Cityscape is the third expansion of Aliens vs Predator CCG, was only talked about by Z-Man before production on the CCG was halted due to Schwarzenegger's interference, but that didn't deter Axlotl. Based on the few things he was able to glean from the game's designers, he created an entire set based around the films Alien 3, Predator 2, and AVP: Requiem.

Type BreakdownEdit

  • 2 Barriers
  • 5 Conditions
  • 9 Cross Locations
  • 47 Events
  • 26 Items (11 Human and 15 Predator)
  • 30 Locations
  • 34 Main Characters (6 Alien, 22 Human and 6 Predator)
  • 11 Supporting Characters (10 Human and 1 Predator)
  • 5 Vehicles
  • 2 Vehicle Items

Card ListEdit

37F Mining Flare Item Human
A New Generation Condition -
Aaron Main Character Human
Advanced Predator Medikit Item Predator
Agent Peter Keyes Main Character Human
Alien Hiving Drone Main Character Alien
Alien Warrior Skull Item Predator
Amongst the Buildings Event -
Apartment Bathroom Location -
Assembly Hall Location -
Back Alley Location -
Bishop II Main Character Human
Breaker Gauntlet Item Predator
Building Rooftop Cross Location -
Burns Station Location -
Burnt Through Event -
Casting Bones Event -
Charging Stance Event -
City Hunter Main Character Predator
City Streets Location -
Clemens Main Character Human
Collapsed Tunnel Barrier -
Collateral Damage Event -
Colombian Drug Runner Supporting Character Human
Colombian Hideout Location -
Concrete Jungle Event -
Condemned Building Location -
Cooperation Is My Middle Name Event -
Coverup Event -
Cpt Heinemann Main Character Human
Cpt Pilgrim Main Character Human
Crashed Ship Location -
Creaky Stair Event -
Cycle Vision Modes Event -
Dallas Howard Main Character Human
Decoy Event -
Defensive Formation Event -
Deputize Event -
Det Danny Archuleta Main Character Human
Det Jerry Lambert Main Character Human
Det Leona Cantrell Main Character Human
Dillon Main Character Human
EEV Crash Site Location -
El Diablo Main Character Predator
El Diablo Vino por Ellos Event -
El Scorpio Main Character Human
Ellen Ripley Main Character Human
Energy Flechette Item Predator
Enraged Coward Main Character Predator
Eviscerate Event -
Expecting Mother Supporting Character Human
Eye Flash Event -
Fire Axe Item Human
Fire Escape Cross Location -
Gang Warfare Condition -
Garber Main Character Human
Genetic Experiment: Quick Reflexes Event -
Genetic Experiment: Road Rage Event -
Glancing Strike Event -
Golden Gun Item Human
Golic Supporting Character Human
Graveyard Location -
Greyback Main Character Predator
Hand Held Caster Item Predator
Hanging Corpses Event -
Head Bite Event -
Heat Wave Condition -
Heavy Armor Plating Vehicle Item -
Helicopter Vehicle Human
High Speed Collision Event -
Hived Infirmary Location -
Hived Sewer Cross Location -
Honor in Death Event -
Honored Altar Location -
Hunter's Collapsible Spear Item Predator
Hunter's Throwing Disk Item Predator
Hunting Armor Item Predator
Hunting Rifle Item Human
Hunting Shuttle Vehicle Predator
Identity Barcode Event -
Impale Event -
Insulated Suit Item Human
Jaimaican Voodoo Priest Supporting Character Human
Junior Supporting Character Human
Junk Heap Location -
Kelly O'Brien Main Character Human
Kevlar Vest Item Human
King Willie Main Character Human
King Willie's Sword Item Human
Laser Trap Item Predator
Lead Works Location -
Liquid Nitrogen Gun Item Human
Lt Det Mike Harrigan Main Character Human
M4 Carbine Item Human
Marine Skull Item Predator
Maternity Ward Location -
Medivac Team Event -
Metro Command Location -
Molly O'Brien Supporting Character Human
Morse Main Character Human
Nanofluid Vial Item Predator
National Guardsman Supporting Character Human
New Breed Event -
Novice Hunter Main Character Predator
Overturned Car Barrier -
OWLF Command Trailers Location -
Oxen Supporting Character Human
Parking Garage Location -
Permission Denied Event -
Pet Burster Main Character Alien
Pheromone Signatures Event -
Police Cruiser Vehicle Human
Police Detective Supporting Character Human
Pot Hole Event -
Pred Burster Main Character Alien
Predator Bullwhip Item Predator
Predator Hybrid Queen Main Character Alien
Predator Ship Corridor Location -
Predator Shuriken Item Predator
Pronged Spears Item Predator
Quickly and Quietly Event -
Quinitricetyline Item Human
Radioactive Dust Event -
Ramon Vega Main Character Human
Reinforced Data Subsystems Event -
Reliable Arms Condition -
Request Permission to Terminate Event -
Ricky Howard Main Character Human
Riot Shield Item Human
Rooftop Landing Pad Cross Location -
Rooftop Perch Cross Location -
Rumor Control Event -
Rush Hour Rambo Event -
Severed Arm Event -
Sewer System Cross Location -
Sheriff Eddie Morales Main Character Human
Shotgun Blast Event -
Side Mounted Laser Cannon Vehicle Item -
Slaughter House Location -
Sniping Shot Event -
Spear Gun Item Predator
Sports Shop Location -
Strangle Hold Event -
Stryker Vehicle Human
Stuck Tight Event -
Subterranean Hangar Cross Location -
Suburban House Location -
Subway Tunnel Cross Location -
Supt Andrews Main Character Human
The Betty Vehicle Human
The Center of Town Location -
The Dragon Main Character Alien
The Mold Location -
The Piston Location -
The War Zone Location -
The Wolf Main Character Predator
Thick Skin Event -
Thriving Hive Condition -
Tony Pope Supporting Character Human
Toxic Waste Disposal Location -
Trophy Preparation Area Location -
Trophy Room Location -
Uppercut Event -
Ventilation Shaft Cross Location -
Voodoo Ritual Event -
Want Some Candy? Event -
Warrior Trainee Supporting Character Predator
Water Puddles Event -
Wooded Lot Location -
Young Predator Hybrid Queen Main Character Alien
You've Got One Inside You Event -

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