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Final Battle is the third fan-made set of Aliens vs Predator CCG. This set was intended for it to flesh out the material from the Premiere Set, as it featured only a few of the marines from Aliens. It also features a redesign of the Alien Warrior card. It consists of 26 cards.

Type BreakdownEdit

  • 1 Cross Location
  • 7 Events
  • 1 Item (Human)
  • 2 Locations
  • 13 Main Characters (4 Alien, 8 Human and 1 Predator)
  • 1 Supporting Character (Alien)
  • 1 Vehicle (Human)

Card ListEdit

Alien Warrior Main Character Alien
Ambusher Main Character Alien
A.P.C. Vehicle Human
Carter Burke Main Character Human
Chimaera Main Character Predator
Close Encounters Event -
Complex Oversides Location -
Cpl Dietrich Main Character Human
Cpl Hicks Main Character Human
Drone Event -
EEV Event -
Hived Entry Location -
If She Exists Event -
Leader's Equipment Item Human
Mother of the Hive Main Character Alien
Pvt Crowe Main Character Human
Pvt Frost Main Character Human
Pvt Vasquez Main Character Human
Research Autopsy Event -
Ripley Main Character Human
Royal Guard Main Character Alien
Royal Orders Event -
Sgt Apone Main Character Human
Stasis Tubes Supporting Character Alien
Stronghold Event -
Upwards the Ceiling Cross Location -

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