Dragonball Z is the fourth and last set of Ani-Mayhem and it is published by Upper Deck in 1997. It consists of 243 cards with images of Dragonball Z. This set introduces the Ultra-Rare rarity.

The characters from this set were much more powerful than the characters from earlier sets.

Type BreakdownEdit

  • 31 Characters
  • 1 Chit Card
  • 28 Combats
  • 13 Enhancements
  • 19 Equipments
  • 34 Flash Effects
  • 15 Global Effects
  • 6 Havens
  • 20 Items
  • 27 Locations
  • 16 Major Disasters
  • 33 Minor Disasters

Rarities BreakdownEdit

  • 93 Commons
  • 75 Uncommons
  • 60 Rares
  • 5 Ultra-Rares
  • 10 Promos

Card ListEdit

2 Dragon Balls Uncommon Item
3 Dragon Balls Rare Item
Acid Head Uncommon Minor Disaster
Adult Gohan Rare Character
Airbus Uncommon Equipment
Algebra Rare Equipment
Alien Jungle Common Location
Alien Landing Site Common Location
Alliance Promo Global Effect
Arena Common Location
Asteroid Field Uncommon Minor Disaster
Atlia Uncommon Character
Baba Rare Character
Baby Dragon Uncommon Item
Baby Gohan Common Character
Baby Saiyan Rare Minor Disaster
Back Kick / Sense of Wonder Uncommon Combat
Baseball Stadium Common Location
Be With You... / Hangin' Around Common Combat
Bench Brawl / Tantrum Uncommon Combat
Berserk / Disco Groove Uncommon Combat
Beware: Bathroom! Common Location
Blasters Common Equipment
Bubbles Rare Character
Bulma Common Character
Bump on the Head Rare Enhancement
Cafe Common Location
Campground Uncommon Location
Capsule Army Knife Common Item
Capsule Corporation Uncommon Location
Catch Bubbles Rare Minor Disaster
Change Direction Common Flash Effect
Chiao-Tzu Rare Character
Chi-Chi Common Character
Chit Card Common Chit Card
Confusion / Voyeur Promo Combat
Crushing Left / Say Cheese! Uncommon Combat
Demon Hordes Uncommon Minor Disaster
Desert Battleground Common Location
Destructo Disk Rare Flash Effect
Devastating Attack / Sinister Beauty Common Combat
Divert Attack Rare Flash Effect
Dodonpa Common Flash Effect
Dodoria Common Major Disaster
Don't be a dummy Common Minor Disaster
Double Blow / Gusto Common Combat
Dr. Wheelo Rare Minor Disaster
Dr. Wheelo's Bio Men Uncommon Minor Disaster
Dr. Wheelo's Fortress Rare Location
Dragon Ball Common Item
Dragon Radar Rare Equipment
Dream Mirror Rare Equipment
Drop Kick / Sorrow Common Combat
Ebi-Furiya Uncommon Minor Disaster
Equipment Retrieval Uncommon Global Effect
Excessive Gravity Uncommon Minor Disaster
Fake Item Rare Flash Effect
False Moon Rare Flash Effect
Farmer with Shotgun Common Character
Films about Gladiators / Dork Uncommon Combat
Final Stand Promo Global Effect
Firewood Common Item
Floating Car Common Equipment
Flying Kick / 15 Minutes Common Combat
Flying Nimbus Rare Item
Forest Glade Uncommon Location
Freeza (1st Form) Rare Major Disaster
Freeza's Ship Rare Location
Fried / Lead Balloon Common Combat
Frothy Mugs of Water Common Global Effect
Frozen Promo Flash Effect
Frozen Wastes Common Location
Full Moon Uncommon Minor Disaster
Future Trunks Ultra-Rare Character
Garlic, Jr. (sic) Uncommon Major Disaster
Garlic Jr.'s Palace Uncommon Location
Genki-Dama Rare Flash Effect
Giant's Toy Biplane Uncommon Equipment
Ginger Common Major Disaster
Ginyu Uncommon Major Disaster
Gohan is Angry... Common Flash Effect
Gohan the Barbarian Uncommon Character
Gohan's Cave Common Haven
Gohan's Dragon Ball Promo Item
Gohan's Supplies Common Item
Goku Common Character
Goku Rare Character
Goku & Chi-Chi's House Uncommon Location
Good Deed Uncommon Enhancement
Goten Rare Character
Goz Common Minor Disaster
Goz' Flying Machine Rare Equipment
Grace / Poise Uncommon Combat
Gravity Ship Rare Equipment
Great King Yemma Rare Global Effect
Gregory Rare Character
Guardian of the Earth Rare Global Effect
Guldo Common Minor Disaster
Guru Rare Global Effect
Gut Punch / Only a Mother Common Combat
Hand Gun Uncommon Equipment
Haste Uncommon Flash Effect
Head Butt / Sad Eyes Common Combat
Heavy Gravity Training Rare Enhancement
Hey, you're not dead! Common Flash Effect
Hiding Out Uncommon Global Effect
High Ground Common Flash Effect
Homework Common Minor Disaster
Hong Kong Uncommon Location
Hungry Dinosaur Common Minor Disaster
I Like to Watch Promo Enhancement
Ibuprofen and Quickly! Uncommon Minor Disaster
Illusionary Castle Common Location
Immortality Promo Enhancement
Impending Doom Uncommon Minor Disaster
In My Sights / Zen Experience Common Combat
Incoming! / Cowardice Common Combat
Jan-Ken-Pon Common Flash Effect
Just a Scratch Rare Flash Effect
Just A Trim / Say it, don't spray it Common Combat
Kai's Dimensional Sedan Rare Equipment
Kamehameha Uncommon Flash Effect
Kami Rare Character
Kami's Floating Palace Uncommon Location
Keen Observation Rare Flash Effect
Kidnapped Common Major Disaster
Kids These Days Promo Major Disaster
King Kai Common Global Effect
King Kai's Bungalow Uncommon Haven
King Kai's Planetoid Rare Location
King Yemma's Fruit Uncommon Item
King Yemma's Palace Common Location
Kishiime Common Minor Disaster
Know When to Run Uncommon Flash Effect
Krillin Common Character
Laser Eyes Common Flash Effect
Leap of Faith Uncommon Enhancement
Leg Sweep / Why, you little devil Common Combat
Lemlia Common Item
Light Rare Equipment
Loner Uncommon Minor Disaster
Lunch Uncommon Character
Lunch Break / All Dressed Up Uncommon Combat
Lunch's House Common Haven
M.V.P. Common Enhancement
Makkankoupousou Rare Flash Effect
Master Roshi Uncommon Character
Medical Regenerator Uncommon Global Effect
Meltdown Rare Flash Effect
Mez Common Minor Disaster
Mighty Fridge Common Item
Mindtap Rare Flash Effect
Miso-Cutsun Uncommon Minor Disaster
Moon Destruction Common Flash Effect
Mother Instinct Uncommon Flash Effect
Mystery Foe Rare Minor Disaster
Nail Uncommon Character
Namek Ship Rare Equipment
Nappa Common Major Disaster
No Help! Uncommon Minor Disaster
Oolong Uncommon Character
Oooh, I got me! / Tango Uncommon Combat
Otherworld Lounge Uncommon Haven
Out of the Frying Pan Uncommon Flash Effect
Overload Common Minor Disaster
Ox-King Uncommon Character
Pendulum Training Room Rare Location
Piccolo Rare Character
Pinned / Well, it's like this... Common Combat
Planet Arlia Common Location
Planet Freeza Rare Location
Planet Namek Rare Location
Planet Vegeta Rare Location
Power Pole Promo Equipment
Power Sense Uncommon Global Effect
Power Up Uncommon Global Effect
Presents Uncommon Item
Princess Snake Uncommon Major Disaster
Princess Snake's Palace Rare Location
Property Damage Uncommon Minor Disaster
Pterodactyl Common Minor Disaster
Pummel / What'd YOU have for lunch? Common Combat
Raditz Common Major Disaster
Raiichi & Zaakro Common Major Disaster
Razor Balls Common Equipment
Recoom Common Major Disaster
Refuge Rare Global Effect
Regeneration Uncommon Flash Effect
Rescue Rare Flash Effect
Rocket Launcher Uncommon Equipment
Roshi's Veranda Common Haven
Sabre-toothed Tiger Common Major Disaster
Saibamen Uncommon Minor Disaster
Saiyan Space Pod Common Equipment
Samurai Gohan Rare Item
Scouter Common Equipment
Screwed / Hero Uncommon Combat
Senzu Beans Rare Item
Shen Lon Ultra-Rare Flash Effect
Shield Rare Flash Effect
Shinseiju Tree Rare Minor Disaster
Ship's Auto-Toilet Rare Item
Shock / Flowers Common Combat
Sleepy Grass Common Item
Slow Moving Traffic Common Global Effect
Snake Way Uncommon Location
Speed II Common Enhancement
Spirit Common Enhancement
Spirit Fighting Common Enhancement
Split Form Common Flash Effect
Squeeeeeeeeeze! Uncommon Minor Disaster
Sunshine Daydream Uncommon Flash Effect
Super Saiyan (Goku) Ultra-Rare Character
Super Saiyan (Goten) Ultra-Rare Character
Super Saiyan (Trunks) Ultra-Rare Character
Survey Rare Enhancement
Survival Training Uncommon Enhancement
Tail Steak Common Item
Tares Rare Major Disaster
Technological Artifact Common Item
Telekinese Rare Flash Effect
The Dead Zone Uncommon Major Disaster
The Pit Common Minor Disaster
Tien (Tenshinhan) Common Character
Time Out! Common Flash Effect
Too Much Sun / Nabbed Common Combat
Tortoise Rare Item
Training with Kami Uncommon Global Effect
Trunks Common Character
Ultimate Sacrifice Rare Flash Effect
Vegeta Uncommon Major Disaster
Watch that 1st step... Uncommon Minor Disaster
Weighted Clothing Uncommon Enhancement
West Side City Hospital Uncommon Haven
Who Sows the Wind Common Flash Effect
Wild Swing / Begging for Mercy Common Combat
Willpower Uncommon Minor Disaster
Yajirobe Common Character
Yajirobe's Hog Promo Equipment
Yamcha (The Desert Bandit) Common Character
Yipes / Happy 2 C U Common Combat
Young Gohan Uncommon Character
Zarbon Rare Minor Disaster

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