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Ice & Fire Edition
Ice&fireedition targaryenstarter
Targaryen Starter Deck
Game/Set: A Game of Thrones CCG


Ice & Fire Edition


Fantasy Flight Games







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Ice & Fire Edition is the fifth expansion of A Game of Thrones CCG and the first set of the Ice & Fire Block. It is printed by Fantasy Flight Games in 2003 and consists of 260 cards. It is packaged in boosters and starters for each of the five houses.

There are two different Starters for each Each, one with the name of the House on the bottom of the front of the box and one without.

Type BreakdownEdit

  • 32 Attachment (6 Baratheon, 5 Greyjoy, 6 Lannister, 5 Neutral, 5 Stark and 5 Targaryen)
  • 89 Character (16 Baratheon, 15 Greyjoy, 16 Lannister, 10 Neutral, 15 Stark and 17 Targaryen)
  • 49 Event (all Neutral)
  • 10 House (5 Alliances, 1 Baratheon, 1 Greyjoy, 1 Lannister, 1 Stark and 1 Targaryen)
  • 50 Location (7 Baratheon, 8 Greyjoy, 6 Lannister, 15 Neutral, 8 Stark and 6 Targaryen)
  • 30 Plot (2 Baratheon, 2 Greyjoy, 2 Lannister, 21 Neutral, 2 Stark and 1 Targaryen)

Rarity BreakdownEdit

  • 80 Common
  • 20 Fixed
  • 80 Uncommon
  • 80 Rare

Card ListEdit

# Title Rarity Type House
1 The Wolf King Rare Attachment Stark
2 Loyalty Common Attachment Stark
3 Seal of the Wolf Rare Attachment Stark
4 Ward Uncommon Attachment Stark
5 Winterfell Watchtower Uncommon Attachment Stark
6 Arya Stark Uncommon Character Stark
7 Catelyn Stark Uncommon Character Stark
8 Eddard Stark Uncommon Character Stark
9 Jon Snow Rare Character Stark
10 Sansa Stark Rare Character Stark
11 Septa Mordane Uncommon Character Stark
12 Horsemen of the North Common Character Stark
13 Host of Karhold Rare Character Stark
14 House Tully Footsoldier Common Character Stark
15 Lookout Common Character Stark
16 Men of Greywater Watch Uncommon Character Stark
17 Scouting Party Common Character Stark
18 Standard Bearer Common Character Stark
19 The Great Host Rare Character Stark
20 Winterfell Reserves Rare Character Stark
21 Karhold Rare Location Stark
22 Bell Tower Common Location Stark
23 Guard's Hall Common Location Stark
24 Hunter's Gate Common Location Stark
25 Northern Reserves Rare Location Stark
26 Sparring Yard Uncommon Location Stark
27 Winterfell Alehouse Uncommon Location Stark
28 Winterfell Heart Tree Common Location Stark
29 The Queen Regent Rare Attachment Lannister
30 Alleys and Whispers Uncommon Attachment Lannister
31 Being Watched Common Attachment Lannister
32 Goldsmith Common Attachment Lannister
33 Seal of the Lion Rare Attachment Lannister
34 Taken Hostage Uncommon Attachment Lannister
35 Cersei Lannister Uncommon Character Lannister
36 Joffrey Baratheon Rare Character Lannister
37 Ser Jaime Lannister Uncommon Character Lannister
38 The Tickler Uncommon Character Lannister
39 Tyrion Lannister Uncommon Character Lannister
40 Tywin Lannister Rare Character Lannister
41 Brothel Madam Rare Character Lannister
42 Castellan of Harrenhal Rare Character Lannister
43 Courtesan of Highgarden Common Character Lannister
44 Host of Golden Tooth Keep Common Character Lannister
45 House Marbrand Envoy Common Character Lannister
46 Lannisport Moneylender Common Character Lannister
47 Red Keep Guard Common Character Lannister
48 Ser Stafford's Host Uncommon Character Lannister
49 Tax Collector Rare Character Lannister
50 Turncloak Common Character Lannister
51 Casterly Rock Uncommon Location Lannister
52 Lord Tywin's Chambers Rare Location Lannister
53 Dangerous Mines Common Location Lannister
54 Golden Gallery Common Location Lannister
55 Golden Tooth Keep Rare Location Lannister
56 Sept of Lannisport Uncommon Location Lannister
57 The People's Favorite Rare Attachment Baratheon
58 Called to Glory Uncommon Attachment Baratheon
59 Gargoyle Sentinels Uncommon Attachment Baratheon
60 Popularity Common Attachment Baratheon
61 Seal of the Stag Rare Attachment Baratheon
62 Visited by Shadows Common Attachment Baratheon
63 Melisandre Rare Character Baratheon
64 Patchface Rare Character Baratheon
65 Renly Baratheon Uncommon Character Baratheon
66 Robert Baratheon Uncommon Character Baratheon
67 Ser Davos Seaworth Rare Character Baratheon
68 Stannis Baratheon Uncommon Character Baratheon
69 Bastard of Robert Common Character Baratheon
70 Galley Captain Rare Character Baratheon
71 Herald of the Rose Common Character Baratheon
72 House Celtigar Emissary Uncommon Character Baratheon
73 House Tactician Rare Character Baratheon
74 Knight Commander Common Character Baratheon
75 Lord Renly's Host Common Character Baratheon
76 Maester of Dragonstone Common Character Baratheon
77 Pirate Crew Uncommon Character Baratheon
78 Red Zealots Common Character Baratheon
79 Lord Stannis' Chambers Rare Location Baratheon
80 Storm's End Rare Location Baratheon
81 Dragonstone Courtyard Common Location Baratheon
82 Sea Dragon Tower Common Location Baratheon
83 Shipbreaker Bay Uncommon Location Baratheon
84 Storm's End Battlements Uncommon Location Baratheon
85 King of the Isles Rare Attachment Greyjoy
86 Salt King Common Attachment Greyjoy
87 Seal of the Kraken Rare Attachment Greyjoy
88 Ship's Navigator Uncommon Attachment Greyjoy
89 Under Siege Uncommon Attachment Greyjoy
90 Aeron Damphair Rare Character Greyjoy
91 Asha Greyjoy Uncommon Character Greyjoy
92 Balon Greyjoy Uncommon Character Greyjoy
93 Euron Crow's Eye Rare Character Greyjoy
94 Theon Greyjoy Uncommon Character Greyjoy
95 Axemen of Old Wyk Common Character Greyjoy
96 Drumbeater Uncommon Character Greyjoy
97 Harlaw Rebel Common Character Greyjoy
98 Longship Navigator Common Character Greyjoy
99 Maester of Harlaw Common Character Greyjoy
100 Maester of Pyke Rare Character Greyjoy
101 Host of the Isles Rare Character Greyjoy
102 Oarsman Common Character Greyjoy
103 Sea Raiders Common Character Greyjoy
104 Seasoned Raider Uncommon Character Greyjoy
105 Longship of Pyke Uncommon Location Greyjoy
106 Isle of Pyke Rare Location Greyjoy
107 Lord Balon's Chambers Rare Location Greyjoy
108 Saltcliffe Rare Location Greyjoy
109 Longship Marauder Common Location Greyjoy
110 Sea Bridge Common Location Greyjoy
111 The Iron Mines Uncommon Location Greyjoy
112 The Sea Tower Uncommon Location Greyjoy
113 Mother of Dragons Rare Attachment Targaryen
114 Annexed Uncommon Attachment Targaryen
115 Blood of the Dragon Uncommon Attachment Targaryen
116 Queen's Bounty Common Attachment Targaryen
117 Seal of the Dragon Rare Attachment Targaryen
118 Black Hatchling Common Character Targaryen
119 Daario Uncommon Character Targaryen
120 Daenerys Targaryen Uncommon Character Targaryen
121 Drogon Rare Character Targaryen
122 Green Hatchling Common Character Targaryen
123 Magister Illyrio Rare Character Targaryen
124 Rhaegal Rare Character Targaryen
125 Rakharo Uncommon Character Targaryen
126 Ser Barristan Selmy Uncommon Character Targaryen
127 Viserion Rare Character Targaryen
128 White Hatchling Common Character Targaryen
129 Dothraki Bowman Common Character Targaryen
130 Dothraki Chargers Common Character Targaryen
131 Freed Men Uncommon Character Targaryen
132 Great Khalassar Rare Character Targaryen
133 Meereeneese Pit Fighter Common Character Targaryen
134 Slave Trader Common Character Targaryen
135 Illyrio's Estate Rare Location Targaryen
136 Lady Daenerys' Chambers Rare Location Targaryen
137 Daznak's Pit Common Location Targaryen
138 House of Warlocks Common Location Targaryen
139 Pentoshi Guildhall Uncommon Location Targaryen
140 Qartheen Trader's Guild Uncommon Location Targaryen
141 Hand of the King Rare Attachment Neutral
142 Bodyguard Common Attachment Neutral
143 Court Advisor Common Attachment Neutral
144 Court Messenger Common Attachment Neutral
145 Court Soldier Common Attachment Neutral
146 Benjen Stark Rare Character Neutral
147 Bronn Uncommon Character Neutral
148 Conn Son of Corrat Uncommon Character Neutral
149 Varys Rare Character Neutral
150 Ambassador of Red Keep Uncommon Character Neutral
151 Camp Follower Common Character Neutral
152 King Robert's Hammer Uncommon Location Baratheon
153 Jousting Knight Uncommon Character Neutral
154 King's Fool Common Character Neutral
155 Raw Recruit Common Character Neutral
156 Rumormonger Common Character Neutral
157 Aegon's Hill Rare Location Neutral
158 The Sharp Point Rare Location Neutral
159 Harrenhal Rare Location Neutral
160 The Iron Throne Rare Location Neutral
161 Gate of Dragons Uncommon Location Neutral
162 Gate of the Gods Uncommon Location Neutral
163 Iron Gate Uncommon Location Neutral
164 King's Hall Rare Location Neutral
165 Lion Gate Uncommon Location Neutral
166 Old Gate Uncommon Location Neutral
167 The Roseroad Common Location Neutral
168 The Searoad Common Location Neutral
169 The Wall Rare Location Neutral
170 Training Grounds Rare Location Neutral
171 Arya's Whisper Common Event Neutral
172 Concession Uncommon Event Neutral
173 Consumed by Flame Common Event Neutral
174 Cut Supply Lines Uncommon Event Neutral
175 Dance with Dragons Rare Event Neutral
176 Denounced Uncommon Event Neutral
177 Fear Cuts Deeper than Swords Common Event Neutral
178 Fleeting Loyalty Uncommon Event Neutral
179 Fortify Rare Event Neutral
180 The Eyrie Rare Location Neutral
181 Heed the Call! Common Event Neutral
182 Humiliation Common Event Neutral
183 Immolate Common Event Neutral
184 Intimidate Common Event Neutral
185 King's Man Common Event Neutral
186 Kings of Salt and Rock Rare Event Neutral
187 Martyrdom Rare Event Neutral
188 Mummer's Farce Common Event Neutral
189 Never Surrender! Rare Event Neutral
190 No Prisoners Rare Event Neutral
191 Nothing to Hide Uncommon Event Neutral
192 Only Thought to be Dead Uncommon Event Neutral
193 Distraction Common Event Neutral
194 Pillage Common Event Neutral
195 Put to the Sword Common Event Neutral
196 Put to the Torch Common Event Neutral
197 Relentless Attack Rare Event Neutral
198 Risen from the Sea Common Event Neutral
199 Ruse Rare Event Neutral
200 Secrets of the North Uncommon Event Neutral
201 Calling the Reserves Uncommon Event Neutral
202 Surrender Uncommon Event Neutral
203 Tears of Lys Common Event Neutral
204 Fire and Blood Common Event Neutral
205 The Dragon's Rage Rare Event Neutral
206 The Horn that Wakes the Sleepers Uncommon Event Neutral
207 The Kings of Winter Rare Event Neutral
208 The Kraken Surfaces! Common Event Neutral
209 The Lion Pounces! Common Event Neutral
210 The Rains of Castemere Rare Event Neutral
211 The Spider's Web Rare Event Neutral
212 The Stag Charges! Common Event Neutral
213 The Storm Kings Uncommon Event Neutral
214 The Walls Have Ears Uncommon Event Neutral
215 The Will of R'hllor Uncommon Event Neutral
216 The Wolf Howls! Common Event Neutral
217 Treachery Common Event Neutral
218 Veins of Gold Uncommon Event Neutral
219 Weathering the Storm Rare Event Neutral
220 Word of R'hllor Rare Event Neutral
221 Alliance Fixed Plot Neutral
222 Blaze of Glory Rare Plot Neutral
223 Building Orders Uncommon Plot Neutral
224 Call to the Throne Rare Plot Neutral
225 Catastrophe Rare Plot Neutral
226 Clash of Kings Fixed Plot Neutral
227 Dark Forces Uncommon Plot Baratheon
228 Filthy Accusations Fixed Plot Neutral
229 Fleets of Dragonstone Fixed Plot Baratheon
230 Game of Thrones Fixed Plot Neutral
231 Herding the Masses Rare Plot Neutral
232 Royal Decree Rare Plot Neutral
233 Longships of the Iron Fleet Fixed Plot Greyjoy
234 Mad King's Legacy Uncommon Plot Targaryen
235 Marched to the Wall Fixed Plot Neutral
236 Mining the Rock Uncommon Plot Lannister
237 No More Games! Rare Plot Neutral
238 Valar Morghulis Rare Plot Neutral
239 Rank Upon Rank Uncommon Plot Stark
240 Reach of the Kraken Uncommon Plot Greyjoy
241 Rushed Attack Uncommon Plot Neutral
242 Secrets and Lies Fixed Plot Lannister
243 Secure on the Throne Rare Plot Neutral
244 Storm of Swords Fixed Plot Neutral
245 Summons Uncommon Plot Neutral
246 The Killing Cold Rare Plot Neutral
247 Threat from the North Uncommon Plot Neutral
248 Uneasy Peace Rare Plot Neutral
249 Wardens of the North Fixed Plot Stark
250 Wildfire Assault Uncommon Plot Neutral
251 Baratheon/Greyjoy Alliance Fixed House Baratheon/Greyjoy
252 Lannister/Greyjoy Alliance Fixed House Lannister/Greyjoy
253 Lannister/Targaryen Alliance Fixed House Lannister/Targaryen
254 Stark/Baratheon Alliance Fixed House Stark/Baratheon
255 Stark/Targaryen Alliance Fixed House Stark/Targaryen
256 House Baratheon Fixed House Baratheon
257 House Greyjoy Fixed House Greyjoy
258 House Lannister Fixed House Lannister
259 House Stark Fixed House Stark
260 House Targaryen Fixed House Targaryen



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