit

# Title Rarity Type House
1 Crown of Winter Rare Attachment Stark
2 Guardians of the North Common Attachment Stark
3 Sworn Duty Uncommon Attachment Stark
4 Robb Stark Rare Character Stark
5 Child Heir Rare Character Stark
6 Crannogmen of the Neck Uncommon Character Stark
7 Feral Direwolf Common Character Stark
8 Greatjon's Cousin Uncommon Character Stark
9 Knight of the Rills Uncommon Character Stark
10 Riverland Horseman Common Character Stark
11 Robb's Cavalry Rare Character Stark
12 Stark Councilor Uncommon Character Stark
13 Winterfell Guardsman Common Character Stark
14 Throne of Winterfell Rare Location Stark
15 Weirwood Grove Common Location Stark
16 Crown of Seven Kingdoms Rare Attachment Lannister
17 Ser Ilyn Payne Rare Character Lannister
18 A Way with Words Common Attachment Lannister
19 Watched Too Closely Uncommon Attachment Lannister
20 Joffrey Baratheon Rare Character Lannister
21 Ser Kevan Lannister Rare Character Lannister
22 Cersei's Pawn Common Character Lannister
23 Lannisport Merchant Uncommon Character Lannister
24 Lannister Councilor Uncommon Character Lannister
25 Master of Whisperers Uncommon Character Lannister
26 Red Keep Servant Rare Character Lannister
27 Scholar of Intrigues Common Character Lannister
28 Scholar of Poisons Common Character Lannister
29 Andal Monument Common Location Lannister
30 Cersei's Bedchamber Uncommon Location Lannister
31 Crown of Azor Ahai Rare Attachment Baratheon
32 Alliance with Highgarden Rare Attachment Baratheon
33 Born to be King Uncommon Attachment Baratheon
34 Burning Heart Tunic Common Attachment Baratheon
35 Salladhor Saan Uncommon Character Baratheon
36 Stannis Baratheon Rare Character Baratheon
37 Baratheon Councilor Uncommon Character Baratheon
38 House Florent Convert Uncommon Character Baratheon
39 King's Scribe Common Character Baratheon
40 Knight of Summer Common Character Baratheon
41 Shadow Army Common Character Baratheon
42 Sister of the Flames Rare Character Baratheon
43 Throne of Dragonstone Rare Location Baratheon
44 Blackwater Bay Uncommon Location Baratheon
45 Boar Hunting Grounds Common Location Baratheon
46 Crown of Pyke Rare Attachment Greyjoy
47 Sign of the Kraken Common Attachment Greyjoy
48 Son of the Sea Wind Uncommon Attachment Greyjoy
49 Balon Greyjoy Rare Character Greyjoy
50 Dagmer Cleftjaw Uncommon Character Greyjoy
51 Boarding Party Common Character Greyjoy
52 Balon's Follower Uncommon Character Greyjoy
53 Greyjoy Councilor Uncommon Character Greyjoy
54 Asha Greyjoy Common Character Greyjoy
55 Black Wind's Crew Rare Character Greyjoy
56 Thrice-Drowned Veteran Common Character Greyjoy
57 The Seastone Chair Rare Location Greyjoy
58 Saltwater Cape Rare Location Greyjoy
59 Cliffs of the Sea God Uncommon Location Greyjoy
60 Island Transport Common Location Greyjoy
61 Crown of Meereen Rare Attachment Targaryen
62 Illyrio's Loyalty Rare Attachment Targaryen
63 Under the Guild's Sway Rare Attachment Targaryen
64 Wisdom of the East Common Attachment Targaryen
65 Daenerys Targaryen Rare Character Targaryen
66 Astapori Guildmaster Uncommon Character Targaryen
67 Bejeweled Assassin Common Character Targaryen
68 Dragon-Worshipper Rare Character Targaryen
69 Drogo's Bloodrider Uncommon Character Targaryen
70 Naathi Handmaiden Common Character Targyaren
71 Targaryen Councilor Uncommon Character Targaryen
72 Targaryen Loyalist Common Character Targaryen
73 Throne of Meereen Rare Location Targaryen
74 Meereen Audience Chamber Common Location Targaryen
75 Worm River Uncommon Location Targaryen
76 Crown of Sunspear Rare Attachment Martell
77 Arianne's Suitor Uncommon Attachment Martell
78 Arrogance of Dorne Common Attachment Martell
79 Herald of Sunspear Rare Character Martell
80 Tyene Sand Uncommon Character Martell
81 Dornish Princeling Uncommon Character Martell
82 Jealous Paramour Common Character Martell
83 Martell Councilor Uncommon Character Martell
84 Dornish Outcast Common Character Martell
85 Spiteful Bastard Common Character Martell
86 Maiden of Starfall Rare Character Martell
87 Throne of Sunspear Rare Location Martell
88 Blood Orange Grove Common Location Martell
89 Rhoynar Monument Rare Location Martell
90 Scorching Deserts Common Location Martell
91 Hand of the King Rare Attachment Neutral
92 Blood Ties Uncommon Attachment Neutral
93 Master of Coin Common Attachment Neutral
94 Protector of the Realm Common Attachment Neutral
95 Littlefinger Rare Character Neutral
96 Varys Rare Character Neutral
97 Black Walder Uncommon Character Neutral
98 Roslin Frey Rare Character Neutral
99 Frey Lordling Common Character Neutral
100 Ulf Son of Umar Common Character Neutral
101 Keeper of the Seven Uncommon Character Neutral
102 Tyrion's Bodyguard Common Character Neutral
103 Conn Son of Corrat Uncommon Character Neutral
104 Flea Bottom Rare Location Neutral
105 The Iron Throne Rare Location Neutral
106 House Crypt Uncommon Location Neutral
107 Heart Tree Grove Uncommon Location Neutral
108 A King's Blood Uncommon Event Neutral
109 Burn and Pillage Common Event Neutral
110 Tyrion's Cunning Uncommon Event Neutral
111 Hidden Poison Uncommon Event Neutral
112 Public Execution Rare Event Neutral
113 The Truth Revealed Rare Event Neutral
114 Twist of Fate Common Event Neutral
115 A Deadly Game Uncommon Event Neutral
116 Avenge the Princess Common Event Neutral
117 Blood and Glory Uncommon Event Neutral
118 Conflicting Orders Common Event Neutral
119 Contempt for the Weak Uncommon Event Neutral
120 Coronation Ceremony Rare Event Neutral
121 Enforce the Law Common Event Neutral
122 Hidden in the Crypt Uncommon Event Neutral
123 Melisandre's Sermon Uncommon Event Neutral
124 Glory of R'hllor Rare Event Neutral
125 Promise the World Common Event Neutral
126 Terrorize the Shores Uncommon Event Neutral
127 Punish the Guilty Common Event Neutral
128 Swing the Sword Common Event Neutral
129 Taking Credit Common Event Neutral
130 Balon's Edict Common Event Neutral
131 Two Steps Ahead Uncommon Event Neutral
132 Wrath of the Dragon Rare Event Neutral
133 Wrath of the Kraken Rare Event Neutral
134 Wrath of the Lion Rare Event Neutral
135 Wrath of the Stag Rare Event Neutral
136 Wrath of the Sun Rare Event Neutral
137 Wrath of the Wolf Rare Event Neutral
138 Wardens of the East Rare Plot Neutral
139 Wardens of the North Rare Plot Neutral
140 Wardens of the South Rare Plot Neutral
141 Wardens of the West Rare Plot Neutral
142 The Small Council Uncommon Agenda Neutral
143 The War of Five Kings Uncommon Agenda Neutral
144 Heir to the Iron Throne Uncommon Agenda Neutral

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