This is the base set of Star Wars Clone Wars Adventures TCG. It is printed by Topps in 2011 and consists of 140 cards. It is packaged in boosters and starter kits. The boosters contain 5 game cards, 2 power cards and one code card.

Type BreakdownEdit

  • 48 Blue
  • 46 Green
  • 46 Red

Rarity BreakdownEdit

  • 94 Commons
  • 46 Rares

Card ListEdit

1 Dooku's Solar Sailer Common Blue
2 Clone Private Common Blue
3 Commando Droid Common Blue
4 Commander Gree Common Blue
5 Hondo Ohnaka Common Blue
6 Captain Rex Common Blue
7 Senator Amidala Common Blue
8 Banking Clan Frigate Common Blue
9 Luminara Unduli Common Blue
10 Anakin Skywalker Common Blue
11 Wullf Yularen Common Blue
12 Spirit of the Republic Common Blue
13 Negotiator Common Blue
14 Count Dooku Common Blue
15 Separatist Shuttle Common Blue
16 R4-P17 Common Blue
17 Hyena Droid Bomber Common Blue
18 Clone Trooper Axe Common Blue
19 Nakha Urus Common Blue
20 Souless One (sic) Common Blue
21 Commander Jet Common Blue
22 Republic Light Cruiser Common Blue
23 Barriss Offee Common Blue
24 Bossk Common Blue
25 Commander Cody Common Blue
26 General Grievous Common Blue
27 Armored Assault Tank Common Blue
28 Obi-Wan Kenobi Common Blue
29 Darth Sidious Common Blue
30 Thi-Sen Common Blue
31 Destroyer Droid Common Blue
32 Nala Se Common Green
33 Pilf Mukmuk Common Green
34 Vulture's Claw Common Green
35 Clone Trooper Common Green
36 Mar Tuuk Common Green
37 AT-RT Common Green
38 Super Battle Droid Common Green
39 Wat Tambor Common Green
40 Ahsoka Tano Common Green
41 Republic Assault Ship Common Green
42 MagnaGuard Common Green
43 Resolute Common Green
44 Kit Fisto Common Green
45 Asajj Ventress Common Green
46 Mace Windu Common Green
47 Senator Kharrus Common Green
48 Consular-Class Frigate Common Green
49 Battle Droid Common Green
50 Xanadu Blood Common Green
51 Clone Trooper Lock Common Green
52 Lok Durd Common Green
53 Shahan Alama Common Green
54 Republic Gunship Common Green
55 Senator Amidala Common Green
56 Captain Rex Common Green
57 Anakin Skywalker Common Green
58 Pre Vizsla Common Green
59 Jabba the Hutt Common Green
60 Gor Common Green
61 Cato Parasitti Common Green
62 Rotta Common Red
63 Jar Jar Binks Common Red
64 MagnaGuard Fighter Common Red
65 Battle Droid Common Red
66 Clone Trooper Echo Common Red
67 Tactical Droid Common Red
68 Senate Commando Common Red
69 Obi-Wan's Starfighter Common Red
70 Clone Trooper Boil Common Red
71 Matchstick Common Red
72 Chancellor Palpatine Common Red
73 Commander Cody Common Red
74 Plo Koon Common Red
75 Obi-Wan Kenobi Common Red
76 Malevolence Common Red
77 General Grievous Common Red
78 Pelta-Class Frigate Common Red
79 Clone Trooper Common Red
80 Bannamu Common Red
81 BTL-B Y-wing Common Red
82 Whorm Loathsome Common Red
83 Super Battle Droid Common Red
84 Rocket Druid Common Red
85 Ahsako Tano Common Red
86 Hondo Ohnaka Common Red
87 Asajj Ventress Common Red
88 AT-TE Common Red
89 Invincible Common Red
90 Count Dooku Common Red
91 Yoda Common Red
92 Zillo Beast Common Red
93 Jocasta Nu Common Blue
94 Sugi Common Blue
95 Chi Cho Rare Blue
96 Gha Nachkt Rare Blue
97 Ahsoka's Starfighter Rare Blue
98 Cham Syndulla Rare Blue
99 TA-175 Rare Blue
100 General Grievous Rare Blue
101 Obi-Wan Kenobi Rare Blue
102 Jar Jar Binks Rare Blue
103 R2-D2 Rare Blue
104 Gregar Typho Rare Blue
105 Boba Fett Rare Blue
106 Fard Argyus Rare Blue
107 Ahsoka Tano Rare Blue
108 Asajj Ventress Rare Blue
109 Mace Windu Rare Blue
110 R2-D2 Rare Green
111 224 Rare Green
112 Bail Organa Rare Green
113 Senator Amidala Rare Green
114 Anakin's Starfighter Rare Green
115 Captain Rex Rare Green
116 Anakin Skywalker Rare Green
117 Yoda Rare Green
118 C-3PO Rare Green
119 Twilight Rare Green
120 Vulture Droid Rare Green
121 Nute Gunray Rare Green
122 Chancellor Palpatine Rare Green
123 Aurra Sing Rare Green
124 General Grievous Rare Green
125 Obi-Wan Kenobi Rare Green
126 C-3PO Rare Red
127 Peppi Bow Rare Red
128 Ziro the Hutt Rare Red
129 Republic Gunship Rare Red
130 Aayla Secura Rare Red
131 Ahsoka Tano Rare Red
132 Asajj Ventress Rare Red
133 Cad Bane Rare Red
134 EV-A4-D Rare Red
135 Riyo Chuchi Rare Red
136 ARC-170 Starfighter Rare Red
137 Satine Kryze Rare Red
138 Padmé Amidala Rare Red
139 Captain Rex Rare Red
140 Anakin Skywalker Rare Red

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