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Booster Contagion
Game/Set: .Hack//ENEMY CCG











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Contagion is the base set of .hack//ENEMY CCG. It is published by Decipher in 2003. It was consists of 135 cards and was available in boosters and Black Rose Starter and a Kite Starter.

Type BreakdownEdit

  • 15 Action
  • 8 Event
  • 6 Field
  • 26 Item
  • 63 Monster
  • 20 PC

Rarity BreakdownEdit

  • 36 Common
  • 10 Starter
  • 36 Uncommon
  • 36 Rare
  • 12 X-tra Rare
  • 5 Promo, of which there are 4 foiled.

Card ListEdit

1 Alpha Ichigoro Common PC
2 Elk Common PC
3 Hirami Common PC
4 Mia Common PC
5 Natsume Common PC
6 Piros Common PC
7 Air Wand Common Item
8 Battle Axe Common Item
9 Flamberge Common Item
10 Noble Cloak Common Item
11 Plate Armor Common Item
12 Rondo Common Item
13 Spark Blades Common Item
14 Water Spear Common Item
15 Wyrm Hide Common Item
16 Repth Common Action
17 Bee Army Common Monster
18 Chicken Hand Common Monster
19 Cyclo Shark Common Monster
20 Deadly Moth Common Monster
21 Ectoplasm Common Monster
22 Fiend Menhir Common Monster
23 General Armor Common Monster
24 Goblin Common Monster
25 Goblin Wiz Common Monster
26 Headhunter Common Monster
27 Heavy Metal Common Monster
28 Hell Doberman Common Monster
29 Hobgoblin Common Monster
30 Hungry Grass Common Monster
31 Mad Grass Common Monster
32 Magical Goblin Common Monster
33 Mushroom King Common Monster
34 Scorpion Tank Common Monster
35 Sky Fish Common Monster
36 Swordmanoid Common Monster
37 Benkei Uncommon PC
38 Gardenia Uncommon PC
39 Mistral Uncommon PC
40 Yuji Uncommon PC
41 Adian's Rod Uncommon Item
42 Enou Uncommon Item
43 Ensui Uncommon Item
44 Komura Uncommon Item
45 Lavaman Spear Uncommon Item
46 Midnight Axe Uncommon Item
47 Shanato Uncommon Item
48 Shidan Uncommon Item
49 Water God Axe Uncommon Item
50 Gan Slash Uncommon Action
51 Juk Rom Uncommon Action
52 Rai Repulse Uncommon Action
53 Swirling Dark Uncommon Action
54 Vak Drive Uncommon Action
55 Arrow Fish Uncommon Monster
56 Baby Worm Uncommon Monster
57 Cannibal Uncommon Monster
58 Flame Heads Uncommon Monster
59 Guardian Uncommon Monster
60 Living Dead Uncommon Monster
61 Metal Goblin Uncommon Monster
62 Nomadic Bones Uncommon Monster
63 Ochimusha Uncommon Monster
64 Shining Eyes Uncommon Monster
65 Sled Dog Uncommon Monster
66 Snappy Grass Uncommon Monster
67 Wood Harpy Uncommon Monster
68 Δ Indiscreet, Gluttonous, Pilgramage Uncommon Field
69 Δ Raging, Passionate, Melody Uncommon Field
70 Θ Sinking, Solitary, March Uncommon Field
71 Recorder Uncommon Event
72 Spring of Myst Uncommon Event
73 Axe Bomber Rare Item
74 Dryad's Sword Rare Item
75 Firedrake Mail Rare Item
76 Frost Armor Rare Item
77 Hell's Gate Rare Item
78 Jester's Wand Rare Item
79 Jinsaran Rare Item
80 Strormer Spear Rare Item
81 Critical! Rare Action
82 Data Drain Rare Action
83 Escape Rare Action
84 Gale of Swords Rare Action
85 Juk Wipe Rare Action
86 La Repth Rare Action
87 Rue Tornado Rare Action
88 Dark Rider Rare Monster
89 Dark Witch Rare Monster
90 Fire Witch Rare Monster
91 Goblin Night Rare Monster
92 Halloween Rare Monster
93 Hammer Shark Rare Monster
94 Hell Hound Rare Monster
95 Mantis Rare Monster
96 Noisy Wisp Rare Monster
97 Ogre Rare Monster
98 Red Sciccors Rare Monster
99 Water Witch Rare Monster
100 Wood Stock Rare Monster
101 Δ Collapsed, Smiling, Remnant Rare Field
102 Θ Cursed, Despaired, Paradise Rare Field
103 Θ Quiet, Eternal, White Devil Rare Field
104 Game Over Rare Event
105 Gott Statue Rare Event
106 Resurrect Rare Event
107 Sprite Ocarina Rare Event
108 Woman in White Rare Event
109 Black Rose Starter PC
110 Kite Starter PC
111 Data Bug Starter Action
112 Enemy Starter Action
113 Gladiator Starter Monster
114 IronBall Freak Starter Monster
115 Menhir Starter Monster
116 Phantom Wing Starter Monster
117 Scarlet King Starter Monster
118 Squilla Demon Starter Monster
119 Bear X-tra Rare PC
120 BT X-tra Rare PC
121 Crim X-tra Rare PC
122 Mimiru X-tra Rare PC
123 Sora X-tra Rare PC
124 Subaru X-tra Rare PC
125 Albert X-tra Rare Monster
126 Martina X-tra Rare Monster
127 Parasite Dragon X-tra Rare Monster
128 Phoenix Queen X-tra Rare Monster
129 Skeith X-tra Rare Monster
130 Tetra Armor X-tra Rare Monster
T 1 Kite Promo PC
P 1 Ginkan Promo Foil PC
P 2 Goil Menhir Promo Foil Monster
P 3 Mu Guardian Promo Foil Monster
P 4 Gate Hacking Promo Foil Event

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