Arcadia: The Wyld Hunt is the base set of the Arcadia CCG, published by White Wolf Publishing, Inc. in August 1996 and it consists of 377 cards.

Type BreakdownEdit

  • 20 Characters
  • 30 Flaws
  • 104 Leagues
  • 125 Merits
  • 25 Quests
  • 73 Waylays

Rarity BreakdownEdit

  • 377 Fixed

Card ListEdit

Title Rarity Type
Aberhold Slave Pits Fixed League
Absent-Minded Fixed Flaw
Aegis Monolith Fixed League
Al-Kanon, the Chaos Sword Fixed Merit
Allergies Fixed Flaw
Althros, The Steam City Fixed League
Amnesia Fixed Quest
Arborian Oak-kin Fixed Waylay
Arborian Willowtree Warrior Fixed Waylay
Arden-Coast Junction Fixed League
Ardenmore Guard Patrol Fixed Waylay
Arden-Palinian Junction Fixed League
Ardenroad Fixed League
Ardenroad Fixed League
Ardenroad Fixed League
Arm-Wrestling Troll Fixed Waylay
Assault on Ebonlique Fixed Quest
Assjack Fixed Waylay
Assjack's Trust Fixed Merit
Autumn Plague Fixed Waylay
Axe of the Ogre Fiend Gurrgall Fixed Merit
Bad Luck Fixed Flaw
Bag of Gold Fixed Merit
Balanvale Fixed League
Balath Castle Fixed League
Balm for Madness Fixed Quest
Bane Tower Fixed League
Bane Tower Road Fixed League
Banek Fixed Waylay
Bell the Cat Fixed Waylay
Belt of Troll Strength Fixed Merit
Bernard Assjack Fixed Flaw
Billy Smith, 8th Grade Honor Student and Human Cartographer Fixed Ally
Blackmail Fixed Merit
Blackrock Pass Fixed League
Bloath: Ogre Bully Fixed Waylay
Bog Fixed Waylay
Boil and Bubble Fixed Merit
Bottom-Heavy Fixed Flaw
Boulder Fixed Waylay
Brilliant Strategy Fixed Merit
Broad-Shouldered Fixed Merit
Bully Fixed Merit
Capture the Traitor Fixed Quest
Chameleon Fixed Merit
Chimera Fixed Waylay
Circlet of Resolve Fixed Merit
Cityboy Fixed Merit
Claustrophobic Fixed Flaw
Clear Thinking Fixed Merit
Cog Dragoon Fixed Waylay
Cog Soldier Fixed Combat
Coin of Clarity Fixed Merit
Colinwell Fixed League
Commanding Presence Fixed Merit
Conscription Fixed Quest
Coral Palace Fixed League
Coral Trident Fixed Merit
Corporeal Ghost Fixed Waylay
Courier for the Court Fixed Quest
Court of Praxis Tynon Fixed League
Coward Fixed Flaw
Crazed Fixed Flaw
Creativity Fixed Merit
Cunning Fixed Merit
Dark Reach Pass Fixed League
Darkened Glen Fixed League
Darkling Junction Fixed League
Darklingvale Fixed League
Darkreach Loche Fixed League
Darkreach Mountains Fixed League
Darkreach Spires Fixed League
Davelon, Gleeful Satyr Fixed Merit
Deductive Reasoning Fixed Merit
Devilish Grin Fixed Merit
Dictum Fixed Merit
Dirty Fighter Fixed Merit
Dishonest Fixed Flaw
Doppelganger Fixed Merit
Dragonkin Fixed Flaw
Dragonkin (female) Fixed Character
Dragonkin (male) Fixed Character
Dreaming Fixed Merit
Duelist Fixed Merit
Duke Bane Fixed Waylay
Eagle Eyes Fixed Merit
Ebonlique Fixed League
Effigy Fixed Merit
Eidle Road Fixed League
Eidolon Fixed League
Eloquent Speech Fixed Merit
Ensnare Fixed Merit
Escort Lady Sophia Fixed Quest
Even Dragons Pay Taxes Fixed Quest
Fae Armor Fixed Merit
Fae Blade Fixed Merit
Fair Fortune Fixed Merit
Fancy Pants Fixed Merit
Fealty to House Fionna Fixed Merit
Fealty to House Liam Fixed Merit
Fianna Garou Fixed Waylay
Fields of Rust Fixed League
Fields of Sabine Fixed League
Fiesole Fixed League
Flock of Harpies Fixed Waylay
Foresight Fixed Merit
Forest of the Midnight Sun Fixed League
Forest Spiders Fixed Waylay
Forestry Fixed Merit
Frost Giant Fixed Waylay
Frost Haven Fixed League
Fuddle Fixed Merit
Fugue Fixed Merit
Gambling Knockers Fixed Waylay
Gauntlet of Herculean Strength Fixed Merit
Giant Eagle Fixed Merit
Giant Hopping Toad Fixed Merit
Giant Slug Fixed Waylay
Gimmix Fixed Merit
Gird the Realm's Heroes Fixed Quest
Glamour Dance Fixed Waylay
Glamour Dust Fixed Merit
Glass Jaw Fixed Flaw
Gnome's Brew Fixed Waylay
Golden Torc Fixed Merit
Goldenreach Fields Fixed League
Gord's Knot Fixed Waylay
Gorgeous Fixed Merit
Grandeur Fixed Merit
Grey Reach Fixed League
Grey River Fixed League
Greyview Fixed League
Guilty As Charged Fixed Waylay
Gullible Fixed Flaw
Gurthdass, Troll Bodyguard Fixed Merit
Hall of the Ogre King Fixed League
Hamlet of Bloath Fixed League
Hamlet of Easlynn Fixed League
Haunted Heart Fixed Merit
Hawk Knife Fixed Merit
Heather-Balm Fixed Merit
Hermit's Hollow Fixed League
Hills of Steam Fixed League
Hopscotch Fixed Merit
Hound of Hades Fixed Waylay
Human (female) Fixed Character
Human (male) Fixed Character
Humans Fixed Flaw
Hungry Ettin Fixed Waylay
Huntinglane Fixed League
Huntsman's Snare Fixed Waylay
Hurrgan Skurr, Ogre Henchman Fixed Merit
Hurricane Fixed Waylay
Icarian Flying Skiff Fixed Waylay
Imp (female) Fixed Character
Imp (male) Fixed Character
Imps Fixed Flaw
Indecisive Fixed Flaw
Innocent Smile Fixed Merit
Ione's Temple Fixed League
Iron Will Fixed Merit
Irondeath Fields Fixed League
Irondew Artillery Fixed Waylay
Irondew Keep Fixed League
Irondew Road Fixed League
Irondew Road Fixed League
Jailbreak Fixed Quest
Jealous Redcap Fixed Waylay
King Ironheart Fixed Flaw
Knocker (female) Fixed Character
Knocker (male) Fixed Character
Knockers Fixed Flaw
Knocker's Artifact Fixed Merit
Kryllian's Pond Fixed League
Lady Kryddia, Sidhe Adventurer Fixed Merit
Lady Sophia Fixed Merit
Lance of Ardlanth Fixed Merit
Lightning Quick Fixed Merit
Lost! Fixed Waylay
Low Moral Character Fixed Merit
Magical Barrier Fixed Waylay
Manticora Fixed Waylay
Map of the Land Fixed Merit
Marauders Fixed Quest
Maze Fixed Waylay
Mead of Vigor Fixed Merit
Mephisto's Seeds Fixed Merit
Mer Fixed Flaw
Mer (female) Fixed Character
Mer (male) Fixed Character
Middleguard Fixed League
Middlemarch Invaders Fixed Quest
Middlemarch Junction Fixed League
Midnight Falls Fixed League
Mirror, Mirror Fixed Merit
Mirthos Fjadal Fixed Merit
Mountain Heritage Fixed Merit
Mountain of the Kings Fixed League
Mounted Spidereye Goblin Fixed Waylay
Motuh of Grey Fixed League
Noria of Eternity Fixed League
Nowhere Blind Fixed League
Nowhere Glade Fixed League
Nowhere Junction Fixed League
Nuvorg, Imp Conman Fixed Merit
Nymph Fixed Character
Nymphs Fixed Waylay
Nymph's Wreath (sic) Fixed Merit
Oakenshield Fixed Merit
Oathfriend Fixed Waylay
Oceanius Fixed League
Ogre (female) Fixed Character
Ogre (male) Fixed Character
Ogre Games Fixed Waylay
Ogre Kin Fixed Merit
Ogre Watch Bridge Fixed League
Ogres Fixed Flaw
Old Man of the Sea Fixed Waylay
Orchid Isle Fixed League
Page Fixed Merit
Palinian Road Fixed League
Palinian-Coast Junction Fixed League
Pansy Fixed Flaw
Pathetic Sniveling Fixed Merit
Peace Mission Fixed Quest
Pearl of Wisdom Fixed Merit
Perceptive Fighter Fixed Merit
Perfect Body Fixed Merit
Pesky Merchant Fixed Waylay
Pferl Fixed League
Pilgrim's Burden Fixed Waylay
Pirates Fixed Waylay
Pit of the Grubworm Fixed Waylay
Pitha's Testing Zone Fixed League
Pixie Dust Fixed Merit
Portal Passage Fixed Merit
Potion of Love Fixed Merit
Prometheus' Fist Fixed Merit
Proper Etiquette Fixed Waylay
Protocol Fixed Merit
Prove Yourself Fixed Quest
Psyche Out Fixed Merit
Quest for Knowledge Fixed Quest
Quicksand Fixed Waylay
Quicksilver Fixed Merit
Raxis Fixed League
Reconnaissance Mission Fixed Quest
Redcap (female) Fixed Character
Redcap (male) Fixed Character
Redcaps Fixed Flaw
Relentless Fixed Merit
Renegade Dragonkin Fixed Waylay
River of Rust Fixed League
Road to Middlemarch Fixed League
Roc Attack Fixed Waylay
Rockslide Fixed Waylay
Rogue Troll Fixed Waylay
Rosewood Bend Fixed League
Rosewood Keep Fixed League
Royal Cartographer Fixed Quest
Royal Wedding Gift Fixed Quest
Ruins of Astalar Fixed League
Runes Fixed Merit
Runic Circle Fixed Merit
Runs-Wild, Werewolf Traveler Fixed Merit
Sabine Glade Fixed League
Sadmost Bridge Fixed League
Saining Fixed Merit
Sandman Fixed Waylay
Sardinium Fixed League
Satyr Fixed Character
Satyr Fixed Flaw
Satyr's Pipes Fixed Merit
Save Rosewood Keep Fixed Quest
Scorched Fields Fixed League
Scour Darkreach Mountains Fixed Quest
Scroll of Knowledge Fixed Merit
Sea Worthy Fixed Merit
Seek the Oracle's Advice Fixed Quest
Sense of Direction Fixed Merit
Seraph Fixed Waylay
Shadow Rust Vale Fixed League
Shaebanaria, Nymph Guide Fixed Merit
Shield Fixed Merit
Sibylline Swamp Fixed League
Sidhe Fixed Flaw
Sidhe (female) Fixed Character
Sidhe (male) Fixed Character
Sidhe Sword Fixed Merit
Silvernahl, Mer Debater Fixed Merit
Sir Wrathgar Fixed Waylay
Slavers Fixed Quest
Slavers Fixed Waylay
Snide Remarks Fixed Merit
Sophia's Favor Fixed Merit
Sophia's Hatred Fixed Flaw
Sphinx's Riddle Fixed Waylay
Spidereye Goblin Fixed Waylay
Spike Trap Fixed Waylay
Splendour Bridge Fixed League
Splendour Lake Fixed League
Splendour Waters Fixed League
Splendourscale Fixed Waylay
Steadfast Fixed Merit
Steely Sinews Fixed Merit
Stone Egg Fixed Merit
Stormguard Keep Fixed League
Sundered Copse Fixed League
Sundered Woods Fixed League
Sure Pass Trail Fixed League
Swamp Rat Fixed Merit
Tattletale Fixed Merit
Tax Collector Fixed Waylay
The City of Coral Fixed League
The Crystal Falls Fixed League
The Eastern Coastal Road Fixed League
The Eastern Coastal Road Fixed League
The Edge of Grey Filth Fixed League
The Flower Quest Fixed Quest
The Graveyard of Ships Fixed League
The Kyrrian Tower Fixed League
The Loa-Heedron Fixed League
The Marsh of Grey Filth Fixed League
The Palinian Road Fixed League
The Road to Nowhere Fixed League
The Ruins of Plugrath Fixed League
The Rust Mines of Toris Baalgarth Fixed League
The Sheriff of Raxis Fixed Flaw
The Silver Branch Fixed Merit
The Silver Tongue Fixed Merit
The Swamplands Fixed League
The Wyld Hunt Fixed Quest
The Wyld March Fixed League
Thieves Guild Fixed Merit
Thieves! Fixed Waylay
Thomas the Lame Brigand Fixed Waylay
Tiberius Fixed Flaw
Tiberius Fixed Waylay
Ties to Middlemarch Fixed Merit
Tome of the Dragonkin Fixed Merit
Traveling Papers Fixed Waylay
Trojan Horse Fixed Waylay
Troll (female) Fixed Character
Troll (male) Fixed Character
Trolls Fixed Flaw
Tsu Ocean Fixed League
Tsu Ocean Fixed League
Tsu Ocean Fixed League
Underdog Fixed Merit
Unicorn Fixed Waylay
Unseelie Knight Fixed Waylay
Vengeful Fixed Merit
Victory over Duke Bane Fixed Quest
Wand of Ice Fixed Merit
Wandering Imp Fixed Waylay
Wanderlust Fixed Merit
Warhorse Fixed Merit
Warrant Fixed Flaw
Wasteland Fixed League
Water Elemental Fixed Waylay
Waterrunner Fixed Waylay
Weak Knees Fixed Flaw
Weakling Fixed Flaw
Wenig, Knocker Mechanic Fixed Merit
Whirlpool Fixed Waylay
Whiselkane's Lane Fixed League
Will-o'-the-Wisp Fixed Merit
Willow Light Fixed Merit
Willowtree Scrub Fixed League
Willowtree Vale Fixed League
Willow-Whisper Fixed Merit
Winged Sandals Fixed Merit
Witch's Curse Fixed Waylay
Witty Repartee Fixed Merit
Wooden Horse Fixed Merit
Writ of Carte Blanche Fixed Merit
Wyldstone Fixed Merit

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