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Austin Powers Photocards feature full color photographs from the second Austin Powers movie, "The Spy Who Shagged Me." The cards are printed by Panini. Packaging shows a 1999 copyright date but the cards state 1998.

The cards are slightly smaller than 101,6 x 152,4 mm (4" x 6"). A box contains 36 packs of 6 cards. There are 72 cards in total.

Card ListEdit

1 Austin and Felicity
2 Scott Evil with polecat
3 Pole dancer
4 Austin gives back-rub
5 Black lace
6 Mini-Me
7 Blue suede attraction
8 Frau Farbissina and Dr. Evil
9 Mini-dress and high boots
10 Austin in purple dances
11 Fem-bot hand
12 Bloody lips in bed
13 Fat Bastard packin'
14 Mini-Me and Fat Bastard
15 Naked Austin in Wayback Machine
16 Dr. Evil and cat
17 Felicity in red threads
18 Felicity in gold
19 Felicity on sheets and pillows
20 Frau Farbissina fashion cloth boa
21 Austin in red dances
22 Felicity in red threads with VW
23 Felicity in red-white striped jalopy
24 Austin in blue with white roadster
25 Fat Bastard with bagpipes
26 Dr. Evil in silver suit
27 Austin demos Kama Sutra
28 Mini-Me cries
29 Mini-Me drives, Dr. Evil in sidecar
30 Felicity takes notes
31 Austin blue with red stripes on spiral
32 Austin in red suit
33 Fat Bastard controls Full Mojo
34 Austin in blue squints
35 Frau Farbissina in metal chair
36 Austin plays chess
37 Felicity dances in black
38 Dr. Evil in spacesuit
39 Mini-Me and Dr. Evil in spacesuits
40 Mini-Me hugs Dr. Evil
41 Austin in blue robe after explosion
42 Felicity nuzzles Austin in red
43 Scott sitting in metal chair
44 Dr. Evil schemes with cat
45 Felicity kneels on yellow sheets
46 Dr. Evil entertains the Suits
47 Dr. Evil's rogue's gallery
48 Dr. Evil emotes in spacesuit
49 Austin hangs onto wheel of flag jalopy
50 Felicity and Austin dance in the street
51 Dr. Evil as Mount Rushmore
52 Dr. Evil and Mini-Me as pianists
53 Austin in synchronized swimming
54 Felicity and Austin in spacesuits
55 Frau Farbissina dominant in blue
56 Dr. Evil with muffin
57 Robo-face in black
58 Mini-Me fingers lips
59 Frau Farbissina and Dr. Evil at buffet
60 Mini-Me and Dr. Evil chat in silver suits
61 Number Two laughs
62 Robo-wife on bear rug
63 Frau Farbissina at brew-pub
64 Dr. Evil panics in space helmet
65 Austin uses U.K. mug
66 Number Two thumbs up
67 Dr. Evil finger to open mouth
68 Frau Farbissina in bomber gear on bridge
69 Dr. Evil as Napoleon
70 Fat Bastard fingers bagpipe
71 Fat Bastard in yellow wants you
72 Fat Bastard squats

External Links and SourceEdit

All info on this page comes from the Jeff Allender's House of Checklists

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