Alienspredator premiere booster
Game/Set: Aliens vs Predator CCG




Harper Prism / Precedence Publishing







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Premiere is the base set of Aliens vs Predator CCG, published by Harper Prism and Precedence Publishing, in 1997. This was the original CCG allowing you to play as everyone's two favorite movie monsters, or a squad of heavily-armed and armored Colonial Marines. Sadly, as with a lot of first sets, there were a fair amount of rules loopholes as well as a few cards that were utterly useless. Luckily the rulebook was later cleaned up considerably. The Premiere Set mainly focused on the films Aliens and Predator, with a few scattered things from Alien and Predator 2.

This set is available in boosters and starters. Each affiliation has its own starter deck and my penis is bigger than a donkeys.

Type BreakdownEdit

  • 8 Aliens Main Characters
  • 204 Events
  • 57 Locations (Ground Locations and Cross Locations)
  • 31 Marine Items
  • Main Characters (8 Aliens, 23 Marines, 9 Predators)
  • 16 Predator Items
  • 18 Supporting Characters

Rarity BreakdownEdit

  • 100 Commons
  • 63 Fixed
  • 100 Uncommons
  • 98 Rares
  • 5 Promos

Card ListEdit

2 by 2 Formation Rare Event -
A Bad Feeling Rare Event -
A Kill with No Honor Common Event -
Access Space Uncommon Location -
Access Tunnel Uncommon Event -
Acid Resistant Claws Uncommon Item Predator
Acid Splash Common Event -
Acid Spray Uncommon Event -
Activate Self Destruct Uncommon Event -
Adapt and Overcome Rare Event -
Adrenaline Rush Fixed Event -
Advantageous Terrain Common Event -
Aggrevated Wound Uncommon Event -
Airlock Fixed Location -
Alien Birth Rare Event -
Alien Hunter Uncommon Event -
Alien Pursuit Fixed Event -
Alien Queen Fixed Main Character Alien
Alien Stealth Common Event -
Alien Warrior Fixed Main Character Alien
Alien Wave Fixed Event -
Ambush Common Event -
Ambush Point Rare Location -
Armory Uncommon Location -
Ash Rare Main Character Marines
At Any Price Rare Event -
At the Limit Rare Event -
Atmosphere Processor Common Location -
Baptism of Fire Uncommon Event -
Barracks Fixed Location -
Battle Standard Promo Location -
Battlefield Chaos Uncommon Event -
Bishop Rare Main Character Marines
Black Marketeer Rare Supporting Character -
Blaze the Path Uncommon Event -
Block Common Event -
Body Slam Common Event -
Booby Trap Rare Event -
Bottled Courage Common Item Marine
Breakthrough Uncommon Event -
Breeding Chamber Fixed Location -
Bug Hunt Uncommon Event -
Burst Pipe Rare Event -
Calculated Risk Fixed Event -
Camouflage Rare Item Marine
Camouflage Suit Fixed Item Predator
Captured Fixed Event -
Cargo Bay Common Location -
Carpe Corpus Uncommon Event -
Carter Burke Rare Main Character Marine
Ceiling Highway Uncommon Event -
Ceremonial Armor Fixed Item Predator
Chemical Base Common Item Marine
Chestburster Fixed Main Character Alien
Child Fixed Supporting Character -
Close Quarters Common Event -
CN-20 Nerve Gas Rare Item Marine
Cocooned Victim Rare Supporting Character -
Collapsible Spear Uncommon Item Predator
Combat Knife Uncommon Item Marine
Combat Mastery Rare Event -
Committed Posture Rare Event -
Communications Array Uncommon Item Marine
Communications Center Common Location -
Company Official Fixed Supporting Character -
Computer Center Common Location -
Concentrated Fire Common Event -
Conestoga Class Promo Location -
Corporate Office Fixed Location -
Corridor Common Location -
Counter Uncommon Event -
Cover Formation Common Event -
Covering Fire Uncommon Event -
Cower Common Event -
Cpl Ackles Fixed Main Character Marine
Cpl Brown Common Main Character Marine
Cpl Hicks Rare Main Character Marine
Cpl Myler Uncommon Main Character Marine
Crazed Civilian Uncommon Event -
Critical Hit Promo Event -
Crossfire Common Event -
Crude Explosives Common Item Marine
Cryonics Chamber Common Location -
Cunning Hunter Common Main Character Predator
Dallas Rare Main Character Marine
Darts Common Item Predator
Dead End Rare Event -
Death from Above Rare Event -
Defend the Hive Fixed Event -
Demolition Charge Uncommon Item Marine
Desperate Leap Common Event -
Desperate Shot Common Event -
Deteriorating Situation Uncommon Event -
Dire Straits Uncommon Event -
Disarmament Uncommon Event -
Disengaging Attack Common Event -
Dishonor Common Event -
Display of Skill Rare Event -
Dissection Uncommon Event -
Docking Bay Fixed Location -
Dockworker Uncommon Supporting Character -
Dodge Common Event -
Dodge and Roll Common Event -
Double Packed Ammo Common Item Marine
Dwindling Options Uncommon Event -
Eager Youth Common Main Character Predator
Eat This Fixed Event -
Eat Vacuum Common Event -
Egg Sack Detachment Rare Event -
Electronics Tech Common Supporting Character -
Elevator Uncommon Location -
Emergency Escape Vehicle Rare Event -
Empty Uncommon Event -
End of the Line Rare Event -
Engineer Fixed Supporting Character -
Engineering Fixed Location -
Equipment Warehouse Fixed Location -
Evacuation Fixed Event -
Experimental Rifle Rare Item Marine
Extra Ammo Fixed Item Marine
Extremely Agitated Rare Event -
Face Hugger Attack Fixed Event -
Facing Bad Luck Rare Event -
Fast Claw Uncommon Main Character Predator
Field Pack Uncommon Item Marine
Field Promotion Rare Event -
Fiery Defense Uncommon Event -
Fire Alarm Rare Event -
Flanking Common Event -
Flesh Wound Common Event -
Fog of War Uncommon Event -
Fortify Rare Event -
Found 'Em Common Event -
Frenzy Rare Event -
Friendly Fire Rare Event -
From Behind Uncommon Event -
Garrison Pack Fixed Item Marine
Get Away from Her Common Event -
Ghost Image Uncommon Event -
Good Shot Common Event -
Got It Common Event -
Grapple Fixed Event -
Gray Stripe Common Main Character Predator
Grenade Launcher Uncommon Item Marine
Hacker Uncommon Supporting Character -
Hand Welder Uncommon Item Marine
Hardpoint Rare Location -
Have Me Some Fun Uncommon Event -
Head Shot Uncommon Event -
Heat Exchanger Uncommon Location -
Heat of Battle Uncommon Event -
Heroic Stand Rare Event -
Hidden Rare Event -
Hidey Hole Rare Event -
Hive Construction Common Event -
Hived Airlock Uncommon Location -
Hived Corridor Uncommon Location -
Hived Cryonics Fixed Location -
Hived Engineering Fixed Location -
Hived Hall Common Location -
Hived Lounge Common Location -
Hived Main Corridor Fixed Location -
Hived Passage Common Location -
Hived Plant Common Location -
Hived Processor Fixed Location -
Hived Quarters Common Location -
Hived Shop Fixed Location -
Hived Storage Common Location -
Honored Elder Rare Main Character Predator
Hull Breach Rare Event -
Hunter's Mask Uncommon Item Predator
Hunting Kit Common Item Predator
Huntmaster Rare Main Character Predator
I Can Take It Uncommon Event -
I Can't Lock In Common Event -
I Work Best Alone Rare Event -
If It Breeds Common Event -
Infirmary Common Location -
Infrared Binoculars Promo Item Marine
Instinctive Escape Common Event -
Isolated Corridor Uncommon Location -
It Was a Bad Call Common Event -
It's Just a Cat Common Event -
Juggernaut Rare Event -
Kane Rare Main Character Marine
Kill and Kill Again Fixed Event -
Kitchen Fixed Location -
Know Your Enemy Rare Event -
Lab Worker Uncommon Supporting Character -
Lambert Rare Main Character Marine
Landing Pad Common Location -
Laser Sight Common Item Predator
Lay of the Land Rare Event -
Learning Experience Rare Event -
Let's Rock Uncommon Event -
Like a Ghost Uncommon Event -
Limb from Limb Uncommon Event -
Living Quarters Common Location -
Long Range Shot Common Event -
Look Sharp Common Event -
Loose Formation Uncommon Event -
Loss of Command Uncommon Event -
Lt Campbell Uncommon Main Character Marine
Lucky Break Rare Event -
M240 Flame Thrower Uncommon Item Marine
M3 Body Armor Common Item Marine
M41A Pulse Rifle Common Item Marine
M42A Scope Rifle Rare Item Marine
M56 Smart Gun Uncommon Item Marine
Machine Shop Common Location -
Main Corridor Common Location -
Makeshift Weapon Common Item Marine
Malfunction Fixed Event -
March of Time Uncommon Event -
Marine Private Common Main Character Marine
Marine Short Course Rare Event -
Marines, We Are Leaving Fixed Event -
Mask Fixed Item Predator
Mess Hall Fixed Location -
Masterful Shot Rare Event -
Mechanic Common Supporting Character -
Medical Assistance Fixed Event -
Medikit Common Item Marine
Meditation Common Event -
Meeting Hall Common Location -
Melee Claws Fixed Item Predator
MK 35 Pressure Suit Uncommon Item Marine
MK 50 Compression Suit Rare Item Marine
Motion Scanner Common Item Marine
Naginata Rare Item Predator
Natural Selection Rare Event -
New Era in Science Rare Event -
Nobody's Home Rare Event -
Not So Fast Rare Event -
Nowhere to Hide Uncommon Event -
Observe the Prey Uncommon Event -
On a Roll Rare Event -
On the Move Fixed Event -
Oops Common Event -
Operations Fixed Location -
Outcast Rare Main Character Predator
Overconfidence Common Event -
Overkill Common Event -
Overwatch Common Event -
P-5000 Powerloader Uncommon Item Marine
Panic Common Event -
Parker Rare Main Character Marine
Passed By Uncommon Event -
Perfect Organism Fixed Event -
Personal Data Locator Rare Item Marine
Pet Common Supporting Character -
Pet Hybrid Uncommon Main Character Alien
Physician Uncommon Supporting Character -
Pincer Grab Uncommon Event -
Plasma Caster Uncommon Item Predator
Pour It On Uncommon Event -
Power Outage Rare Event -
Power Plant Uncommon Location -
Predator Hybrid Rare Main Character Alien
Predator Medikit Fixed Item Predator
Predator Mothership Rare Location -
Predator Ship Uncommon Location -
Predator Shuttle Fixed Location -
Prepare Yourself Rare Event -
Primal Force Rare Event -
Programmer Uncommon Supporting Character -
Protect the Queen Fixed Event -
Pvt Hewitt Uncommon Main Character Marine
Pvt Hudson Rare Main Character Marine
Pvt Masters Common Main Character Marine
Pvt McIntyre Fixed Main Character Marine
Pvt Rogers Fixed Main Character Marine
Pvt Von Gries Fixed Main Character Marine
Quarantine Uncommon Location -
Quartermaster Rare Supporting Character -
Ransack Uncommon Event -
Rapid Fire Uncommon Event -
Ravaged Chamber Rare Event -
Ready for Trouble Common Event -
Recon Uncommon Event -
Reflexive Action Uncommon Event -
Regroup Rare Event -
Remote Sensors Common Event -
Rend Fixed Event -
Repair Common Event -
Rescue Common Event -
Retreat Common Event -
Right to the Wall Rare Event -
Rip Asunder Uncommon Event -
Ripley Rare Main Character Marine
Rivalry Rare Event -
Roll With It Uncommon Event -
Royal Guard Uncommon Main Character Alien
Royal Jelly Common Event -
Sacrifice Rare Event -
Saturation Fire Uncommon Event -
Scattergun Fixed Item Predator
Science Lab Uncommon Location -
Second Chance Rare Event -
Secure Position Common Location -
Security Checkpoint Uncommon Location -
Security Chief Rare Supporting Character -
Security Doors Common Event -
Security Guard Fixed Supporting Character -
Security Station Rare Location -
Self Destruct Uncommon Item Predator
Self Destruct Sequence Rare Event -
Sensing Weakness Common Event -
Sentry Gun Control Rare Item Marine
Settle the Score Uncommon Event -
Sgt Bass Common Main Character Marine
Sgt Hart Uncommon Main Character Marine
Sharp Eye Uncommon Main Character Predator
Short, Controlled Bursts Common Event -
Shotgun Common Item Human
Situational Awareness Common Event -
Sleeper Uncommon Supporting Character -
Slow Motion Uncommon Event -
Snapshot Rare Event -
Somebody Wake Up Hicks Rare Event -
Sprint Common Event -
Staff Worker Fixed Supporting Character -
Stairwell Uncommon Location -
Stalking the Queen Common Event -
Standoff Rare Event -
Structural Damage Rare Event -
Structural Repairs Common Event -
Study the Enemy Fixed Event -
Success Breeds Success Rare Event -
Superior Analysis Uncommon Event -
Superior Species Uncommon Event -
Sweep the Area Common Event -
Tail Lash Rare Event -
Tail Spear Common Event -
Take Aim Uncommon Event -
Take Cover Common Event -
Take Him With You Fixed Event -
Take Names Uncommon Event -
Take the Initiative Uncommon Event -
Takedown Strike Fixed Event -
Tavern Uncommon Location -
The Area Is Secure Rare Event -
The Hunt Fixed Event -
The Strong Survive Common Event -
The Will to Live Rare Event -
There's Something In Here Rare Event -
This Changes Everything Rare Event -
Throwing Disk Rare Item Predator
Tight Formation Uncommon Event -
Tighten the Perimeter Rare Event -
Trick of the Light? Rare Event -
Trip Uncommon Event -
Twice as Deadly Rare Event -
Twitchy Artificial Person Rare Event -
UA 571C Sentry Gun Rare Item Marine
Under It's Gaze Promo Event -
Warrior Queen Rare Main Character Alien
Water Processing Uncommon Location -
Weapon Cache Fixed Event -
Weapons Locker Fixed Location -
Welcome to the War Rare Event -
Where There's One Fixed Event -
WO Kraver Common Main Character Marine
You Want Some of This! Common Event -
Young Queen Fixed Main Character Alien
Young Tusk Fixed Main Character Predator

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