Generation Force
is a Unlimited expansion for Yu-Gi-Oh! OCG. It is published by Konami on 16 August 2011 and is printed in English It is available for United States, United Kingdo, Australia and Canada. There are also, Japanese, French, German, Italian and Spanish versions of this set. This set consists of 100 cards.

Type BreakdownEdit

  • 66 Monsters (64 Effect, 6 Fusion, 1 Synchro 1 Tuner and 14 Xyz)
  • 23 Spell Cards (4 Continuous, 2 Equip, 12 Normal and 5 Quick-Play)
  • 20 Trap Cards (4 Continuous, 4 Counter and 12 Normal)

Rarity BreakdownEdit

  • 48 Commons
  • 20 Rares
  • 14 Super Rares
  • 10 Ultra Rares
  • 8 Secret Rares

Card ListEdit

GENF-EN000 Xyz Veil [XYZヴェール] Super Rare Trap Card/Continuous
GENF-EN001 Gagaga Magician ガガガマジシャン Super Rare Monster/Effect
GENF-EN002 Gogogo Golem ゴゴゴゴーレム Common Monster/Effect
GENF-EN003 Achacha Archer アチャチャアーチャー Common Monster/Effect
GENF-EN004 Goblindbergh ゴブリンドバーグ Common Monster/Effect
GENF-EN005 Big Jaws ビッグ・ジョーズ Rare Monster/Effect
GENF-EN006 Skull Kraken スカル・クラーケン Common Monster/Effect
GENF-EN007 Drill Barnacle ドリル・バーニカル Common Monster/Effect
GENF-EN008 Jawsman ジョーズマン Rare Monster/Effect
GENF-EN009 Crashbug X バグマンX Common Monster/Effect
GENF-EN010 Crashbug Y バグマンY Common Monster/Effect
GENF-EN011 Crashbug Z バグマンZ Common Monster/Effect
GENF-EN012 Super Crashbug スーパーバグマン Super Rare Monster/Effect
GENF-EN013 Wind-Up Soldier ゼンマイソルジャー Common Monster/Effect
GENF-EN014 Wind-Up Magician ゼンマイマジシャン Rare Monster/Effect
GENF-EN015 Wind-Up Juggler ゼンマイジャグラー Super Rare Monster/Effect
GENF-EN016 Wind-Up Dog ゼンマイドッグ Common Monster/Effect
GENF-EN017 Wind-Up Snail ゼンマイマイ Rare Monster/Effect
GENF-EN018 Spearfish Soldier スピアフィッシュソルジャー Common Monster/Effect
GENF-EN019 Flyfang フライファング Common Monster/Effect
GENF-EN020 Skystarray スカイオニヒトクイエイ Rare Monster/Effect
GENF-EN021 Airorca エアジャチ Rare Monster/Effect
GENF-EN022 Wingtortoise ウイングトータス Rare Monster/Effect
GENF-EN023 Space-Time Police スペースタイムポリス Ultra Rare Monster/Effect
GENF-EN023 Space-Time Police スペースタイムポリス Ultimate Rare Monster/Effect
GENF-EN024 Time Escaper タイム・エスケーパー Super Rare Monster/Effect
GENF-EN025 Gem-Elephant ジェムエレファント Common Monster/Effect
GENF-EN026 Laval Magma Cannoneer ラヴァルのマグマ砲兵 Common Monster/Effect
GENF-EN027 Gishki Diviner リチュア・ディバイナー Rare Monster/Effect
GENF-EN028 Gusto Codor ガスタ・コドル Common Monster/Effect
GENF-EN029 Saambell the Summoner 召喚師セームベル Common Monster/Effect
GENF-EN030 Geargiano ギアギアーノ Common Monster/Effect
GENF-EN031 Poki Draco ポケ・ドラ Common Monster/Effect
GENF-EN032 Master of the Flaming Dragonswords 龍炎剣の使い手 Common Monster/Effect
GENF-EN033 Perditious Puppeteer 地獄の傀儡魔人 Common Monster/Effect
GENF-EN034 Blue-Blooded Oni 蒼血鬼 Super Rare Monster/Effect
GENF-EN035 Ghost Ship 霊魂の護送船 Rare Monster/Effect
GENF-EN036 Absolute Crusader レアル・クルセイダー Super Rare Monster/Effect
GENF-EN037 The Great Emperor Penguin 大皇帝ペンギン Common Monster/Effect
GENF-EN038 Milla the Temporal Magician 久遠の魔術師ミラ Common Monster/Effect
GENF-EN039 Number 17: Leviathan Dragon No.17 リバイス・ドラゴン Ultra Rare Monster/Xyz/Effect
GENF-EN039 Number 17: Leviathan Dragon No.17 リバイス・ドラゴン Ultimate Rare Monster/Xyz/Effect
GENF-EN039 Number 17: Leviathan Dragon No.17 リバイス・ドラゴン Ghost Rare Monster/Xyz/Effect
GENF-EN040 Submersible Carrier Aero Shark 潜航母艦エアロ・シャーク Super Rare Monster/Xyz/Effect
GENF-EN041 Number 34: Terror-Byte No.34 電算機獣テラ・バイト Ultra Rare Monster/Xyz/Effect
GENF-EN041 Number 34: Terror-Byte No.34 電算機獣テラ・バイト Ultimate Rare Monster/Xyz/Effect
GENF-EN042 Wind-Up Zenmaister 発条機甲ゼンマイスター Ultra Rare Monster/Xyz/Effect
GENF-EN042 Wind-Up Zenmaister 発条機甲ゼンマイスター Ultimate Rare Monster/Xyz/Effect
GENF-EN043 Leviair the Sea Dragon 虚空海竜リヴァイエール Ultra Rare Monster/Xyz/Effect
GENF-EN043 Leviair the Sea Dragon 虚空海竜リヴァイエール Ultimate Rare Monster/Xyz/Effect
GENF-EN044 Tiras, Keeper of Genesis 始祖の守護者ティラス Secret Rare Monster/Xyz/Effect
GENF-EN045 Wonder Wand ワンダー・ワンド Ultra Rare Spell Card/Equip
GENF-EN045 Wonder Wand ワンダー・ワンド Ultimate Rare Spell Card/Equip
GENF-EN046 Double or Nothing! ダブル・アップ・チャンス Common Spell Card/Quick-Play
GENF-EN047 Thunder Short サンダー・ショート Common Spell Card/Normal
GENF-EN048 Aqua Jet アクア・ジェット Common Spell Card/Normal
GENF-EN049 Surface 浮上 Super Rare Spell Card/Normal
GENF-EN050 Crashbug Road バグ・ロード Common Spell Card/Quick-Play
GENF-EN051 Infected Mail ウィルスメール Super Rare Spell Card/Continuous
GENF-EN052 Cracking クラッキング Common Spell Card/Continuous
GENF-EN053 Legendary Wind-Up Key 伝説のゼンマイ Common Spell Card/Quick-Play
GENF-EN054 Wind-Up Factory ゼンマイマニュファクチャ Super Rare Spell Card/Continuous
GENF-EN055 Fish and Kicks フィッシュアンドキックス Common Spell Card/Normal
GENF-EN056 Future Glow フューチャー・グロウ Common Spell Card/Continuous
GENF-EN057 Vylon Filament ヴァイロン・フィラメント Common Spell Card/Equip
GENF-EN058 Quill Pen of Gulldos ガルドスの羽根ペン Super Rare Spell Card/Normal
GENF-EN059 Star Changer スター・チェンジャー Rare Spell Card/Quick-Play
GENF-EN060 Oni-Gami Combo 鬼神の連撃 Common Spell Card/Normal
GENF-EN061 Resonance Device 共振装置 Rare Spell Card/Normal
GENF-EN062 Peeking Goblin 盗み見ゴブリン Common Spell Card/Normal
GENF-EN063 Asleep at the Switch 油断大敵 Common Trap Card/Normal
GENF-EN064 Poseidon Wave ポセイドン・ウェーブ Common Trap Card/Normal
GENF-EN065 Explosive Urchin 爆弾ウニ-ボム・アーチン- Common Trap Card/Continuous
GENF-EN066 Damage Vaccine Ω MAX ダメージ・ワクチンΩMAX Common Trap Card/Normal
GENF-EN067 Overwind オーバー・レンチ Common Trap Card/Normal
GENF-EN068 Underworld Egg Clutch 魔製産卵床 Common Trap Card/Normal
GENF-EN069 Oh F!sh! ギョッ! Rare Trap Card/Counter
GENF-EN070 Bright Future ギョッ! Rare Trap Card/Normal
GENF-EN071 Past Image パスト・イメージ Common Trap Card/Normal
GENF-EN072 Burgeoning Whirlflame 炎渦の胎動 Common Trap Card/Counter
GENF-EN073 Treaty on Uniform Nomenclature 同姓同名同盟条約 Common Trap Card/Normal
GENF-EN074 Utopian Aura 皇の波動 Common Trap Card/Normal
GENF-EN075 United Front 共同戦線 Rare Trap Card/Counter
GENF-EN076 Curse of the Cycle 五稜星の呪縛 Rare Trap Card/Normal
GENF-EN077 Tyrant's Tummyache 暴君の暴飲暴食 Common Trap Card/Continuous
GENF-EN078 Attention! 統制訓練 Rare Trap Card/Normal
GENF-EN079 Raigeki Bottle 統制訓練 Ultra Rare Trap Card/Continuous
GENF-EN079 Raigeki Bottle 統制訓練 Ultimate Rare Trap Card/Continuous
GENF-EN080 Gravelstorm 砂利ケーン Common Trap Card/Normal
GENF-EN081 Sea Lancer [海ランサー] Rare Monster/Effect
GENF-EN082 Piercing Moray [ピアスマリー] Ultra Rare Monster/Effect
GENF-EN082 Piercing Moray [ピアスマリー] Ultimate Rare Monster/Effect
GENF-EN083 Lost Blue Breaker [失われたブルーブレイカー] Secret Rare Monster/Effect
GENF-EN084 Pain Painter [痛みの画家] Secret Rare Monster/Tuner
GENF-EN085 Orient Dragon [オリエントドラゴン] Secret Rare Monster/Synchro/Effect
GENF-EN086 Adreus, Keeper of Armageddon [ハルマゲドンのAdreus、キーパー] Secret Rare Monster/Xyz/Effect
GENF-EN087 Fish and Swaps [魚とスワップ] Rare Spell Card/Normal
GENF-EN088 Painful Return [痛みを伴うリターン] Rare Spell Card/Normal
GENF-EN089 Smashing Horn [スマッシングホーン] Secret Rare Trap Card/Counter
GENF-EN090 Elemental HERO Flash [E・HERO フラッシュ] Common Monster/Effect
GENF-EN091 Vision HERO Trinity V・HERO トリニティー Super Rare Monster/Fusion/Effect
GENF-EN092 Phantom Magician V・HERO トリニティー Common Monster/Effect
GENF-EN093 Elemental HERO Nova Master E・HERO ノヴァマスター Ultra Rare Monster/Fusion/Effect
GENF-EN093 Elemental HERO Nova Master E・HERO ノヴァマスター Ultimate Rare Monster/Fusion/Effect
GENF-EN094 Masked HERO Goka M・HERO 剛火 Rare Monster/Fusion/Effect
GENF-EN095 Masked HERO Vapor M・HERO ヴェイパー Super Rare Monster/Fusion/Effect
GENF-EN096 Vision HERO Adoration V・HERO アドレイション Secret Rare Monster/Fusion/Effect
GENF-EN097 Mask Change マスク・チェンジ Common Spell Card/Quick-Play
GENF-EN098 A Hero Lives ヒーローアライブ Ultra Rare Spell Card/Normal
GENF-EN098 A Hero Lives ヒーローアライブ Ultimate Rare Spell Card/ Normal
GENF-EN099 Steelswarm Roach インヴェルズ・ローチ Secret Rare Monster/Xyz/Effect

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