Candles in the Dark is the second fan-made set of Aliens vs Predator CCG. It consists of 40 cards, entirely of material from Alien 3. In fact, it was floating around the internet as simply 'Alien 3 set'.

Type BreakdownEdit

  • 1 Condition
  • 5 Cross Locations
  • 12 Events
  • 2 Items (both Human)
  • 5 Locations
  • 12 Main Characters (2 Alien and 10 Human)
  • 3 Supporting Characters (all Human)

Card ListEdit

Air Control Fans Event -
Assembly Hall Location -
Bishop Supporting Character Human
Bishop II Main Character Human
Boggs Main Character Human
Candlelight Corridoor (sic) Cross Location -
Carving Knife Item Human
Ceiling Crouch Event -
Clemens Main Character Human
Crashev EEV Location -
David Main Character Human
Eric Supporting Character Human
F Channel Cross Location -
Feeling the Darkness Event -
Fire Axe Item Human
Frank Main Character Human
Funeral Condition -
Fury 161 Location -
Gathering Event -
Gregor Main Character Human
In the Basement Event -
In the Mold Event -
It Started Event -
Just Kill Me Event -
Mess Hall Cross Location -
Mold Location -
Morse Main Character Human
Murphy Main Character Human
Rage and Death Event -
Rains Main Character Human
Raptus Main Character Alien
Ripley Supporting Character Human
Sacrifice Event -
Superintendent Andrews Main Character Human
The Dragon Event -
The Signal Event -
Toxic Waste Disposal Location -
V Channel Cross Location -
Ventilating Shaft Cross Location -
Young Wraith Main Character Alien

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