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Game/Set: Age of Empires II


Limited Edition


Journeyman Press







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Limited Edition is the base set for Age of Empires II ECG. It is printed by Journeyman Press in 2000 and consists of 273 cards.

Type BreakdownEdit

  • 4 Ages
  • 65 Buildings
  • 97 Events
  • 5 Relics
  • 31 Technologies
  • 31 Units
  • 40 Upgrades

Rarity BreakdownEdit

  • 100 Commons
  • 4 Fixed
  • 78 Uncommons
  • 85 Rares
  • 8 Promos

Card ListEdit

Title Rarity Type Civilization
A Branch from the Bo Tree Uncommon Relic -
Abandoned Mine Common Event -
Alchemist Common Event -
Arbalest Uncommon Upgrade -
Arbalest Rare Upgrade Briton
Archer Common Unit -
Archery Range Common Building Arab
Archery Range Common Building European
Archery Range Common Building Far East
Archery Range Common Building Raider
Avalanche Rare Event -
Bad Omen Common Event -
Bandits Uncommon Event -
Banking Common Event -
Barracks Common Building Arab
Barracks Common Building European
Barracks Common Building Far East
Barracks Common Building Raider
Barracks Raid Rare Event -
Barrel of Grog Rare Event -
Battering Ram Common Unit -
Battering Ram Uncommon Unit Celt
Berries Common Event -
Blacksmith Uncommon Building Arab
Blacksmith Uncommon Building European
Blacksmith Uncommon Building Far East
Blacksmith Uncommon Building Raider
Blast Furnace Rare Technology -
Boar Common Event -
Bodkin Arrow Uncommon Technology -
Bone Shaft Arrows Promo Event Mongol
Bow Saw Uncommon Technology -
Bracer Rare Technology -
Brushfire Rare Event -
Camel Common Unit -
Capped Ram Uncommon Upgrade Celt
Capped Ram Uncommon Upgrade -
Cartography Common Technology -
Castle Common Building Arab
Castle Common Building European
Castle Common Building Far East
Castle Common Building Raider
Castle Age Fixed Age -
Cavalier Uncommon Upgrade -
Cavalier Rare Upgrade Persian
Cavalry Archer Uncommon Unit Mongol
Cavalry Archer Uncommon Unit -
Celtic Battle Cry Promo Event Celt
Chain Barding Armor Uncommon Technology -
Chain Mail Armor Uncommon Technology -
Champion Uncommon Upgrade Celt
Champion Rare Upgrade Goth
Champion Rare Upgrade -
Charlamagne's Palace at Aix la'Chapelle Rare Building Briton
Charlamagne's Palace at Aix la'Chapelle Rare Building Briton
Coinage Common Event -
Conscription Uncommon Event -
Crop Rotation Rare Technology -
Crossbowman Uncommon Upgrade -
Dark Age Fixed Age -
Decoy Uncommon Event -
Deus Ex Machina Rare Event -
Double-Bit Axe Common Technology -
Drought Common Event -
Elite Huskarl Rare Upgrade Goth
Elite Longbowman Rare Upgrade Briton
Elite Mangudai Rare Upgrade Mongol
Elite Skirmisher Uncommon Upgrade -
Elite War Elephant Rare Upgrade Persian
Elite Woad Raider Rare Upgrade Celt
Emperor's Decree Rare Event Mongol
Epidemic Rare Event -
Exposed Gold Deposit Common Event -
Fallen Tree Common Event -
Farm Common Building -
Festival Day Rare Event -
Feudal Age Fixed Age -
Fire Brigade Common Event -
Flaming Arrows Common Event -
Fletching Common Technology -
Flood Promo Event -
Followers of Tielle Rare Event -
Foreign Scholar Rare Event -
Forest Fire Uncommon Event -
Forget the Past Rare Event -
Forging Common Technology -
Fortified Wall Rare Upgrade -
Fortune Ravors the Foolish Uncommon Event -
Fresh Bow String Uncommon Event Briton
Gate Rare Building -
Gathering Point Common Event -
Gold Mine Common Building -
Gold Mining Common Technology -
Gold Nugget Common Event -
Gold Shaft Mining Uncommon Technology -
Golden Gonjir Uncommon Relic -
Good Wind Common Event -
Guilds Uncommon Technology -
Hand Cart Common Technology -
Heavy Camel Rare Upgrade -
Heavy Cavalry Archer Rare Upgrade Mongol
Heavy Cavalry Archer Rare Upgrade -
Heavy Plow Uncommon Technology -
Heavy Scorpion Uncommon Upgrade Celt
Heavy Scorpion Rare Upgrade -
Heavy Tree Cover Common Event -
High Ground Uncommon Event -
Hoardings Common Technology -
Holy War Common Event -
Horse Collar Common Technology -
House Common Building Arab
House Common Building European
House Common Building Far East
House Common Building Raider
Husbandry Common Event -
Huskarl Rare Unit Goth
Huskarl Rare Unit Goth
Imperial Age Fixed Age -
Intimidation Uncommon Event Persian
Iron Casting Uncommon Technology -
It's A Clever Fake! Uncommon Event -
Keeper of the Books Rare Event -
Knight Uncommon Unit Persian
Knight Rare Unit -
Knowledge Has a Price Common Event -
Learn From Your Mistakes Rare Event -
Leather Archer Armor Uncommon Technology -
Light Cavalry Common Upgrade Mongol
Light Cavalry Uncommon Upgrade -
Listen To a Story Uncommon Event -
Long Swordsman Common Upgrade Celt
Long Swordsman Common Upgrade Goth
Long Swordsman Uncommon Upgrade -
Longbowman Rare Unit Briton
Longbowman Rare Unit Briton
Look To the Future Rare Event -
Loom Common Technology -
Lumber Camp Common Building -
Man-At-Arms Common Upgrade Celt
Man-At-Arms Common Upgrade Goth
Man-At-Arms Uncommon Upgrade -
Mangonel Common Unit Celt
Mangonel Uncommon Unit -
Mangudai Rare Unit Mongol
Mangudai Rare Unit Mongol
Market Uncommon Building Arab
Market Uncommon Building European
Market Uncommon Building Far East
Market Uncommon Building Raider
Mercenaries Uncommon Event -
Militia Common Unit Celt
Militia Common Unit Goth
Militia Uncommon Unit -
Mill Common Building Arab
Mill Common Building European
Mill Common Building Far East
Mill Common Building Raider
Mine Raid Rare Event -
Monastery Rare Building Arab
Monastery Rare Building European
Monastery Rare Building Far East
Monastery Rare Building Raider
Mud Slide Rare Event -
Muddy Battlefield Uncommon Event -
Mystigogy Promo Event Persian
Night Attack Rare Event -
Onager Uncommon Upgrade Celt
Onager Uncommon Upgrade -
Outpost Rare Building -
Padded Archer Armor Common Technology -
Paladin Rare Upgrade Persian
Paladin Rare Upgrade -
Palisade Wall Common Building -
Pikeman Common Upgrade Celt
Pikeman Uncommon Upgrade Goth
Pikeman Uncommon Upgrade -
Plate Barding Armor Rare Technology -
Plate Mail Armor Rare Technology -
Poisoning the Well Rare Event -
Poor Morale Common Event -
Population Explosion Uncommon Event Goth
Putting Up the Walls Common Event -
Quarry Common Event -
Rally the Workers Promo Event -
Recruiting Rare Event -
Relentless Attack Uncommon Event -
Revelation Uncommon Event -
Ring Archer Armor Rare Technology -
Robbed by Robin Rare Event Briton
Rock Collection Common Event -
Rock of Cashel Rare Building Celt
Rock of Cashel Rare Building Celt
Sandstorm Rare Event -
Sappers Common Event -
Scale Barding Armor Common Technology -
Scale Mail Armor Common Technology -
Scorch the Land Uncommon Event Mongol
Scorpion Common Unit Celt
Scorpion Uncommon Unit -
Scout Cavalry Common Unit -
Seal of Muhammed Uncommon Relic -
Sheep Common Event -
Shots in the Back Promo Event Briton
Siege Onager Rare Upgrade Celt
Siege Onager Rare Upgrade -
Siege Ram Rare Upgrade Celt
Siege Ram Rare Upgrade -
Siege Sabotage Common Event -
Siege Workshop Uncommon Building Arab
Siege Workshop Uncommon Building European
Siege Workshop Uncommon Building Far East
Siege Workshop Uncommon Building Raider
Skirmisher Common Unit -
Slave Trade Uncommon Event Persian
Slow Research Common Event -
Sometimes Less Is Better Promo Event -
Spearman Common Unit Celt
Spearman Common Unit Goth
Spearman Common Unit -
Spies Common Event -
Spirits of the Ancestors Promo Event -
Squires Common Event -
Stable Uncommon Building Arab
Stable Uncommon Building European
Stable Uncommon Building Far East
Stable Uncommon Building Raider
Stand of Trees Common Event -
Stealth Attack Rare Event -
Stone Mine Common Building -
Stone Mining Common Technology -
Stone Shaft Mining Uncommon Technology -
Stone Wall Common Building -
Strategist Enlisted Common Event -
Surprise Skirmish Common Event -
The Cross of Cong Uncommon Relic -
The Final Strike Rare Event -
The Golden Tent of the Great Khan Rare Building Mongol
The Golden Tent of the Great Khan Rare Building Mongol
The Holy Grail Uncommon Relic -
The Jester Is Dead, Let's Get 'em! Uncommon Event Celt
The King is Dead, Long Live the King Rare Event -
The Palace of Ctesiphon on the Tigris Rare Building Persian
The Palace of Ctesiphon on the Tigris Rare Building Persian
They Came Out of Nowhere Uncommon Event -
Threw a Shoe Common Event -
Tomb of Theodoric Rare Building Goth
Tomb of Theodoric Rare Building Goth
Town Bell Common Event -
Town Center Common Building Arab
Town Center Uncommon Building Persian
Town Center Common Building European
Town Center Common Building Far East
Town Center Uncommon Building Briton
Town Center Common Building Raider
Town Patrol Uncommon Event -
Town Watch Common Event -
Tracking Uncommon Event -
Trade Cart Common Event -
Treaty from Abroad Uncommon Event -
Trebuchet Rare Unit -
Two-Handed Swordsman Uncommon Upgrade Celt
Two-Handed Swordsman Rare Upgrade Goth
Two-Handed Swordsman Rare Upgrade -
Two-Man Saw Rare Technology -
Typhoid Common Event -
Urgent Need Rare Event -
War Elephant Rare Unit Persian
War Elephant Rare Unit Persian
Watch Tower Rare Building -
Wheelbarrow Common Technology -
Woad Raider Rare Unit Celt
Woad Raider Rare Unit Celt
You Are Being Attacked by Wild Animals Common Event -
Your Hunters Are Waylaid Common Event -
Your Tracks Betray You Uncommon Event -
Your Will Is Not Strong Enough Rare Event -
Zealous Monks Rare Event -

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