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is a Collectible Card Game published by White Wolf Publishing, Inc. in August 1996 and designed by Mark Rein•Hagen, Joshua Gabriel Timbrook, Mike Tinney and Steve Wieck.

The game is based around the world of the fae, who are changelings that draw on the dreams of humans. Quests, delineated and represented by cards, are completed by cards similarly representing Characters moving from one Terrain card to an adjacent one until the Quest is completed. The game was discontinued after the base set (subtitled The Wyld Hunt) and a single expansion set (King Ironheart's Madness).

Card TypesEdit

Characters, Flaws, Leagues, Merits, Quests and Waylays.


Fixed and Promos


# Expansion Year, Date #Cards
1 Arcadia: The Wyld Hunt 1996, August 377
2 King Ironheart's Madness 1996, December 404
3 Promos 1996 1

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