Horizon's Edge
Horizonsedge booster
Game/Set: 7th Sea CCG


Horizon's Edge


Alderac Entertainment Group







Cards Total:


Horizon's Edge is the 10th expansion of 7th Sea CCG. It is printed by Alderac Entertainment Group and consists of 153 cards.

This set is available in 11-card boosters and 65-card theme decks.

Type BreakdownEdit

  • 19 Action
  • 15 Adventure
  • 17 Attachment
  • 3 Captain (1 Explorers, 1 Gosse and 1 Unaligned)
  • 9 Chantey
  • 46 Crew (3 Black Freighter, 4 Brotherhood, 4 Castille, 4 Corsairs, 4 Crimson Rogers, 6 Explorers, 7 Gosse, 4 Montaigne, 3 Sea Dogs, 3 Unaligned and 4 Vesten)
  • 3 Ship (1 Explorers, 1 Gosse and 1 Unaligned)

Rarity BreakdownEdit

  • 33 Common
  • 12 Fixed
  • 33 Uncommon
  • 34 Rare

Card ListEdit

Title Rarity Type Affiliation
"Magpie" Muscov Rare Crew Explorers
A Blooded Coin Uncommon Attachment -
A Little Broadside Help Uncommon Action -
A Little On-Shore Help Uncommon Action -
Alesio's Sacrifice Uncommon Attachment -
Allende's Rescue Common Action -
Andare de Castillo Common Crew Castille
Andre Braudel Fixed Crew Gosse
Benny Gimble Rare Crew Sea Dogs
Berserker School Uncommon Attachment -
Blink Attack Uncommon Adventure -
Bones of Our Ancestors Rare Attachment -
Captain Cosette Fixed Captain Explorers
Captain Melinda Gosse Fixed Captain Gosse
Captive Thugs Common Crew Corsairs
Cathwulf Vogt Rare Crew Montaigne
Connor Lynch Rare Crew Gosse
Courtly Manner Fixed Action -
Daring Fools Uncommon Crew Sea Dogs
Death Stare Rare Action -
Der Kire Rare Captain Unaligned
Destiny and Loyalty Common Action -
Eisen Dreizack Rare Ship Unaligned
El Toro Rojo Fixed Ship Gosse
Entertainers Fixed Crew Gosse
Faerie Path Uncommon Adventure -
First Mate's Duel Uncommon Action -
Foul Weather Jack Rare Crew Explorers
Franco Vesefe Rare Crew Explorers
Gerard Rois et Reines Rare Crew Montaigne
Get To It! Rare Attachment -
Gold Only Buys Obedience Fixed Action -
Grandmother Ussura Uncommon Adventure -
Grendel Thorton Common Crew Brotherhood
Grutch Rare Crew Crimson Rogers
Gullbait Friedrich Rare Crew Black Freighter
Hector Beauchamp du Charouse Uncommon Crew Corsairs
Heinrich Logan Uncommon Crew Castille
Hidden Fate Heritage Common Adventure -
Hidden Glamour Heritage Common Adventure -
Hidden Lærdom Heritage Common Adventure -
Hidden Porté Heritage Common Adventure -
Hidden Pyeryem Heritage Common Adventure -
Hit to the Deck Uncommon Action -
Ian O'Toole Uncommon Crew Vesten
Ilya "Gadalka" Letinovich Common Crew Vesten
Inquisition Witch Hunt Uncommon Action -
Into the Tower Uncommon Chantey -
Iron Mask Common Action -
J.P. Wardbraddon Rare Crew Sea Dogs
Jacques Renault Rare Crew Unaligned
James Stiller Rare Crew Gosse
Josephina Culpepper Common Crew Crimson Rogers
Juliet Jones Common Crew Unaligned
Korintine Nicolovich Fixed Crew Explorers
Local Assistance Rare Attachment -
Louis Fontaine Rare Crew Corsairs
Lucrezia's Prophecy Uncommon Adventure -
Lyin' John Flees Fixed Chantey -
Lyin' John's Fate Uncommon Action -
Mark of the Grumfather Uncommon Adventure -
Miguel Bascalle Rare Crew Castille
Montaigne Musketeers Common Crew Montaigne
Montaigne Puzzle Sword Fixed Attachment -
Naughty Dan Uncommon Crew Brotherhood
No-Leg William Rare Crew Black Freighter
Northern Trade Route Common Action -
One Shot - Make It Count Common Chantey -
Percival du Lac Rare Crew Montaigne
Peter Silver Rare Crew Gosse
Predators of the Sea Rare Action -
Pushing the Limits Rare Action -
Raze the Village Fixed Adventure -
Reis' Fury Common Attachment -
Rewrite the Rules Common Chantey -
Roald Andreasson Common Crew Vesten
Roberta Estrada Rare Crew Brotherhood
Robin Goodfellow Uncommon Attachment -
Rosa Maria de Barcino Rare Crew Castille
San Cristobal Under Siege Rare Attachment -
Singing Sal Common Crew Corsairs
Sorcerer's Lament Uncommon Chantey -
Soren "Painless" Halstead Common Crew Unaligned
Southern Trade Route Common Action -
Sparrow Hawk Uncommon Attachment -
Spectral Aura Uncommon Attachment -
Surprise Rescue Uncommon Chantey -
Swelling Tides Common Action -
Sylvia Étalon du Toille Uncommon Crew Gosse
Syrneth Navigator Uncommon Attachment -
Taking El Toro Rojo Uncommon Adventure -
Talia del Emelia Rare Crew Brotherhood
Ten Barrels Bob Uncommon Crew Explorers
The Coming Tempest Common Chantey -
The Discovery Attacks Common Action -
The Eternal Grave Rare Attachment -
The Path to San Cristobal Common Action -
The Porté Escape Uncommon Adventure -
The Redeemer Fixed Ship Explorers
The Rise of Cabora Common Adventure -
The Sixth Switch Rare Adventure -
Through the 7th Sea Uncommon Chantey -
Trickster's Grin Common Attachment -
Tungsinn ("Gloom") Rare Attachment -
Two Dagger Dirk Common Crew Gosse
Ulfgar Jor Brønsen Common Crew Explorers
Undead Boarders Common Crew Black Freighter
Valgaard Skaardalneir Rare Crew Vesten
Vinchenzo de Tonelli Uncommon Crew Crimson Rogers
Volta Rare Crew Crimson Rogers
We'll Get Him Back! Uncommon Attachment -
What Does Not Kill Us Common Chantey -

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