Dark Ascension is an expansion set for Magic: the Gathering published by Wizards of the Coast on 3 February 2012. It consists of 158 cards.

This expansion is designed by Mark Rosewater (lead designer), Jenna Helland, Zac Hill, Graeme Hopkins and Matt Tabak. It is developed by Tom LaPille (lead developer), Mark L. Gottlieb, Zac Hill, David Humphreys and Ken Troop.

Color BreakdownEdit

  • 27 Black
  • 27 Blue
  • 15 Colorless
  • 27 Green
  • 9 Multi-color
  • 27 Red
  • 26 White

Type BreakdownEdit

  • 10 Artifacts
  • 79 Creatures
  • 16 Enchantments
  • 21 Instants
  • 4 Lands
  • 1 Legendary Artifact
  • 3 Legendary Creature
  • 1 Planeswalker
  • 26 Sorceries

Rarity BreakdownEdit

  • 64 Commons
  • 44 Uncommons
  • 38 Rares
  • 12 Mythic Rares

Card ListEdit

1/158 Archangel's Light Mythic Rare White Sorcery
2/158 Bar the Door Common White Instant
3/158 Break of Day Common White Instant
4/158 Burden of Guilt Common White Enchantment
5/158 Curse of Exhaustion Uncommon White Enchantment
6/158 Elgaud Inquisitor Common White Creature
7/158 Faith's Shield Uncommon White Instant
8/158 Gather the Townsfolk Common White Sorcery
9/158 Gavony Ironwright Uncommon White Creature
10/158 Hollowhenge Spirit Uncommon White Creature
11/158 Increasing Devotion Rare White Sorcery
12/158 Lingering Souls Uncommon White Sorcery
13/158 Loyal Cathar / Unhallowed Cathar Common White / Black Creature
14/158 Midnight Guard Common White Creature
15/158 Niblis of the Mist Common White Creature
16/158 Niblis of the Urn Uncommon White Creature
17/158 Ray of Revelation Common White Instant
18/158 Requiem Angel Rare White Creature
19/158 Sanctuary Cat Common White Creature
20/158 Séance Rare White Enchantment
21/158 Silverclaw Griffin Common White Creature
22/158 Skillful Lunge Common White Instant
23/158 Sudden Disappearance Rare White Sorcery
24/158 Thalia, Guardian of Thraben Rare White Legendary Creature
25/158 Thraben Doomsayer Rare White Creature
26/158 Thraben Heretic Uncommon White Creature
27/158 Artful Dodge Common Blue Sorcery
28/158 Beguiler of Wills Mythic Rare Blue Creature
29/158 Bone to Ash Common Blue Instant
30/158 Call to the Kindred Rare Blue Enchantment
31/158 Chant of the Skifsang Common Blue Enchantment
32/158 Chill of Foreboding Uncommon Blue Sorcery
33/158 Counterlash Rare Blue Instant
34/158 Curse of Echoes Rare Blue Enchantment
35/158 Divination Common Blue Sorcery
36/158 Dungeon Geists Rare Blue Creature
37/158 Geralf's Mindcrusher Rare Blue Creature
38/158 Griptide Common Blue Instant
39/158 Havengul Runebinder Rare Blue Creature
40/158 Headless Skaab Common Blue Creature
41/158 Increasing Confusion Rare Blue Sorcery
42/158 Mystic Retrieval Uncommon Blue Sorcery
43/158 Nephalia Seakite Common Blue Creature
44/158 Niblis of the Breath Uncommon Blue Creature
45/158 Relentless Skaabs Uncommon Blue Creature
46/158 Saving Grasp Common Blue Instant
47/158 Screeching Skaab Common Blue Creature
48/158 Secrets of the Dead Uncommon Blue Enchantment
49/158 Shriekgeist Common Blue Creature
50/158 Soul Seizer / Ghastly Haunting Uncommon Blue Creature / Enchantment
51/158 Stormbound Geist Common Blue Creature
52/158 Thought Scour Common Blue Instant
53/158 Tower Geist Uncommon Blue Creature
54/158 Black Cat Common Black Creature
55/158 Chosen of Markov / Markov's Servant Common Black Creature
56/158 Curse of Misfortunes Rare Black Enchantment
57/158 Curse of Thirst Uncommon Black Enchantment
58/158 Deadly Allure Uncommon Black Sorcery
59/158 Death's Caress Common Black Sorcery
60/158 Falkenrath Torturer Common Black Creature
61/158 Farbog Boneflinger Uncommon Black Creature
62/158 Fiend of the Shadows Rare Black Creature
63/158 Geralf's Messenger Rare Black Creature
64/158 Gravecrawler Rare Black Creature
65/158 Gravepurge Common Black Instant
66/158 Gruesome Discovery Common Black Sorcery
67/158 Harrowing Journey Uncommon Black Sorcery
68/158 Highborn Ghoul Common Black Creature
69/158 Increasing Ambition Rare Black Sorcery
70/158 Mikaeus, the Unhallowed Mythic Rare Black Legendary Creature
71/158 Ravenous Demon / Archdemon of Greed Rare Black Creature
72/158 Reap the Seagraf Common Black Sorcery
73/158 Sightless Ghoul Common Black Creature
74/158 Skirsdag Flayer Uncommon Black Creature
75/158 Spiteful Shadows Common Black Enchantment
76/158 Tragic Slip Common Black Instant
77/158 Undying Evil Common Black Instant
78/158 Vengeful Vampire Uncommon Black Creature
79/158 Wakedancer Uncommon Black Creature
80/158 Zombie Apocalypse Rare Black Sorcery
81/158 Afflicted Deserter / Werewolf Ransacker Uncommon Red Creature
82/158 Alpha Brawl Rare Red Sorcery
83/158 Blood Feud Uncommon Red Sorcery
84/158 Burning Oil Uncommon Red Instant
85/158 Curse of Bloodletting Rare Red Enchantment
86/158 Erdwal Ripper Common Red Creature
87/158 Faithless Looting Common Red Sorcery
88/158 Fires of Undeath Common Red Instant
89/158 Flayer of the Hatebound Rare Red Creature
90/158 Fling Common Red Instant
91/158 Forge Devil Common Red Creature
92/158 Heckling Fiends Uncommon Red Creature
93/158 Hellrider Rare Red Creature
94/158 Hinterland Hermit / Hinterland Scourge Common Red Creature
95/158 Increasing Vengeance Rare Red Instant
96/158 Markov Blademaster Rare Red Creature
97/158 Markov Warlord Uncommon Red Creature
98/158 Mandronen Shaman / Tovolar's Magehunter Rare Red Creature
99/158 Moonveil Dragon Mythic Rare Red Creature
100/158 Nearheath Stalker Common Red Creature
101/158 Pyreheart Wolf Uncommon Red Creature
102/158 Russet Wolves Common Red Creature
103/158 Scorch the Fields Common Red Creature
104/158 Shattered Perception Uncommon Red Sorcery
105/158 Talons of Falkenrath Common Red Enchantment
106/158 Torch Fiend Common Red Creature
107/158 Wrack with Madness Common Red Sorcery
108/158 Briarpack Alpha Uncommon Green Creature
109/158 Clinging Mists Common Green Instant
110/158 Crushing Vines Common Green Instant
111/158 Dawntreader Elk Common Green Creature
112/158 Deranged Outcast Rare Green Creature
113/158 Favor of the Woods Common Green Enchantment
114/158 Feed the Pack Rare Green Enchantment
115/158 Ghoultree Rare Green Creature
116/158 Gravetiller Wurm Uncommon Green Creature
117/158 Grim Flowering Uncommon Green Sorcery
118/158 Hollowhenge Beast Common Green Creature
119/158 Hunger of the Howlpack Common Green Instant
120/158 Increasing Savagery Rare Green Sorcery
121/158 Kessig Recluse Common Green Creature
122/158 Lambholt Elder / Silverpelt Werewolf Uncommon Green Creature
123/158 Lost in the Woods Rare Green Enchantment
124/158 Predator Ooze Rare Green Creature
125/158 Scorned Villager / Moonscarred Werewolf Common Green Creature
126/158 Somberwald Dryad Common Green Creature
127/158 Strangleroot Geist Uncommon Green Creature
128/158 Tracker's Instincts Uncommon Green Sorcery
129/158 Ulvenwald Bear Common Green Creature
130/158 Village Survivors Uncommon Green Creature
131/158 Vorapede Mythic Rare Green Creature
132/158 Wild Hunger Common Green Instant
133/158 Wolfbitten Captive / Krallenhorde Killer Rare Green Creature
134/158 Young Wolf Common Green Creature
135/158 Diregraf Captain Uncommon Multi-color Creature
136/158 Drogskol Captain Uncommon Multi-color Creature
137/158 Drogskol Reaver Mythic Rare Multi-color Creature
138/158 Falkenrath Aristocrat Mythic Rare Multi-color Creature
139/158 Havengul Lich Mythic Rare Multi-color Creature
140/158 Huntmaster of the Fells / Ravager of the Fells Mythic Rare Multi-color Creature
141/158 Immerwolf Uncommon Multi-color Creature
142/158 Sorin, Lord of Innistrad Mythic Rare Multi-color Planeswalker
143/158 Stromkirk Captain Uncommon Multi-color Creature
144/158 Altar of the Lost Uncommon Colorless Artifact
145/158 Avacyn's Collar Uncommon Colorless Artifact
146/158 Chalice of Life / Chalice of Death Uncommon Colorless Artifact
147/158 Elbrus, the Binding Blade / Withengar Unbound Mythic Rare Colorless / Black Artifact / Legendary Creature
148/158 Executioner's Hood Common Colorless Artifact
149/158 Grafdigger's Cage Rare Colorless Artifact
150/158 Heavy Mattock Common Colorless Artifact
151/158 Helvault Mythic Rare Colorless Legendary Artifact
152/158 Jar of Eyeballs Rare Colorless Artifact
153/158 Warden of the Wall Uncommon Colorless Artifact
154/158 Wolfhunter's Quiver Uncommon Colorless Artifact
155/158 Evolving Wilds Common Colorless Land
156/158 Grim Backwoods Rare Colorless Land
157/158 Haunted Fengraf Common Colorless Land
158/158 Vault of the Archangel Rare Colorless Land

New MechanicsEdit

  • Fateful Hour is a new ability word. Cards with this ability have an enhanced effect when their controller has 5 or less life.
  • Undying is a new keyword mechanic that is featured on creature cards. When a creature with Undying dies, if it had no +1/+1 counters on it, it returns to the battlefield with a +1/+1 counter on it.

External LinksEdit

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