Kings of the Storm
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Game/Set: A Game of Thrones CCG


Kings of the Storm


Fantasy Flight Games







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Kings of the Storm is the 36th expansion of A Game of Thrones TCG. It is printed by Fantasy Flight Games in 2010 and consists of 165 cards. Each unique card has three copies in this set. It focusses mainly on the House Baratheon.

Type BreakdownEdit

  • 1 Agenda (Neutral)
  • 4 Attachments (3 Baratheon and 1 Neutral)
  • 23 Character (20 Baratheon and 3 Neutral)
  • 8 Events (all Neutral)
  • 12 Locations (9 Baratheon, 3 Neutral and 1 Stark)
  • 7 Plots (all Neutral)

Note: There are different cards with 2 Houses, called Multiple-House cards, the totals are thus higher than the amount of a card type.

Rarity BreakdownEdit

  • 55 Fixed

Card ListEdit

1 Robert Baratheon Fixed Character Baratheon
2 Renly Baratheon Fixed Character Baratheon
3 Stannis Baratheon Fixed Character Baratheon
4 Ser Emmen Cuy Fixed Character Baratheon
5 Ser Guyard Morrigen Fixed Character Baratheon
6 Ser Parman Crane Fixed Character Baratheon
7 Salladhor Saan Fixed Character Baratheon
8 Ser Cortnay Penrose Fixed Character Baratheon
9 Maester Pylos Fixed Character Baratheon
10 Marya Seaworth Fixed Character Baratheon
11 Veteran Knight Fixed Character Baratheon
12 Sister of Truth Fixed Character Baratheon
13 Bearer of the Light Fixed Character Baratheon
14 Asshai Initiate Fixed Character Baratheon
15 Knights of the Storm Fixed Character Baratheon
16 Stannis's Cavalry Fixed Character Baratheon
17 Lost Captain Fixed Character Baratheon
18 Vanguard Lancer Fixed Character Baratheon
19 Bastard in Hiding Fixed Character Baratheon
20 Herald of Storm's End Fixed Character Baratheon
21 Ruby of R'hllor Fixed Attachment Baratheon
22 Accepted Destiny Fixed Attachment Baratheon
23 Crown of Azor Ahai Fixed Attachment Baratheon
24 The Stormlands Fixed Location Baratheon
25 Salla's Escort Ship Fixed Location Baratheon
26 King Robert's Chambers Fixed Location Baratheon
27 Great Hall Fixed Location Baratheon
28 Stormlands Fiefdoms Fixed Location Baratheon
29 Narrow Sea Fixed Location Baratheon/Stark
30 Pyre of the False Gods Fixed Location Baratheon
31 Smuggler's Cove Fixed Location Baratheon
32 Storm's End Fixed Location Baratheon
33 Obey the King Fixed Event Neutral
34 Heart of the Stag Fixed Event Neutral
35 Bound by Blood Fixed Event Neutral
36 Direct Assault Fixed Event Neutral
37 Dark Prophecy Fixed Event Neutral
38 See who is Stronger Fixed Event Neutral
39 Knights of the Realm Fixed Agenda Neutral
40 Hedge Knight Fixed Character Neutral
41 Ser Preston Greenfield Fixed Character Neutral
42 Fanatical Follower Fixed Character Neutral
43 Knighted Fixed Attachment Neutral
44 The Roseroad Fixed Location Neutral
45 The Searoad Fixed Location Neutral
46 King's Pavillion Fixed Location Neutral
47 Superior Claim Fixed Event Neutral
48 Narrow Escape Fixed Event Neutral
49 The King's Law Fixed Plot Neutral
50 Forgotten Plans Fixed Plot Neutral
51 The Power of Faith Fixed Plot Neutral
52 Assault on King's Landing Fixed Plot Neutral
53 Regroup Fixed Plot Neutral
54 Feast or Famine Fixed Plot Neutral
55 Lineage and Legacy Fixed Plot Neutral

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