Queen of Dragons
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Game/Set: A Game of Thrones CCG


Queen of Dragons


Fantasy Flight Games







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Queen of Dragons is the 37th expansion of A Game of Thrones TCG. It is printed by Fantasy Flight Games in 2011 and consists of 165 cards. Each unique cards has 3 copies in this set. It focusses mainly on House Targaryen.

Type BreakdownEdit

  • 2 Agendas (1 Neutral and 1 Targaryen)
  • 6 Attachments (1 Martell and 6 Targaryen)
  • 21 Characters (2 Neutral and 19 Targaryen)
  • 6 Events (all Neutral)
  • 13 Locations (1 Martell and 13 Targaryen)
  • 7 Plots (Neutral)

Note: There are different cards with 2 Houses, called Multiple-House cards, the totals are thus higher than the amount of a card type.

Rarity BreakdownEdit

  • 55 Fixed

Card ListEdit

1 Unburnt Fixed Attachment Targaryen
2 Dragon Fear Fixed Attachment Targaryen
3 Bloodrider's Arakh Fixed Attachment Targaryen
4 Shade of the Evening Fixed Attachment Targaryen
5 Sun Stroke Fixed Attachment Martell/Targaryen
6 Crown of Meereen Fixed Attachment Targaryen
7 True-Queen's Harbinger Fixed Character Targaryen
8 Hired Swords Fixed Character Targaryen
9 Pike Phalanx Fixed Character Targaryen
10 Grey Worm Fixed Character Targaryen
11 Jorah's Cohorts Fixed Character Targaryen
12 Thundering Cavalry Fixed Character Targaryen
13 Blue-Lipped Warlock Fixed Character Targaryen
14 Warlock of Qarth Fixed Character Targaryen
15 Horseback Archer Fixed Character Targaryen
16 Killer of the Wounded Fixed Character Targaryen
17 Pyat Pree Fixed Character Targaryen
18 Black Hatchling Fixed Character Targaryen
19 Green Hatchling Fixed Character Targaryen
20 White Hatchling Fixed Character Targaryen
21 Khal Drogo Fixed Character Targaryen
22 Daenerys Targaryen Fixed Character Targaryen
23 Drogon Fixed Character Targaryen
24 Rhaegal Fixed Character Targaryen
25 Viserion Fixed Character Targaryen
26 Qarth Fixed Location Targaryen
27 Yunkai Fixed Location Targaryen
28 Astapor Fixed Location Targaryen
29 Meereen Fixed Location Targaryen
30 Plaza of Pride Fixed Location Targaryen
31 Myrish Villa Fixed Location Targaryen
32 Summer Sea Fixed Location Martell/Targaryen
33 Khal Drogo's Tent Fixed Location Targaryen
34 Eastern Fiefdoms Fixed Location Targaryen
35 Great Pyramid Fixed Location Targaryen
36 Ambush from the Plains Fixed Event Neutral
37 Field of Fire Fixed Event Neutral
38 Maegi's Promise Fixed Event Neutral
39 Advisor to the Crown Fixed Character Neutral
40 Initiate of the Citadel Fixed Character Neutral
41 High Ground Fixed Location Neutral
42 Kingsroad Fiefdom Fixed Location Neutral
43 River Row Fixed Location Neutral
44 Dissension Fixed Event Neutral
45 Favorable Ground Fixed Event Neutral
46 Paper Shield Fixed Event Neutral
47 Alliance Fixed Agenda Neutral
48 Heir to the Iron Throne Fixed Agenda Targaryen
49 Burning Bridges Fixed Plot Neutral
50 Waste Their Time Fixed Plot Neutral
51 Focused Offense Fixed Plot Neutral
52 Spending the Winter Shores Fixed Plot Neutral
53 Loyalty Money Can Buy Fixed Plot Neutral
54 Muster the Realm! Fixed Plot Neutral
55 Threat from the East Fixed Plot Neutral

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