This set is actually not an expansion of the Babylon 5 CCG, but a list of all Promos. Also Box Toppers are considered as promos. They are published by Precedence Publishing from 1998 - 2000 and there are 52 cards.

Type BreakdownEdit

  • 6 Aftermaths
  • 8 Characters
  • 4 Conflicts
  • 1 Contingency
  • 10 Enhancements
  • 22 Events
  • 1 Group

Rarity BreakdownEdit

  • 52 Promos

Card ListsEdit

TITLE RARITY TYPE Expansion Purchase
A Meeting of Minds Promo Event Psi Corps

Inquest Gamer #47 (March. '99)

Asimov Laws Promo Conflict The Great War Scrye (Sept. '98)
Attack Formation Promo Event The Great War Babylon 5 Magazine (Sept. '98)
Blessings Promo Aftermath Premiere
Bombing Run Promo Event Premiere
Brevari! Promo Event Severed Dreams Scrye (Nov./Dec. '99)
Broken Allegiance Promo Event The Shadows UK Power Magazine #8 ('98)
Bureaucratic Controls Promo Enhancement The Shadows Gamer Magazine (May/June '98) / Collect! (Apr. '98)
Captain Pierce Promo Character Premiere
Charting the Course Box Topper/Promo Event The Great War
Contact First Ones Promo Aftermath Premiere
Credit Ship Promo Enhancement The Shadows Scrye 5.3 (Aug. '98)
Cultural Connections Promo Aftermath Premiere
Defector Revealed Promo Event The Great War
Defense Treaty Promo Conflict The Shadows Georgia Music and Sports
Destined to Be Promo Event Premiere
Destroy Opposition Promo Conflict Premiere
Disarray Promo Aftermath The Great War Gamer Magazine (Sept./Oct. '98) / Collect! ('98)
Doctor Franklin Promo Character Premiere
Dodger Promo Character Severed Dreams Inquest #56 ('99)
Elder Statesman Promo Enhancement Psi Corps
Evidence of Shadows Promo Event The Shadows Duelist Vol. 5 #5 (May '98)
Exhaustion Promo Event The Great War Distributors; Zeta Squadron
Flarn Promo Event Wheel of Fire
For the Future Promo Event Deluxe
Gaim Merchant Promo Character The Great War Zeta Squadron
Inconclusive Strike Promo Event The Shadows Zeta Squadron
Join the Corps Promo Enhancement Psi Corps Sci-Fi Universe Magazine Vol. 5 #3
Junk Food Box Topper Event Crusade
Lack of Direction Promo Aftermath Premiere
Lyta Empowered Promo Character The Great War Distributors
Monitored Deal Promo Event Premiere
Na'Toth Promo Character Premiere
Past Victories Promo Enhancement The Shadows Tournaments
Psi Arbitrators Promo Group Psi Corps Scrye
Psi Spies Promo Enhancement Psi Corps Del Rey Books mail-in
Return to Ideals Promo Event The Great War
Rogue Telepath Promo Character Deluxe
Secrets of Success Promo Event Severed Dreams Tournament Winners
Shadow Contact Promo Character The Shadows Scrye 5.2
Solo Flight Promo Event Crusade
Spoo Promo Enhancement Deluxe
Suppress the Media Promo Conflict Premiere
Taree Promo Event Severed Dreams
The Dreaming Box Topper Enhancement Psi Corps
The Just Suffer Promo Event The Great War Rangers at Babylon 5 CCG Demos
The Third Age Promo Event Crusade
Tip-Top Shape Promo Aftermath Crusade
Unrelenting Pressure Promo Enhancement The Shadows Collect! (Apr. '98)
Veteran Fleet Promo Enhancement The Shadows Conventions Summer '98
Zathra's Promo Character The Great War Scrye 5.5 (Nov. '98)
Zog! Promo Contingency Crusade

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