Iron Shadow
Ironshadow booster
Game/Set: 7th Sea CCG


Iron Shadow


Alderac Entertainment Group







Cards Total:


Iron Shadow is the 11th expansion and also the second revision of the base set of 7th Sea CCG. It is printed by Alderac Entertainment Group and consists of 623 cards. The cards have a new layout and from this set on the set icon was removed and the set's name was printed on the bottom of the cards. This set is available in 11-card boosters.

Type BreakdownEdit

  • 134 Action
  • 66 Adventure
  • 143 Attachment
  • 22 Captain (2 Black Freighter, 2 Brotherhood, 2 Castille, 2 Corsairs, 2 Crimson Rogers, 2 Explorers, 2 Gosse, 2 Montaigne, 2 Sea Dogs, 2 Unaligned and 2 Vesten)
  • 23 Chantey
  • 204 Crew (20 Black Freighter, 19 Brotherhood, 15 Castille, 16 Corsairs, 17 Crimson Rogers, 19 Explorers, 19 Gosse, 21 Montaigne, 21 Sea Dogs, 22 Unaligned and 15 Vesten)
  • 5 Sea
  • 26 Ship (2 Black Freighter, 2 Brotherhood, 2 Castille, 2 Corsairs, 2 Crimson Rogers, 2 Explorers, 2 Gosse, 2 Montaigne, 2 Sea Dogs, 6 Unaligned and 2 Vesten)

Rarity BreakdownEdit

  • 109 Common
  • 294 Fixed
  • 111 Uncommon
  • 109 Rare

Card ListEdit

Title Rarity Type Affiliation
"Beat You To It!" Uncommon Action -
"Brother" Matthias Brewer Fixed Crew Sea Dogs
"Butcher" Pinchot Uncommon Crew Crimson Rogers
"Captain" Fixed Attachment -
"Fire as She Passes!" Fixed Action -
"Fire the Chase Guns!" Fixed Action -
"It's a Trap." Fixed Action -
"Lucky" Vandrad Hallvardson Common Crew Vesten
"Lyin'" John Fox Fixed Crew Sea Dogs
"Magpie" Muscov Fixed Crew Explorers
"Pack 'em In!" Fixed Attachment -
"Pincushion" Paolo Common Crew Brotherhood
"Prepare for Boarding!" Common Action -
"Ramming Speed!" Fixed Action -
"Repel Boarders!" Common Action -
"Rigger" Mortis Fixed Crew Black Freighter
"Take It Like a Man!" Fixed Action -
"Take No Prisoners!" Fixed Attachment -
"There's More Where They Came From!" Fixed Action -
"We're Doomed!" Fixed Attachment -
"Will Do You No Good!" Common Action -
"X" Almost Marks the Spot Uncommon Action -
12-Pound Cannon Volley Common Action -
16-Pound Cannon Volley Common Action -
20-Pound Cannon Volley Uncommon Action -
A Better Offer Common Action -
A Blooded Coin Fixed Attachment -
A Final Test Common Action -
A Little Broadside Help Fixed Action -
A Little Financial Help Uncommon Action -
A Little Sailing Help Uncommon Action -
A Sailor's First Skill Common Attachment -
Aaron Blackstone Rare Captain Unaligned
Across the Mirror Fixed Adventure -
Adeeb Al-Amid Common Crew Corsairs
Advanced Gunnery Rare Attachment -
Advanced Swordsmanship Rare Attachment -
Advanced Topmanship Rare Attachment -
Adventuring Galley Uncommon Attachment -
Ahmed Khalid Fixed Crew Corsairs
Aimon Riché du Purisse Common Crew Montaigne
Alec Mercer Common Crew Crimson Rogers
Aleen Van Ostrand Fixed Crew Vesten
Alister McGurk Common Crew Sea Dogs
Allende Fixed Captain Brotherhood
Almost Missed Rare Action -
Ambush Boarding Rare Action -
Amiral Alazais Valoix-Praisse III Fixed Captain Montaigne
Ancient Training Techniques Fixed Adventure -
Andre Braudel Rare Crew Gosse
Andrei Levovich Common Crew Crimson Rogers
Andres Donovich Fixed Crew Corsairs
Andrew Littlejohn Fixed Crew Sea Dogs
Angus McCloud Uncommon Crew Sea Dogs
Annie Rush Common Crew Sea Dogs
Another Betrayal Rare Action -
Antonio Aldonez Rare Crew Castille
Arisent Rare Attachment -
Armed Brig Fixed Attachment -
Armed Frigate Fixed Attachment -
Armed Sloop Fixed Attachment -
Artifact Cannon Fixed Adventure -
Asprey Fixed Attachment -
Augusto de Augustin Rare Crew Castille
Avalon Noble Fixed Adventure -
Avoid Fate Fixed Attachment -
Away Boarders! Uncommon Action -
Back Alley Rum Fixed Adventure -
Bad Weather Common Chantey -
Battle of San Felipe Common Adventure -
Becalmed Fixed Action -
Belaying Pin Common Attachment -
Belit Fixed Attachment -
Below the Waterline Fixed Action -
Benny Gimble Uncommon Crew Sea Dogs
Benoit "The Buccaneer" Racine Uncommon Crew Brotherhood
Berek Fixed Captain Sea Dogs
Berek's Pistols Fixed Attachment -
Berserker School Fixed Attachment -
Berserkers Common Crew Corsairs
Betrayal Rare Action -
Better Off Chum Fixed Action -
Between Heaven and Earth Rare Attachment -
Billy "Bilge Rat" Bones Rare Crew Unaligned
Bite the Bullet Uncommon Attachment -
Bjørnsson's Horn Rare Adventure -
Black Heart Fixed Action -
Black Heart of the Sea Fixed Attachment -
Black Siren Fixed Attachment -
Blockade Fixed Attachment -
Blocked Passages Rare Action -
Blood Enemies Uncommon Chantey -
Boatload of Jennys Fixed Adventure -
Bonnie's Knives Fixed Attachment -
Braiding the Strands Fixed Attachment -
Brawny Rowers Fixed Crew Vesten
Brenden Stafford Fixed Attachment -
Brennan Uncommon Crew Explorers
Broken Compass Inn Common Attachment -
Broken Shackles Rare Chantey -
Brutes Common Crew Unaligned
Buccaneers Fixed Crew Brotherhood
Bum Rush Rare Action -
Burn Their Sails Uncommon Action -
Caligari's Doom Common Chantey -
Caligari's Island Rare Attachment -
Cannister Shot Fixed Action -
Captain Bonnie McGee Fixed Captain Sea Dogs
Captain Cosette Fixed Captain Explorers
Captain Jorund Guttormson Fixed Captain Vesten
Captain Margaretta Orduño Fixed Captain Castille
Captain Melinda Gosse Fixed Captain Gosse
Captain Necros Fixed Captain Black Freighter
Captain Reis Fixed Captain Crimson Rogers
Captive Thugs Fixed Crew Corsairs
Cargo Hook Common Attachment -
Carlos Altenar Fixed Crew Castille
Carousing Common Action -
Castillian Merchant Ship Fixed Adventure -
Castillian Swordmaster Uncommon Adventure -
Cat O' Nine Tails Fixed Attachment -
Cathwulf Vogt Fixed Crew Montaigne
Celedoine Rare Crew Sea Dogs
Charge Uncommon Action -
Cheap Barrels Uncommon Action -
Cheap Sails Fixed Attachment -
Cleaners Rare Attachment -
Close Range Cannon Volley Common Action -
Cluttered Ship Uncommon Action -
Comte Robert Méchant Fixed Captain Black Freighter
Corazón del Castille Fixed Ship Castille
Cornelius Van Brock Fixed Crew Crimson Rogers
Courtly Manner Fixed Action -
Cross of Virtue Uncommon Attachment -
Crossing Swords Common Action -
Crossing the T Rare Action -
Crucible of Faith Uncommon Chantey -
Crystal Earring Common Attachment -
Cutthroats Fixed Crew Unaligned
Dangerous Cargo Fixed Adventure -
Daniel Fixed Crew Gosse
Dead Man's Cave Rare Adventure -
Dead Men Tell No Tales Uncommon Action -
Deck Cannons Uncommon Attachment -
Defense of the Motherland Rare Attachment -
Delaina Darling Fixed Crew Brotherhood
Delaina Darling Fixed Crew Brotherhood
Demon Eyes Fixed Attachment -
Denny La Bree Fixed Crew Brotherhood
Denny La Bree Fixed Crew Black Freighter
Der Kire Rare Captain Unaligned
Derwyddon's Schemes Uncommon Action -
Desperate Wages Uncommon Action -
Direct Hit! Fixed Action -
Divvying the Plunder Uncommon Action -
Doing Time Uncommon Adventure -
Domingo Marten de Avila Fixed Crew Castille
Dorf Klinderhoff Fixed Crew Sea Dogs
Dorf Klinderhoff Fixed Crew Sea Dogs
Dr. Carel Voorhees Uncommon Crew Explorers
Drusilla Gallegos de Aldana Common Attachment -
Dupre & Hans Fixed Crew Gosse
Dupre & Hans Fixed Crew Gosse
Edahgo Rare Crew Corsairs
Edahgo Fixed Crew Corsairs
Edouard du Chevalier Rare Crew Montaigne
Egil Bergljot Larrson Fixed Crew Vesten
Eisen Cannons Fixed Adventure -
Eisen Dreizack Rare Ship Unaligned
El Fuego Negro Fixed Ship Castille
El Toro Rojo Fixed Ship Gosse
El Vago Fixed Attachment -
Ellena Hawksflight Uncommon Crew Vesten
Enrique Orduño Fixed Captain Castille
Entertainers Fixed Crew Gosse
Ernesto Castillus Fixed Captain Corsairs
Ernesto's Power Rare Attachment -
Errant March Common Action -
Escorting the MacDuff Common Adventure -
Eternal Desire Fixed Chantey -
Experience Has Its Rewards Rare Action -
Extra Watch Fixed Action -
Eye of the Storm Fixed Adventure -
Eyepatch Fixed Action -
Faerie Path Fixed Adventure -
False Colors Fixed Action -
Fancy Dans Common Crew Unaligned
Fancy Swordplay Common Action -
Fateful Block Rare Action -
Fate's Binding Rare Attachment -
Fate's Blessing Rare Attachment -
Fear and Fire Uncommon Attachment -
Feeny Bonegnawer Uncommon Crew Black Freighter
Felipe Jose de Granjero Fixed Crew Castille
Fierbas Desaix du Paix Uncommon Crew Montaigne
Figaro "Lightbringer" Falisci Uncommon Crew Unaligned
Fine Boots Common Attachment -
Fine Galley Fixed Attachment -
Fine Rigging Fixed Adventure -
Fine Rope and Tackle Fixed Adventure -
Fire and Steel Uncommon Action -
Fire Ships Uncommon Action -
Flashing Swords Inn Common Attachment -
Flogging Fixed Action -
Forbidden Sea Fixed Sea -
Fortunado Uncommon Crew Sea Dogs
Foul Weather Jack's Map, Part I Rare Adventure -
Foul Weather Jack's Map, Part II Rare Adventure -
Foul Weather Jack's Map, Part III Rare Adventure -
Foul Weather Jack's Map, Part IV Rare Adventure -
François Gaulle dul Motte Common Crew Montaigne
Franzini's Lost Notebooks Fixed Adventure -
Freedom's Key Fixed Ship Corsairs
Fresh Powder Fixed Adventure -
Frieda Kesler Uncommon Crew Montaigne
From the Depths Rare Adventure -
Frothing Sea Fixed Sea -
Galafré Flaubert du Doré Uncommon Crew Montaigne
Galleon of the Treasure Fleet Common Attachment -
Galley Captives Fixed Crew Corsairs
Gaspar Rare Crew Gosse
Gaspar Fixed Crew Gosse
Gearalt Gilbertine Rare Crew Gosse
Geno Fixed Crew Brotherhood
Gerard Rois et Reines Rare Crew Montaigne
Gilles Allaix du Crieux Fixed Crew Montaigne
Gillian the Razor Fixed Crew Brotherhood
Gold Coins Fixed Adventure -
Gold Earring Common Attachment -
Gold Only Buys Obedience Common Action -
Good King Sandoval Fixed Attachment -
Good Use of Space Fixed Attachment -
Gosse's Rapier Fixed Attachment -
Grappling Cannon Fixed Attachment -
Grappling Gun Rare Attachment -
Grendel Thorton Fixed Crew Brotherhood
Grenouille du Grâce Fixed Ship Montaigne
Gris Hallisdottir Rare Crew Vesten
Guilders Say More Than Words Common Chantey -
Guns Blazing Fixed Action -
Gus Heimfather Uncommon Crew Explorers
Gustolph Hirsch Uncommon Crew Corsairs
Guy McCormick Fixed Captain Explorers
Gwendolyn Buckminster Common Crew Sea Dogs
Hammocks Rare Attachment -
Harpoon Common Attachment -
Haunted by the Past Uncommon Action -
Hauptmann von Lichen Common Crew Unaligned
Headhunters Common Action -
Hector Beauchamp du Charouse Fixed Crew Corsairs
Henderson Rare Crew Gosse
Henderson Fixed Crew Gosse
Here There Be Monsters Common Attachment -
Hernando Ochoa Common Crew Gosse
He's Mine Common Action -
Hidden Powder Stash Uncommon Attachment -
Hiding in the Reefs Fixed Action -
High Seas Cannoning Common Attachment -
Hired Swordsman Uncommon Action -
Holy Vision Fixed Action -
Hostile Harbor Fixed Attachment -
Ian O'Toole Fixed Crew Vesten
Imprisonment in El Morro Common Chantey -
Inil Fixed Crew Corsairs
Inquisitor Carlino Uncommon Crew Castille
Into the Fog Fixed Action -
Isabeau Dubois du Arrent Fixed Crew Montaigne
Jack Tars Fixed Crew Sea Dogs
Jack-of-All-Trades Uncommon Attachment -
Jacob Faust Fixed Crew Explorers
Jacques and the Kire Uncommon Chantey -
Jacques Renault Rare Crew Unaligned
Jaimé Espejo Uncommon Crew Castille
Jason the Troubadour Uncommon Crew Gosse
Jelena Fixed Crew Explorers
Jemy Common Crew Crimson Rogers
Jenny House Common Attachment -
Jensson Cloudmaster Rare Crew Vesten
Jeremiah Berek Fixed Captain Brotherhood
Jibril Al-Khadeem Common Crew Corsairs
Jillison Brown Fixed Crew Brotherhood
Jimmy Bass Rare Crew Sea Dogs
Joern Keitelsson Rare Crew Crimson Rogers
Johnny Terwilliger Common Crew Unaligned
Joseph Gallegos de Avila Fixed Crew Castille
Josette Quadros Common Crew Castille
Juliet Jones Common Crew Unaligned
Julius Caligari Fixed Crew Crimson Rogers
Julius Caligari Fixed Crew Crimson Rogers
Kerry Delancy Common Crew Montaigne
Ketty Tappan Common Crew Vesten
Kheired-Din Fixed Captain Corsairs
Kheired-Din's Scimitar Fixed Attachment -
Kheired-Din's Secret Fixed Attachment -
Kirstov Throat-Mangler Uncommon Crew Corsairs
Kiss of Death Fixed Action -
Kitka Moritova Common Crew Gosse
Know Your Opponent Uncommon Action -
Kodiak Bear Fixed Attachment -
Korintine Nicolovich Rare Crew Explorers
Kurt Weinberg Fixed Crew Sea Dogs
La Boca Fixed Sea -
Lady Katerina Common Adventure -
Land Lubber Uncommon Action -
Last Ditch Cannon Attack Rare Action -
Last Second Escape! Fixed Action -
Le Prédateur des Mers Fixed Ship Montaigne
Learning the Controls Uncommon Adventure -
Leegstra School Fixed Attachment -
Lemons Fixed Action -
Lice Uncommon Action -
Life Raft Common Action -
Li'l Jim Fixed Crew Unaligned
Line and Winch Fixed Action -
Log of the Black Freighter Fixed Action -
Long Hand Uncommon Attachment -
Look The Devil in the Eye Rare Action -
Lord Windamshire Fixed Crew Explorers
Louis Sices du Sices Fixed Crew Montaigne
Lowly Captives Common Crew Corsairs
Loyal Castillian Rare Attachment -
Loyal Port Rare Attachment -
Lt. Juan Rodriguez de Soldano Common Crew Brotherhood
Lucrezia Fixed Crew Unaligned
Lucrezia Rare Crew Brotherhood
Lucrezia's Prophecy Fixed Adventure -
Lyin' John Flees Uncommon Chansey -
Mabela Fixed Crew Gosse
Maggie Malone Rare Crew Explorers
Maggie Malone Common Crew Explorers
Main Gauche Common Attachment -
Major Hull Damage Rare Action -
Manuel Dejavez Uncommon Crew Castille
Marcel Entour Fixed Crew Montaigne
Maria Forlani Uncommon Crew Gosse
Marianna the Cleaner Fixed Crew Crimson Rogers
Mark of the Grumfather Fixed Adventure -
Marketeers Common Crew Unaligned
Master Allen Trel Rare Crew Vesten
Master Gunner Common Attachment -
Master of the Tops Common Attachment -
Maureen Leveque Uncommon Crew Montaigne
McCormick's Compass Fixed Attachment -
Merchant Ship Fixed Attachment -
Mermaids Common Action -
Message From the Grave Fixed Chantey -
Michel Rois et Reines Fixed Crew Montaigne
Mind Your P's and Q's Uncommon Action -
Minor Hull Damage Fixed Action -
Mohdest Mercanto Uncommon Crew Sea Dogs
Moldy Morris Fixed Crew Black Freighter
Monkey's Fist Uncommon Action -
Montaigne Marines Fixed Crew Montaigne
Montaigne Ship of the Line Rare Attachment -
Montaigne Valet Common Attachment -
Morgause Mercuri Common Crew Unaligned
Much Needed Repairs Rare Action -
Mumblety Peg Rare Crew Explorers
Musket Fixed Attachment -
Musketeers Common Attachment -
Nasty Bit o' Luck Fixed Action -
Natalia Ivanova Fixed Crew Crimson Rogers
Native Waters Rare Attachment -
Naughty Dan Uncommon Crew Brotherhood
Navigational Tools Common Adventure -
Necros' Sword Fixed Attachment -
Needle Nose Nye Fixed Crew Sea Dogs
No Fun to be a Captive Fixed Action -
No Space for Luxuries Uncommon Action -
Noah the Tidy King Rare Crew Brotherhood
Nød (Intensity) Fixed Attachment -
Nodar the Falcon Fixed Crew Explorers
No-Leg William Uncommon Crew Black Freighter
Only Two Came Out Fixed Attachment -
Orduño's Cutlass Fixed Attachment -
Orm Greybeard Fixed Crew Vesten
Overstocked Common Attachment -
Owl Fixed Attachment -
Packed Gunpowder Common Chantey -
Padre Alfonso Fixed Crew Castille
Padre Esteban Fixed Crew Castille
Passionate Duel (IS) Fixed Adventure -
Pepin Rare Crew Montaigne
Percis d'Cassell Fixed Crew Montaigne
Persuasion Fixed Attachment -
Pete "Gang" Greene Fixed Crew Black Freighter
Peter Silver Fixed Crew Gosse
Petro Angelina Fixed Crew Corsairs
Pertruccio Garibaldi Uncommon Crew Explorers
Phantom Topman Rare Attachment -
Phelan Cole Rare Crew Sea Dogs
Phelan Cole Fixed Crew Sea Dogs
Philip Gosse Fixed Captain Gosse
Phineas Flynn Fixed Crew Unaligned
Piles of Skulls Uncommon Action -
Piotr the Badger Common Crew Explorers
Pistol Fixed Attachment -
Pistol Hand Common Action -
Pitching Deck Common Chantey -
Pocket Money Fixed Attachment -
Poor Jack Fixed Action -
Posh Quarters Rare Attachment -
Powder Keg Tavern Uncommon Attachment -
Prayer Fixed Action -
Press Gang Common Action -
Purple Heaves Rare Action -
Queen of the Sea Uncommon Action -
Ramford Riddick Uncommon Crew Crimson Rogers
Reaper's Grip Rare Attachment -
Reclusive Backers Common Attachment -
Red Common Attachment -
Red Fox Fixed Attachment -
Red Thorfild Fixed Crew Vesten
Reinheart the Ripper Fixed Crew Black Freighter
Reis Fixed Captain Crimson Rogers
Reis' Scythe Fixed Attachment -
Reporting Drunk Common Action -
Respect of your Men Rare Attachment -
Responsive Helm Rare Attachment -
Retribution Common Action -
Reynaldo Pasado Fixed Crew Crimson Rogers
Riant Gaucher Rare Crew Crimson Rogers
Riggers Common Crew Unaligned
Riposte Fixed Action -
Rita del Zepeda Fixed Crew Castille
Romantic Captive Uncommon Attachment -
Rosa Maria de Barcino Fixed Crew Castille
Rosamonde du Montaigne Fixed Crew Montaigne
Rose & Cross Apprentice Common Adventure -
Ruby Earring Common Attachment -
Rum Runners Common Attachment -
Sabotaged Sails Fixed Action -
Safe Path Fixed Attachment -
Sailing Under the Jolly Roger Fixed Action -
Samuel Sanderson Fixed Crew Explorers
Samuel Smitts Fixed Crew Crimson Rogers
Samuel Smitts Fixed Crew Crimson Rogers
Santos de los Puentes Uncommon Crew Castille
Save the Princess Fixed Adventure -
Scarlet Gem of Death Fixed Adventure -
Scary Tattoo Common Attachment -
Scurvy Common Action -
Scurvy Dogs Fixed Crew Unaligned
Sean McCorley Fixed Crew Brotherhood
Secret of the Winds Rare Attachment -
Seizing La Boca Rare Adventure -
Seizing the Forbidden Sea Rare Adventure -
Seizing the Frothing Sea Rare Adventure -
Seizing the Mirror Rare Adventure -
Seizing the Trade Sea Rare Adventure -
Señor Ladrón Fixed Attachment -
Sergeant Benitez Uncommon Crew Black Freighter
Sergei Nyasvy Uncommon Crew Gosse
Set Adrift Rare Action -
Seven League Striders Fixed Attachment -
Shellbacks Common Crew Unaligned
Show of Force Common Attachment -
Sidhe Sails Fixed Adventure -
Sidney Fixed Crew Unaligned
Silver Earring Common Attachment -
Sinking of the Swan Fixed Adventure -
Skeletal Brutes Fixed Crew Black Freighter
Skeletal Cannon Crew Fixed Crew Black Freighter
Skeletal Dans Fixe Crew Black Freighter
Skeletal Saboteurs Fixed Crew Black Freighter
Skeletal Sail Crew Fixed Crew Black Freighter
Skull Shot Common Action -
Small Fortress Fixed Attachment -
Snarling Face Rare Attachment -
Snow Leopard Fixed Attachment -
Soldano Swordsman School Uncommon Attachment -
Solomon Sails Uncommon Crew Unaligned
Southern Trade Winds Uncommon Action -
Speak Softly... Uncommon Attachment -
Special Gift Fixed Attachment -
Spectral Aura Fixed Attachment -
Speedy Courier Fixed Attachment -
St. Roger's Day Common Action -
Stand Together Common Action -
Stans (Calm) Uncommon Attachment -
Steal Their Wind Fixed Action -
Steel Earring Common Attachment -
Stench Fixed Crew Black Freighter
Sterk (Wholeness) Uncommon Attachment -
Stirring Speech Rare Action -
Stolen Guns Uncommon Adventure -
Strange Skies Fixed Ship Corsairs
Strength of Destiny Common Adventure -
Styrke (Strength) Fixed Attachment -
Surprise Rescue Fixed Chantey -
Svein Hegge Hjermstad Uncommon Crew Vesten
Swivel Gun Fixed Attachment -
Swiveling Cannon Fixed Attachment -
Syrneth Barometer Rare Adventure -
Syrneth Guardians Uncommon Action -
Syrneth Powder Fixed Adventure -
Syrneth Ship Rare Ship Unaligned
Syrneth Tiller Fixed Adventure -
Taking El Toro Rojo Uncommon Adventure -
Taking from the Rich Common Chantey -
Tar, Tar, and More Tar Uncommon Action -
Tarsis the Mad Rare Crew Corsairs
Ten Barrels Bob Fixed Crew Explorers
The Battle of San Christobal Uncommon Adventure -
The Better Part of Valor Common Action -
The Black Dawn Fixed Ship Sea Dogs
The Black Freighter Fixed Ship Black Freighter
The Bloat Common Crew Black Freighter
The Burning of the Capital Rare Attachment -
The Coming Tempest Common Chantey -
The Crimson Roger Fixed Ship Crimson Rogers
The Discovery Fixed Ship Explorers
The Dolphin Rare Ship Unaligned
The Falcon's Roost Fixed Ship Brotherhood
The Figurehead Released Rare Action -
The Finest Cannons... Fixed Adventure -
The Firebird Rare Adventure -
The Freighter Fixed Ship Black Freighter
The Fury of the Rogers Common Action -
The Gateway Rare Attachment -
The General Fixed Captain Montaigne
The General's Armor Fixed Adventure -
The General's Fist Fixed Attachment -
The General's Plan Uncommon Action -
The General's Tactics Fixed Action -
The Guilding Gem of Hierro Fixed Attachment -
The Hanged Man Fixed Ship Brotherhood
The Hurricane Fixed Ship Sea Dogs
The Inquisition Uncommon Attachment -
The Island's Heart Rare Action -
The Last Shot Rare Adventure -
The Leviathan Rare Ship Unaligned
The Lost Swordsman Knack Rare Adventure -
The Massacre Rare Ship Unaligned
The Mirror Fixed Sea -
The Navigator Uncommon Crew Black Freighter
The Next Chapter Common Action -
The Nibelungen's Price Uncommon Action -
The Ocean's Teeth Rare Adventure -
The Porté Escape Fixed Adventure -
The Price of Impatience Uncommon Action -
The Rage of the Vesten Fixed Chantey -
The Raven Rare Crew Unaligned
The Redeemer Fixed Ship Explorers
The Revensj Fixed Ship Vesten
The Sacrifice Uncommon Action -
The Sailor's Curse Uncommon Action -
The Scarlet Roger Fixed Ship Crimson Rogers
The Sea Lion Fixed Ship Vesten
The Setine Key Fixed Attachment -
The Siren's Jaw Fixed Adventure -
The Sole Presence Rare Action -
The Sorcerer's Duty Rare Attachment -
The Trail of Dead Fixed Chantey -
The Value of the Hunt Uncommon Chantey -
The Vision Spreads Fixed Chantey -
The Wayward Soldier Rare Ship Unaligned
The Wellspring Uncommon Action -
Théah Eats the Weak Common Action -
Their Captain's Will Fixed Adventure -
Thom Brunner Fixed Crew Brotherhood
Thordis Bjerregaard Uncommon Crew Vesten
Throwing Knives Fixed Attachment -
Tiger Claws Uncommon Attachment -
Timothy le Beau Fixed Crew Montaigne
To the Last Man Uncommon Chantey -
Top Dog Uncommon Action -
Torvo Espada Rare Crew Gosse
Trade Sea Fixed Sea -
Treasure Hold Fixed Attachment -
Trickster's Grin Fixed Attachment -
Trinkets and Baubles Fixed Adventure -
True Faith Uncommon Adventure -
Two Hands Are Better Than One Rare Attachment -
Ulf Karlssen Rare Crew Explorers
Ulfgar Jor Brønsen Common Crew Explorers
Ulfied Jansson Common Crew Sea Dogs
Ulrich the Unholy Fixed Crew Black Freighter
Uncharted Course Fixed Ship Gosse
Undead Adventurers Common Crew Black Freighter
Undead Boarders Fixed Crew Black Freighter
Unreliable Uncommon Action -
Up and Ready Common Action -
Valor's Cove Common Adventure -
Velda Conklin Fixed Crew Explorers
Velik Fixed Crew Brotherhood
Vendel Smugglers Fixed Attachment -
Vendel Sorcery Fixed Chantey -
Vengeful Serpent Uncommon Attachment -
Very Minor Damage Uncommon Action -
Vestenmannavnjar Funeral Fixed Action -
Victor of Luthon Rare Crew Black Freighter
Villskap (Fury) Fixed Attachment -
Vincenzo Caligari Fixed Attachment -
Vincenzo de Tonelli Uncommon Crew Crimson Rogers
Vivianna Étalon du Toille Fixed Crew Montaigne
Vodacce Valuables Fixed Adventure -
Vodanken Uncommon Action -
Volta Rare Crew Crimson Rogers
Ward of the Albatross Rare Attachment -
We Needs Us an Ussuran Gunner Fixed Adventure -
Well-Equipped Sick Bay Fixed Attachment -
Wenching Fixed Action -
Whalers Fixed Crew Unaligned
Whatever the Cost Rare Action -
Who Can You Trust? Uncommon Action -
Wild Party! Uncommon Action -
William Fodd Uncommon Crew Brotherhood
William Highport Uncommon Crew Gosse
William Toss Fixed Crew Sea Dogs
Willie Wilcox Rare Crew Brotherhood
Willowed Bones Fixed Attachment -
Winds of Fate Fixed Adventure -
Would-Be Adventurers Uncommon Action -
Would-Be Gunners Uncommon Action -
Would-Be Traders Common Action -
Wreckers Rare Adventure -
Yngvild Olafsdottir Fixed Captain Vesten
Yngvild's Axe Fixed Attachment -
Yngvild's Plan Fixed Chantey -
Your Word is Your Bond Rare Action -
Yr Hägin Brønsson Fixed Crew Vesten
Zoya the Serpent Uncommon Crew Unaligned

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