Psi Corps is the fifth expansion set of the Babylon 5 CCG. It is published by Precedence Publishing in 1999 and consists of 205 cards.

Type BreakdownEdit

  • 20 Aftermaths
  • 8 Agendas
  • 44 Characters
  • 27 Conflicts
  • 11 Contigencies
  • 29 Enhancements
  • 42 Events
  • 7 Fleets
  • 11 Groups
  • 6 Locations

Rarity BreakdownEdit

  • 50 Commons
  • 46 Fixed
  • 50 Uncommons
  • 50 Rares
  • 5 Promos
  • 3 Autographs
  • 1 Box Topper

Card ListsEdit

A Better Place Rare Aftermath
A Meeting of Minds Promo Event
A New Era Common Enhancement
A Time for Peace Uncommon Event
Abbut Uncommon Character
Acclaim Common Aftermath
Acknowledge Legitimacy Uncommon Conflict
Administrator Drake Fixed Character
Afraid of the Dark Uncommon Enhancement
Age of Exploration Common Event
Alfred Bester Rare Character
Alfred Bester Autograph Character
Alisa Beldon Common Character
Anarchy Rare Conflict
Anti-Telepath Virus Rare Conflict
Arms Race Common Event
At Any Cost Uncommon Event
Balus Rare Location
Be Seeing You Fixed Aftermath
Bester Fixed Character
Bester's Black Omega Rare Enhancement
Black Omega Auxiliary Fixed Fleet
Black Omega Fighters Fixed Fleet
Black Omega Pilot Fixed Character
Black Omega Squadron Uncommon Enhancement
Blackmail Fixed Conflict
Block Common Event
Bloodhound Fixed Character
Build Bridges Common Enhancement
Burnt From Both Ends Common Event
Burnt Out Common Aftermath
Byron Rare Character
Byron Autograph Character
Cease-Fire Common Conflict
Centauri Festival Uncommon Contigency
Challenge Psi Corps Uncommon Agenda
Chen Hikaru Fixed Character
Come Join Us Fixed Agenda
Commercial Telepaths Fixed Group
Conspiracy! Common Event
Continued Progress Uncommon Event
Convene The Grey Council Rare Event
Cyborg Reconstruction Rare Enhancement
Cynthia & Rosa Uncommon Character
Danger Sense Fixed Contingency
Dark Talia Rare Character
David Common Character
Diplomatic Recognition Common Enhancement
Direct Link Common Contingency
Divide and Conquer Uncommon Conflict
Don't You Trust Me? Common Conflict
Doomed Conspiracy Rare Conflict
Drop Your Barriers Fixed Enhancement
Dust Common Event
Earth Fixed Location
Ego Boost Common Event
Elder Statesman Promo Enhancement
Elite Black Omega Rare Fleet
Empathy Fixed Conflict
Exercises of the Mind Fixed Aftermath
Expanded Network Fixed Event
Expendable Uncommon Event
Exposed Common Conflict
Forget Something? Rare Conflict
Front Page Exposure Uncommon Aftermath
Gestalt Rare Event
Good to Go Uncommon Event
Gordon Fixed Character
Greed Uncommon Enhancement
Guerillas Uncommon Enhancement
Harriman Gray Fixed Character
Hired Hand Common Event
Hole In Your Mind Uncommon Conflict
Homeworld Fleet Fixed Fleet
Hunting the Blips Rare Agenda
I'd Die First Uncommon Event
Informant Rare Conflict
Insufficient Support Common Event
Internal Disruptions Uncommon Enhancement
Irrelevant Rare Enhancement
Is That the Whole Truth? Common Conflict
Isdrell Rare Character
Jason's Gift Rare Aftermath
Jecinda Uncommon Character
Join the Corps Promo Enhancement
Jonathan Harris Uncommon Character
Juphar Trkider Uncommon Character
Katz Rare Character
Kelsey Fixed Character
Korrinine Rare Character
Last Ditch Effort Common Contingency
Laurel Takashima Rare Character
Lavindra Rare Character
Level the Playing Field Fixed Event
Like Unto The Gods Uncommon Event
Lindstrom Common Character
Lise Hampton Common Character
Living Legends Uncommon Event
Make Them Angry Common Conflict
Manipulate the Masters Rare Contingency
Mass Rioting Rare Event
Master Manipulation Uncommon Enhancement
Master of Deception Uncommon Aftermath
Master Plan Fixed Enhancement
Matthew Stoner Fixed Character
Military Telepaths Fixed Group
Mind Games Fixed Conflict
Minds That Matter Common Event
Mindwalkers Uncommon Enhancement
Misdirection Rare Aftermath
Miss Constance Common Character
Mistaken Identity Common Contingency
Mother Ship Alpha Rare Fleet
Movekk Uncommon Character
My Hands are Tied Rare Event
Negotiation Deadline Uncommon Event
Nejokk Common Character
Night of the Long Knives Rare Conflict
No Surprises Common Conflict
Nobody Can Stop Us Fixed Agenda
Not Without a Fight Uncommon Agenda
Nowhere But Down Rare Aftermath
Obey Fixed Event
Open Season Rare Event
Oqmrritkz Common Location
Ostracized Uncommon Aftermath
Our Last, Best Hope Rare Enhancement
Overwhelming Emotions Rare Aftermath
Pain Fixed Event
Personal Quest Common Enhancement
Picket Fleet Fixed Fleet
Political Firestorm Common Aftermath
Proxima III Fixed Location
Psi Academy Common Group
Psi Arbitrators Promo Group
Psi Attack Fixed Conflict
Psi Bodyguard Fixed Enhancement
Psi Corps Intelligence Fixed Group
Psi Spies Promo Enhancement
Psi Surpressors Common Conflict
Psionic Sabotage Common Event
Psychic Blunder Common Event
Pundits Uncommon Aftermath
Punitive Sanctions Common Conflict
Religious Festival Common Event
Repairing the Past Fixed Aftermath
Reparations Rare Aftermath
Reprogrammer Uncommon Character
Reprogramming Team Uncommon Group
Resigned to His Fate Uncommon Event
Revenge is Sweet Common Contingency
Rogue Common Enhancement
Saboteurs Common Group
Sanctity of the Mind Common Event
Sara Common Character
Say What They Want Common Event
Secret Police Fixed Group
Sector 90 Uncommon Location
Seeing Shadows Uncommon Conflict
Seeking Knowledge Rare Enhancement
Sh'Sak Rare Character
Star Chamber Uncommon Group
Steal Skills Fixed Contingency
Stealing Secrets Rare Conflict
Stirring Rebuke Uncommon Event
Strike Back! Rare Event
Syria Planum Fixed Location
Tactical Error Uncommon Contingency
Talia Winters Fixed Character
Team Player Uncommon Enhancement
Telepath Colony Uncommon Agenda
Telepath for Hire Common Character
Telepath Hunter Uncommon Character
Telepath Recruiters Rare Group
Telepathic Revenge Common Contingency
Telepathic Scan Fixed Conflict
That's the Spirit Uncommon Event
The Badge & The Gloves Fixed Enhancement
The Corps Is Mother Fixed Agenda
The Dreaming Box Topper Enhancement
The Growing Conspiracy Uncommon Enhancement
The Mind's Eye Fixed Event
The Spider's Web Common Event
They Are Not For You Rare Event
They're Just Mundanes Rare Aftermath
Thirteen Rare Character
Thomas Uncommon Character
Thought Police Rare Agenda
Trade Pact Fixed Conflict
Tunnel of Life & Death Rare Contingency
Unauthorized Scan Common Aftermath
Underground Leader Rare Character
Underground Railroad Uncommon Group
Underutilized Resources Uncommon Enhancement
Universal Enemy Rare Aftermath
Utility Fleet Fixed Fleet
Visions in Time Rare Conflict
Wade Rare Character
War of Information Common Event
Wastelands Fixed Enhancement
We Are Both Damned Uncommon Aftermath
We Think Alike Uncommon Conflict
William Edgars Rare Character
Zathras Rare Character
Zathras Autograph Character

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