Lords of Winter
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Game/Set: A Game of Thrones CCG


Lords of Winter


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Lords of Winter is the 23rd expansion of A Game of Thrones LCG. It is printed by Fantasy Flight Games in 2010 and consists of 165 cards. Each card has 3 copies in this set. It focusses mainly on House Stark.

Type BreakdownEdit

  • 2 Agendas (both Neutral)
  • 5 Attachments (1 Neutral and 4 Stark)
  • 21 Characters (3 Neutral and 18 Stark)
  • 8 Events (all Neutral)
  • 12 Locations (1 Baratheon, 2 Neutral and 10 Stark)
  • 7 Plots (6 Neutral and 1 Stark)

Note: There are different cards with 2 Houses, called Multiple-House cards, the totals are thus higher than the amount of a card type.

Rarity BreakdownEdit

  • 55 Fixed

Card ListEdit

1 Crown of Winter Fixed Attachment Stark
2 Grey Wind Fixed Attachment Stark
3 Shaggydog Fixed Attachment Stark
4 Frozen Solid Fixed Attachment Stark
5 Jojen Reed Fixed Character Stark
6 Eddard Stark Fixed Character Stark
7 Catelyn Stark Fixed Character Stark
8 Robb Stark Fixed Character Stark
9 Summer Fixed Character Stark
10 Bran Stark Fixed Character Stark
11 Deepwood Mercenary Fixed Character Stark
12 House Tully Septon Fixed Character Stark
13 Riverrun Messenger Fixed Character Stark
14 Wolf Pack Fixed Character Stark
15 Host of the Bear Fixed Character Stark
16 King Robb's Companions Fixed Character Stark
17 Knight of the Red Fork Fixed Character Stark
18 Guard at Riverrun Fixed Character Stark
19 Edmure's Host Fixed Character Stark
20 Ser Edmure Tully Fixed Character Stark
21 Hoster Tully Fixed Character Stark
22 The Blackfish Fixed Character Stark
23 Winterfell Fixed Location Stark
24 Riverrun Fixed Location Stark
25 Mole Town Brothel Fixed Location Stark
26 Frozen Outpost Fixed Location Stark
27 Wolfswood Fixed Location Stark
28 Lord Eddard's Chambers Fixed Location Stark
29 Godswood Fixed Location Stark
30 Great Keep Fixed Location Stark
31 Northern Fiefdoms Fixed Location Stark
32 Narrow Sea Fixed Location Stark/Baratheon
33 Routing the Charge Fixed Event Neutral
34 They Shall Not Cross Fixed Event Neutral
35 Wolf Dreams Fixed Event Neutral
36 Fear Cuts Deeper Than Swords Fixed Event Neutral
37 Endless Endurance Fixed Event Neutral
38 At Night They Howl Fixed Event Neutral
39 Treaty with the North Fixed Agenda Neutral
40 Qhorin Halfhand Fixed Character Neutral
41 Mance's Men Fixed Character Neutral
42 Rorge Fixed Character Neutral
43 Bowl of Brown Fixed Attachment Neutral
44 Training Grounds Fixed Location Neutral
45 Street of Steel Fixed Location Neutral
46 Nightmares Fixed Event Neutral
47 Die by the Sword Fixed Event Neutral
48 The Siege of Winterfell Fixed Agenda Neutral
49 Marched to the Wall Fixed Plot Neutral
50 Fortified Position Fixed Plot Neutral
51 Calm Before the Storm Fixed Plot Neutral
52 Take Them by Surprise Fixed Plot Neutral
53 Storm of Swords Fixed Plot Neutral
54 Family, Duty, Honor Fixed Plot Neutral
55 Respect of the Old Gods Fixed Plot Stark

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