Fate's Debt
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Game/Set: 7th Sea


Fate's Debt


Alderac Entertainment Group







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Fate's Debt is the 8th expansion of 7th Sea CCG. It is printed by Alderac Entertainment Group in 2000 and consists of 161 cards. It's set icon is a white cannon in profile on a blue background.

Type BreakdownEdit

  • 68 Action
  • 7 Adventure
  • 27 Attachment
  • 2 Captain (1 Brotherhood and 1 Corsairs)
  • 47 Crew (3 Black Freighter, 6 Brotherhood, 2 Castille, 8 Corsairs, 3 Crimson Rogers, 3 Explorers, 3 Gosse, 4 Montaigne, 4 Sea Dogs, 8 Unalinged, 3 Vesten)
  • 5 Ship (1 Brotherhood, 1 Corsairs, 3 Unaligned)

Rarity BreakdownEdit

  • 49 Common
  • 6 Fixed
  • 50 Uncommon
  • 51 Rare

Card ListEdit

Title Rarity Type Affiliation
"Cut a Path!" Uncommon Action -
"Fire as She Passes!" Common Action -
"Have at um' Boys!" Common Attachment -
"Heave To!" Uncommon Action -
'I've Seen Worse" Uncommon Attachment -
"Lyin'" John Fox Rare Crew Sea Dogs
"My Last Bit of Luck." Uncommon Action -
"Niklaas Wynkoop" Common Crew Vesten
"She Canna Take It!" Rare Action -
"She'll Hold Together" Common Action -
A Hero at Last Common Action -
A Pirate's Reputation Uncommon Action -
A Single Shot Rare Action -
A Thousand Fires Alight Rare Action -
Ahmed Khalid Uncommon Crew Corsairs
Alec Mercer Common Crew Crimson Rogers
Alesio's Fate Uncommon Attachment -
Alix Brower Common Crew Corsairs
Arisent Rare Attachment -
Awaiting the Signal Common Action -
Bad Surgeon Rare Attachment -
Benny Gimble Uncommon Crew Sea Dogs
Better Off Chum Uncommon Action -
Blasted Bulkhead Uncommon Action -
Bloody Fight Uncommon Action -
Broken Mast Common Action -
But, not in Vain Common Action -
Caligari's Island Rare Attachment -
Call to Arms Common Action -
Captured! Uncommon Action -
Carleon Rare Attachment -
Crackers on Demand Rare Action -
Crossbow Bolt Common Action -
Delaina Darling Uncommon Crew Brotherhood
Demon Eyes Rare Attachment -
Die Seevogel Rare Ship Unaligned
Dockside Raid Uncommon Action -
Donna Uncommon Crew Brotherhood
Dunti Fixed Crew Corsairs
Dust to Dust Uncommon Action -
Edahgo Rare Crew Corsairs
Emily de Gallegos Uncommon Crew Unaligned
Entwining Kelp Common Action -
Ernesto Castillus Fixed Captain Corsairs
Eyes of Reason Uncommon Attachment -
False Colors Common Action -
Fierbas Desaix du Paix Rare Crew Montaigne
Fool's Errand Common Attachment -
Foolish Bet Common Action -
Foul Weather Jack's Map, Part I Rare Adventure -
Foul Weather Jack's Map, Part II Rare Adventure -
Foul Weather Jack's Map, Part III Rare Adventure -
Foul Weather Jack's Map, Part IV Rare Adventure -
Free Men Can Do Anything Common Action -
Freedom's Key Fixed Ship Corsairs
Fresh Fruit Common Action -
Fresh Water Common Action -
Frieda Kesler Uncommon Crew Montaigne
Frozen Sails Common Action -
Fyodor Zastienchivy Rare Crew Brotherhood
Hamish Uncommon Crew Corsairs
Hard Tack Common Action -
Hauptmann von Lichen Common Crew Unaligned
Headhunters Common Action -
Hidden Crew Common Action -
Hidden Rum Common Action -
Holy Vision Uncommon Action -
Honorable Surrender Uncommon Action -
Hull Rot Bill Common Crew Unaligned
Ice Storm Uncommon Action -
Imshi Uncommon Crew Corsairs
Ivory Totem Uncommon Action -
Jeremiah Berek Fixed Captain Brotherhood
Joseph Gallegos de Avila Common Crew Castille
Julius Caligari Rare Crew Crimson Rogers
Kirsten Blumfeld Uncommon Crew Explorers
Kurt Weinberg Common Crew Sea Dogs
Launching the Falcon's Roost Uncommon Action -
Le Beau's Compass Rare Attachment -
Lice Rare Action -
Lieutenant Novak Common Crew Unaligned
Loot and Pillage Uncommon Action -
Lt. Juan Rodriguez de Soldano Common Crew Brotherhood
Luis de Rioja Rare Crew Castille
Mabela Rare Crew Gosse
Mad Martin's Tattoos Common Action -
Maximillian Common Crew Gosse
Mike Fitzpatrick Common Crew Montaigne
Moldy Morris Rare Crew Black Freighter
Montaigne Marines Common Crew Montaigne
Nasty Bit o' Luck Common Action -
Next of Kin Uncommon Action -
Nibelungen Forge Rare Adventure -
No Fun to be a Captive Common Action -
No Space For Luxuries Uncommon Action -
Not Quite Dead Common Action -
Orduño's Honor Common Action -
Overstocked Uncommon Attachment -
Petro Angelina Common Crew Corsairs
Piotr the Badger Common Crew Explorers
Powering Through Rare Action -
Preparing for a Long Voyage Uncommon Attachment -
Quaranteened Port Common Action -
Red Thorfild Rare Crew Vesten
Reggie Wilcox Fixed Crew Brotherhood
Reis' Brides Rare Attachment -
Responsive Helm Rare Attachment -
Reynaldo Pasado Uncommmon Crew Crimson Rogers
Roger Gaffrin Rare Crew Sea Dogs
Rosamaria Falisci Uncommon Crew Unaligned
Sails Don't Bleed Common Action -
Salted Meat Common Attachment -
San Cristobal Rare Attachment -
Scatter Pistol Uncommon Attachment -
Scott Preston Uncommon Crew Unaligned
Second Chance Common Action -
Señor Ladrón Rare Attachment -
Shala Rare Crew Corsairs
Shining Example Rare Action -
Skeletal Dregs Uncommon Crew Black Freighter
Sousdal Rare Attachment -
St. Roger's Spyglass Rare Attachment -
Steady Leak Rare Action -
Stealing the Falcon's Roost Rare Attachment -
Swivel Gun Rare Attachment -
The Betrayal of Allende Common Action -
The Calloways Rare Crew Explorers
The Destruction of the Spear Uncommon Action -
The Dolphin Rare Ship Unaligned
The Falcon's Roost Fixed Ship Brotherhood
The Fourth Switch Rare Adventure -
The Fury of the Rogers Common Action -
The Futility of It All Uncommon Action -
The Guilding Gem of Hierro Rare Attachment -
The Invictus Rare Ship Unaligned
The Lure of Gold Rare Adventure -
The Next Chapter Common Action -
The Nibelungen's Price Rare Action -
The Setine Key Rare Attachment -
The Sinking of the Hanged Man Uncommon Action -
The Spear of the West Wind Uncommon Action -
The Stake Uncommon Action -
The Witches' Shears Rare Attachment -
Too Strong to Die Uncommon Action -
Undead Ambush Common Action -
Uriah the Dribbler Uncommon Crew Black Freighter
Ursula von Stahl Rare Crew Unaligned
Val Mokk Rare Attachment -
Velik Uncommon Crew Brotherhood
Vengeance of the Damned Rare Action -
Whalers Uncommon Crew Unaligned
Whites of Their Eyes Common Action -
William Highport Uncommon Crew Gosse
Worthless Trinket Uncommon Action -
Would-Be Adventurers Uncommon Action -
Yr Hägin Brønsson Uncommon Crew Vesten

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