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Welcome to the Card Guide Wiki!Edit

The Cardguide Wiki is an free, public, informative and collaborative encyclopedia about playing cards, card games and trading cards from all over the world.

We strive to list every card ever made in this database and add an image of it. We are devoted for providing the most accurate information, if you see an inaccuracy, or have cards that are not listed here, feel free to add the correct info or report it to an to founder Vuurvosje. We also list variants, autographs, misprints, proofprints, filler cards and every playing card pack there is. We need your help to complete this database!

Help is always greatly appreciated! If you don't know were to start, pick a game or subject were you're passionate about and start there.

WARNING: We acknowledge that not all content is suitable for children and there are images that people will find objectionable. Viewer discretion is advised!

Card Game Types SearchEdit

Click on an image to list all the currently available decks and games in a game type.

General SearchEdit

Click on an image to search for card backs with a specific color, picture, pattern, or shape.

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This wiki is a non-commercial site. We are not affiliated with any stores or publishers.

All images (cards, cut-ups, icons, screenshots and also in text) are copyrighted by their respective owners. This includes movie companies, actors, illustrators, models, designers and of course publishers and printers. We are not endorsed by any of them in any way.

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