Cardfight!! Vanguard
is a Japanese TCG created in collaboration between Akira Itō (Yu-Gi-Oh! R), Satoshi Nakamura (Duel Masters), and Bushiroad president Takaaki Kidani. This game is published since 2011.

In the game, players "ride" a unit as their Vanguard, which represents them on the board. They may also summon other units as Rear Guards to attack or support. The game is won by doing 6 points of damage to the opponent's Vanguard.

As players attack, they check the top card of their deck for "triggers" which increase power and have other effects, and add these cards to their hand. Triggers can also be revealed when players take damage.



- PRカード [Promos] 2011-2012 EN 2 (EN)


54 (JP)
1 騎士王降臨 Descent of the King of Knights 2011, March 12 EN JP 92
2 聖域の光剣士 Trial Deck 1: Blaster Blade 2011, February 26 (JP) EN JP 16
2011, December 3 (EN)
3 帝国の暴竜 Trial Deck 2: Dragonic Overlord 2011, February 26 (JP) EN JP 16
2011, December 3 (EN)
4 竜魂乱舞 [Onslaught of Dragon Souls] 2011, May 28 JP 92
5 魔侯襲来 [Demonic Lord Invasion] 2011, August 6 JP 92
6 虚影神蝕 [Eclipse of Illusionary Shadows] 2011, October 29 JP 92
7 コミックスタイル vol.1 [Extra Booster: Comic Style Vol. 1] 2011 JP 36
8 黄金の機兵 [Trial Deck 3: Golden Mechanical Soldier] 2011, July 16 JP 15
9 桜花の姫巫女 [Trial Deck 4: Cherry Blossom Princess] 2011 JP 15
10 スタードライブハーフデッキ Star Drive Half Deck 2011 EN JP 8
11 双剣覚醒 [Awakening of Twin Blades] 2012, January 14 JP 93
12 極限突破 Breaker of Limits 2012, April 28 EN JP

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