The Demo Set is the first set of Ani-Mayhem, published by Upper Deck. It consists of 20 promo cards with images of the following animations: Armitage III, Bubblegum Crisis, Dominion Tank Police, El Hazard, Phantom Quest Corp, Project A-ko, Ranma ½, and Tenchi Muyo!

Type BreakdownEdit

  • 2 Characters
  • 4 Enhancements
  • 1 Equipment
  • 4 Flash Effects
  • 4 Global Effects
  • 1 Item
  • 2 Locations
  • 1 Major Disaster
  • 1 Minor Disaster

Rarities BreakdownEdit

  • 20 Promos

Card ListEdit

Title Rarity Type Anime
Alielle Promo Character El Hazard
Armitage's Gun Promo Equipment Armitage III
Better Off Dead Promo Enhancement Ranma ½
Broken Bonds Promo Global Effect El Hazard
Don't Touch! Promo Enhancement Armitage III
Furry Eyes Promo Minor Disaster Phantom Quest Corp
Galus Promo Character El Hazard
Happy Ending Promo Global Effect Ranma ½
Interdimensional Teleport Promo Enhancement El Hazard
Mind Scanner Promo Enhancement Tenchi Muyo!
Motorcycle Getaway Promo Flash Effect Dominion Tank Police
Pioneer LDC - Mars Promo Location Armitage III
Plotting Promo Flash Effect Project A-ko
Police Reinforcement Promo Global Effect Bubblegum Crisis
Priss' Trailer Promo Location Bubblegum Crisis
Puppet Bomb Promo Major Disaster Armitage III
Reference Books Promo Item Phantom Quest Corp
Satellite Observation Promo Global Effect Bubblegum Crisis
Sudden Recall Promo Flash Effect Tenchi Muyo!
Yosho Masaki Promo Flash Effect Tenchi Muyo!

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