Crusade is the eight and final expansion set of the Babylon 5 CCG. It is published by Precedence Publishing in 2000 and consists of 168 cards.

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Type BreakdownEdit

  • 17 Aftermaths
  • 1 Agenda
  • 51 Characters
  • 25 Conflicts
  • 9 Contingencies
  • 25 Enhancements
  • 29 Events
  • 9 Fleets
  • 2 Groups

Rarity BreakdownEdit

  • 50 Commons
  • 50 Uncommons
  • 41 Rares
  • 18 Rare-1s
  • 4 Promo
  • 4 Autographs
  • 1 Box Topper

Card ListsEdit

"Mr. Jones" Common Character
A Call For Help Rare Event
A Crusade... Common Enhancement
A Crusade... Common Enhancement
A Crusade... Common Enhancement
A Crusade... Common Enhancement
A Dying People (sic) Common Event
A Good Lead Common Aftermath
A Warning Rare Event
Above It All Rare Event
Accommodations Common Event
Age of Conquest Rare Contingency
Agents Durkani & Lyssa Rare Character
Ain't I a Stinker? Rare-1 Event
Alien Takeover Uncommon Conflict
All In the Cards Rare Event
Alliance Superfleet Rare Fleet
Alwyn Uncommon Character
Ancient Data Crystal Rare Aftermath
Andre Sabbat Uncommon Character
Apocalypse Box Uncommon Enhancement
Apriori Flentak & Nix Rare Character
Archaeologist D. Taylor Uncommon Character
Arsenal of Yesterdays Common Enhancement
Automated Fleet Uncommon Fleet
Bio-Adaptive Shielding Common Enhancement
Blaylock Rare Character
Bruder Uncommon Character
Captain Daniels Uncommon Character
Captain Lochley Rare-1 Character
Captain Lochley Rare-1 Character
Collaboration Rare Conflict
Collar Gun Uncommon Aftermath
Corporations Go On Uncommon Enhancement
Death Incarnate Common Enhancement
Death of a Planet Rare Conflict
Death of Culture Uncommon Aftermath
Detailed Data Analysis Common Conflict
Dire Consequences Rare Contingency
Dr. Sarah Chambers Rare-1 Character
Dr. Sarah Chambers Autograph Character
Dr. Sarah Chambers Rare-1 Character
Duel to the Death Common Event
Dureena Nafeel Rare-1 Character
Dureena Nafeel Autograph Character
Dureena Nafeel Rare-1 Character
Electron Incarnation Uncommon Aftermath
Elizabeth Trent Rare Character
EVA Salvaging Uncommon Aftermath
Everything Has a Price Rare Event
Excalibur Rare Fleet
Exodus Rare Fleet
Explore Vorlon Space Rare Conflict
Faces in Stone Uncommon Event
Far Reaching Schemes Rare Conflict
Final Destiny Uncommon Conflict
Fireball Common Event
First Contact Protocols Uncommon Conflict
Forced Down Rare Conflict
Galen Rare-1 Character
Galen Autograph Character
Galen Rare-1 Character
Galen's Crystal Ball Uncommon Enhancement
Galen's Magic Rock Rare Aftermath
Galen's Ship Rare Fleet
Galen's Staff Common Enhancement
General Ivanova Rare Character
Genius Loci Rare Character
Ghost Ship Common Conflict
Goods and Services Common Event
High-Tech Weapons Common Conflict
Holo-Demons Rare Event
Holo-Dragon Rare Event
Homunculus Common Contingency
How to Succeed in Business Rare Event
Hyperspace Gateway Common Contingency
Illegal Raid Uncommon Conflict
Invisibility Uncommon Enhancement
IPX Official Common Character
Isabelle Rare Character
Isabelle's Quest Rare Aftermath
Jacob Redway Uncommon Character
John Matheson Rare-1 Character
John Matheson Rare-1 Character
Junk Food Box Topper Event
Kevin Sprach Uncommon Character
Kulan Uncommon Character
Lemm Uh'Ekim Common Character
Leonard Anderson Uncommon Character
Lieutenant Carr Uncommon Character
Lieutenant Tewart Common Character
Lisa Hampton Edgars Garibaldi Rare Character
Lorkans Common Character
M. Garibaldi, CEO Rare Character
Main Gun Uncommon Enhancement
Marata Fleet Common Fleet
Mars Conference Rare-1 Conflict
Matthew Gideon Rare-1 Character
Matthew Gideon Rare-1 Character
Max Eilerson Rare-1 Character
Max Eilerson Autograph Character
Max Eilerson Rare-1 Character
Meddling With the Unknown Common Contingency
Monopoly Uncommon Conflict
Nanotech Plague Uncommon Conflict
Natchok Var Uncommon Character
Navigator Robertson Common Character
New Team Common Aftermath
New Uniforms Common Aftermath
Not Dead Yet Rare Event
Nova Dreadnoughts Rare Fleet
Nowhere to Hide Rare Enhancement
Null Field Common Event
Onslaught Uncommon Agenda
Opportunity Knocks Common Aftermath
Organelle Transfer Common Enhancement
Out of My Sky Common Conflict
Personal Crusade Common Enhancement
Pieces of the Puzzle Common Aftermath
Portrait of the Past Common Event
Pro Zeta Corporation Uncommon Group
Probes Common Conflict
Protected Common Contingency
Psychic Projection Common Event
Quarantine Uncommon Enhancement
Quick to Anger Uncommon Enhancement
Record Returns Uncommon Conflict
Red Tape Uncommon Aftermath
Refuge Common Aftermath
Reign of Terror Common Conflict
Relaxation Rare Event
Repeating Lasers Uncommon Enhancement
Retributive Strike Rare Event
Robert Connor Common Character
Samuel Drake Uncommon Character
Serendipity Common Conflict
Shady Dealings Common Contingency
Sogayu Uncommon Character
Solo Flight Promo Event
Something Always Happens Uncommon Contingency
Special Agent Kendarr Rare-1 Character
Surprising Allies Uncommon Enhancement
Survivor's Guilt Uncommon Aftermath
Tactical Nuke Common Event
Techno-Virus Rare Aftermath
The Circle is Joined Rare Event
The Fen Common Event
The Tech Uncommon Enhancement
The Third Age Promo Event
The Truth Is Out... Common Enhancement
Thieves' Guild Uncommon Group
Tip-Top Shape Promo Aftermath
Tomorrow's Children Rare Conflict
Trace Miller Uncommon Character
Trial By Fire Uncommon Conflict
Trulann Uncommon Character
Ulterior Motives Common Conflict
Undercover Investigation Common Conflict
Victory Rare Fleet
Warlock Destroyers Uncommon Fleet
Well of Forever Uncommon Conflict
We'll Take Over Uncommon Enhancement
Who's Your Little Pak'ma'ra? Rare-1 Enhancement
Working Together Uncommon Event
Yabc Ftoba Rare Character
Yellow Journalism Uncommon Enhancement
You Are Expendable Common Event
Zog! Promo Contingency

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