Atmosphere is the second expansion of Aliens vs Predator CCG, published by Z-Man Games and Precedence Publishing. It consists of 121 cards. It was supposed to be published in 1998.

This expansion was set to add a new card type, traps, and to add the previously unseen characters from Predator into the fray. Sadly, Arnold Schwarzenegger refused to allow his likeness to be used in the card game, so the set was never printed. However, Axlotl, the leader of the A/P CCG community, created mock-ups of every single card in the set based on a spoiler that was released before the set was canned.

Type BreakdownEdit

  • 3 Conditions
  • 8 Cross Locations
  • 64 Events
  • 16 Items (9 Human, and 4 Predator)
  • 7 Locations
  • 17 Main Characters (3 Aliens, 9 Humans and 5 Predators)
  • 3 Supporting Characters (all Human)
  • 2 Vehicles (both Human)
  • 3 Vehicle Items

Card ListEdit

Acidic Residue Event -
Adaptive Leadership Event -
Advanced Hive Condition -
Ain't Got Time to Bleed Event -
Airfield 112 Location -
Alien Sentry Main Character Alien
Anna Supporting Character Human
Automated Return System Item Predator
Betrayal Event -
C-4 Item Human
Clan Gladiator Main Character Predator
Claymore Mine Item Human
Corruption Virus Event -
Covered in Mud Event -
Cpl. Hawkins Main Character Human
Cpt. Pancho Main Character Human
Crash Site Location -
Custom Data Drive Item Human
Dark Spirit Main Character Predator
Dense Jungle Location -
Dishonorable Defeat Event -
Diversion Event -
Ducheck Main Character Human
Dug in Like an Alabama Tick Event -
Elevator Shaft Cross Location -
Elite Guard Main Character Alien
For His Own Good Event -
Forced Entry Event -
Gates Main Character Human
Genetic Experiment: Alien Awareness Event -
Genetic Experiment: Aquatic Adaptation Event -
Genetic Experiment: Augmented Intelligence Event -
Guerrilla Base Camp Location -
H.E.A.P. Rounds Event -
Headlong Rush Event -
Helping Hand Event -
He's Busted Up Pretty Bad Event -
Hidden Egg Event -
High Ground Event -
Hived Tunnels Cross Location -
Honorable Experience Event -
Human Shield Event -
I Saw Something Event -
I See You Event -
In Harms Way Event -
Inherent Stealth Event -
Instinctive Swarm Event -
Integrated Repair Module Item Predator
Interrogation Event -
Intravascular Stimulant Item Predator
Lock 'n Load Event -
Lone Shadow Main Character Predator
M27 Uzi Item Human
M77 Minigun Item Human
M577 Armored Personnel Carrier Vehicle Human
M932 Turret Mounted Assault Cannon Vehicle Item -
Maintenance Bay Location -
Maintenance Shafts Cross Location -
Major Dutch Main Character Human
Makeshift Long Bow (sic) Item Human
Marine Prisoners Supporting Character Human
Massive Blood Loss Event -
Medical Scanner Vehicle Item -
Mortal Wound Event -
Motorcycle Vehicle Human
Natural Instinct Event -
Net Trap Event -
Night Stalker Main Character Predator
Nothing Could Have Lived at That Range Event -
Overdrive Event -
Pack Cry Event -
Payback Time Event -
Pit Event -
Plasma Shielding Item Predator
Primitive Traps Event -
Prisoner Transport Vehicle Human
Prophecy Stones Event -
Put 'Em on a Leash Event -
Rafters Cross Location -
Razor's Edge Event -
RE7000 20mm Gatling Cannon Vehicle Item -
Recessive Guard Main Character Alien
Restricted Information Event -
Riverbank Location -
Rocky Fissure Cross Location -
Royal Embryo Event -
Sgt Billy Main Character Human
Sgt Blain Main Character Human
Sgt Mac Main Character Human
Shadows Event -
Sidestep Event -
Sniper's Roost Cross Location -
Spike Supporting Character Human
Stolen I.F.F.S. Item Human
Stowaway Event -
Subterranean Tunnels Cross Location -
Survival Has a Price Event -
Sweep Pattern Event -
Swinging Log Event -
Target Acquisition Error Event -
Tazer Item Human
Teflon Coated Rounds Item Human
The Elders Are Watching Condition -
The Kid Main Character Human
There Are Monsters Event -
Theres Something in Those Trees (sic) Event -
They Just Disappeared Event -
Trail of Blood Event -
Tread Lightly Event -
Treetop Sanctuary Cross Location -
Unfair Odds Event -
Unfinished Business Event -
Using the Trees Event -
Voice Mimicry Event -
Waterfall Location -
Weakened Armor Event -
Weapons Master Main Character Predator
We're a Rescue Team... Condition -
What Do These Pulse Rifles Here? Event -
You're Ghosting Us Event -
Youre Under Orders Major (sic) Event -