Distortion booster
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Cards Total:


Distortion is the 3rd expansion of .hack//ENEMY CCG. It was published by Decipher in 2003. It consists of 135 cards and was available in boosters and Senjuro Starters and Terajimo Ryoko Starters.

Type BreakdownEdit

  • 19 Action
  • 10 Event
  • 7 Field
  • 30 Item
  • 56 Monster
  • 13 PC

Rarity BreakdownEdit

  • 36 Common
  • 36 Uncommon
  • 10 Starter
  • 36 Rare
  • 12 X-tra Rare
  • 5 Promo

Card ListEdit

1 Acerola Common PC
2 Crest Common PC
3 Micino Common PC
4 Moonstone Common PC
5 Rachel Common PC
6 Wiseman Common PC
7 Byakuen Common Item
8 Cedar Wand Common Item
9 Earth Axe Common Item
10 Fugaku Common Item
11 Merman Spear Common Item
12 Newt Necklace Common Item
13 Ryokugan Common Item
14 Snow Panther Common Item
15 Dark Dance Common Action
16 Faded Reminders Common Action
17 Gan Basher Common Action
18 Hirameki Common Action
19 MeRue Zot Common Action
20 Rairaku Common Action
21 Vak Wipe Common Action
22 Cadet Valkyrie Common Monster
23 Crab Turtle Common Monster
24 Disco Knife Common Monster
25 Downer Gomora Common Monster
26 Dust Curse Common Monster
27 Kill Gomora Common Monster
28 Killer Snaker Common Monster
29 Lamia Fighter Common Monster
30 Magus Leaf Common Monster
31 Mummy Ripper Common Monster
32 Red Wyrm Common Monster
33 Shield Man Common Monster
34 Snakoid Common Monster
35 Snip Snap Common Monster
36 Sword of Chaos Common Monster
37 Bom-Ba-Ye Uncommon Item
38 Dark History Uncommon Item
39 Darkness Axe Uncommon Item
40 Dogman's Sword Uncommon Item
41 Earthian Sword Uncommon Item
42 Goblin Boots Uncommon Item
43 Goblin Cap Uncommon Item
44 Goblin Gloves Uncommon Item
45 Grand Armor Uncommon Item
46 Treeman Spear Uncommon Item
47 Wyrm Scale Uncommon Item
48 Gate Out Uncommon Action
49 Setback Uncommon Action
50 Sudden Reversal Uncommon Action
51 Switch Uncommon Action
52 System Administrator Uncommon Action
53 Unexpected Arrival Uncommon Action
54 Bone Army Uncommon Monster
55 Great Sled Dog Uncommon Monster
56 Headless King Uncommon Monster
57 Ironball Mania Uncommon Monster
58 Lambada Knife Uncommon Monster
59 Lead Sneakoid Uncommon Monster
60 Mummy Scissors Uncommon Monster
61 Nobunaga Soul Uncommon Monster
62 Phalanx Uncommon Monster
63 Repth Gomora Uncommon Monster
64 Smiley Ray Uncommon Monster
65 Star Fish Uncommon Monster
66 Starving Ogre Uncommon Monster
67 Voodoo Goblin Uncommon Monster
68 Λ Dolorous, Evil Eyed, Widow Uncommon Field
69 Λ Raging, Forbidden, March Uncommon Field
70 Λ Shapeless, Haunted, Holy Ground Uncommon Field
71 BRB Uncommon Event
72 Goblin Tag Uncommon Event
73 Demonic Sword Rare Item
74 Fire Helm Rare Item
75 Fishskin Rare Item
76 Goblin Mail Rare Item
77 Great Elite Rare Item
78 Holy Tree Mail Rare Item
79 Key Axe Rare Item
80 Super Wufei Rare Item
81 SWORD Rare Item
82 Fateful Encounter Rare Action
83 Mere Memories Rare Action
84 Orchid Dance Rare Action
85 Rai Wipe Rare Action
86 Cursed Blade Rare Monster
87 Dark Horse Rare Monster
88 Death Crane Rare Monster
89 Franken Rare Monster
90 Grand Electric Rare Monster
91 Grand Mage Rare Monster
92 Green Wyrm Rare Monster
93 Ironball Titan Rare Monster
94 Metal Eraser Rare Monster
95 Orochi Rare Monster
96 Scorpioid Rare Monster
97 Statue Menhir Rare Monster
98 Valkyrie Rare Monster
99 Varias Gomora Rare Monster
100 Λ Bottomless, Hopeless, Footstep Rare Field
101 Λ Collapsed, Pagan, Remains Rare Field
102 Λ Lightless, Distant, Dead Lands Rare Field
103 Elf Haven Rare Event
104 Loss of Signal Rare Event
105 Monsieur Rare Event
106 Speed Charm Rare Event
107 Summon Goblin Rare Event
108 Terror of Death Rare Event
109 Sanjuro Starter PC
110 Terajima Ryoko Starter PC
111 Let Us Walk Together Starter Action
112 PvP Starter Action
113 Armor Shogun Starter Monster
114 Fresh Valkyrie Starter Monster
115 King Snakoid Starter Monster
116 Lamia Hunter Starter Monster
117 Metal Emperor Starter Monster
118 Shield Devil Starter Monster
119 A-20 X-tra Rare PC
120 Marlo X-tra Rare PC
121 Nuke Usagimaru X-tra Rare PC
122 Tsukasa X-tra Rare PC
123 Thunder Armor X-tra Rare Item
124 Tsukasa's Guardian X-tra Rare Item
125 Cubia X-tra Rare Monster
126 Dalaigon X-tra Rare Monster
127 Dalaigon Anecdote X-tra Rare Monster
128 Headhunt Lord X-tra Rare Monster
129 Innis X-tra Rare Monster
130 Magus X-tra Rare Monster
P 1 Kaochin Promo PC
P 2 Angolmore Promo Monster
P 3 Δ Hidden, Forbidden, Holy Ground Promo Field
P 4 Girl in White Promo Event
P 5 Net Slum Promo Event

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