Reaper's Fee
Reapersfee starterdeck
Merchant Marines Starter Deck
Game/Set: 7th Sea CCG


Reaper's Fee


Alderac Entertainment Group







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Reaper's Fee is the 9th expansion of 7th Sea CCG. It is printed by Alderac Entertainment Group in 2000 and consists of 156 cards. It's set icon is white crossbones on a black background.

This expansion is released in 15-cards boosters and starter decks.

Type BreakdownEdit

  • 42 Action
  • 9 Adventure
  • 21 Attachment
  • 3 Captain (1 Castille, 1 Unaligned and 1 Vesten)
  • 20 Chantey
  • 57 Crew (2 Black Freighter, 5 Brotherhood, 9 Castille, 4 Corsairs, 4 Crimson Rogers, 3 Explorers, 4 Gosse, 4 Montaigne, 3 Sea Dogs, 10 Unaligned and 9 Vesten)
  • 4 Ship (1 Castille, 2 Unaligned and 1 Vesten)

Rarity BreakdownEdit

  • 50 Common
  • 6 Fixed
  • 50 Uncommon
  • 50 Rare

Card ListEdit

Title Rarity Type Affiliation
"All Hands on Deck!" Uncommon Action -
"Arm Yourselves!" Uncommon Action -
"Brace Yourselves!" Uncommon Action -
"Butcher" Pinchot Rare Crew Crimson Rogers
"Cat's Claw" Fornier Uncommon Crew Black Freighter
"Long Tall" Harry Rare Crew Sea Dogs
"Look Lively, Men!" Uncommon Action -
"Man the Tops!" Uncommon Action -
"Pincushion" Paolo Common Crew Brotherhood
"Prepare for the Worst!" Uncommon Action -
"Scorchmark" Von Hoffman Common Crew Unaligned
"The Lightbringer is Ours!" Uncommon Chantey -
"To the Cannons!" Uncommon Action -
A Hearty Individual Uncommon Adventure -
A Killer Revealed Rare Action -
Aleen Van Ostrand Common Crew Vesten
Allende's Folly Uncommon Action -
Andrei Levovich Uncommon Crew Crimson Rogers
Anointed by Theus Common Attachment -
At the Ready Rare Action -
Back It Up Common Action -
Bardo Murillo Common Crew Castille
Berserkers Common Crew Corsairs
Bethesda Quinn Common Crew Unaligned
Braiding the Strands Rare Attachment -
Called Away Common Action -
Captain Jorund Guttormson Fixed Captain Vesten
Captain Margaretta Orduño Fixed Captain Castille
Carlos Altenar Rare Crew Castille
Cathwulf Vogt Uncommon Crew Montaigne
Claw of Thalusai Common Action -
Cossette's Mutiny Uncommon Chantey -
Crystal Earring Common Attachment -
Dark Past Rare Action -
Dashing Blade Rare Attachment -
Deck Hands Common Crew Unaligned
Dorf Klinderhoff Rare Crew Sea Dogs
Dupre & Hans Rare Crew Gosse
Eisen Mercs Common Crew Vesten
El Fuego Negro Fixed Ship Castille
Elena Agnelli Common Crew Crimson Rogers
Erich Carlberg Uncommon Crew Vesten
Eternal Desire Common Chantey -
Eye of Sky and Sea Rare Attachment -
Fair Skies Rare Action -
Fair Warning Rare Attachment -
Fate's Revenge Rare Action -
Felipe Jose de Granjero Rare Crew Castille
First Tide Common Chantey -
For the Greater Good Rare Action -
Foul Weather Jack Rare Action -
Fyddych O'Bannon Common Crew Castille
Gespucci Bernouilli Common Attachment -
Gina 'the Jackal" Uncommon Crew Unaligned
Gosse's Folly Uncommon Action -
Grenade Common Attachment -
Grigorii Popvich Uncommon Crew Brotherhood
Gris Hallisdottir Rare Crew Vesten
Gustolph Hirsch Rare Crew Corsairs
Henry the Clockmaker Common Crew Unaligned
Hidden Talents Common Chantey -
High King Asbjornsson Common Chantey -
Hired Saboteurs Common Action -
Hit to the Captain's Quarters Rare Action -
Hit to the Galley Rare Action -
Hit to the Main Mast Rare Action -
Hit to the Powder Room Rare Action -
Hold Your Ground Common Action -
Imprisonment in El Morro Common Chantey -
Inquisitor Bascalle Fixed Crew Castille
Isabeau Dubois du Arrent Rare Crew Montaigne
It Doesn't Matter Common Action -
Jacob Faust Rare Crew Explorers
Jacques and the Kire Uncommon Chantey -
Jaimé Espejo Uncommon Crew Castille
Jamie Sices du Sices Uncommon Crew Corsairs
Javier's Mistake Rare Action -
Jelena Common Crew Explorers
Joris Hartig Common Crew Vesten
Josette Quadros Common Crew Castille
Ketty Tappan Common Crew Vesten
Kitka Maritova Common Crew Gosse
Kodiak Bear Uncommon Attachment -
Line and Winch Common Action -
Lucrezia Rare Crew Brotherhood
Lyin' John Flees Uncommon Chantey -
Master Allen Trel Rare Crew Vesten
Matushka's Blessing Uncommon Attachment -
Message from Margaretta Common Adventure -
Message from the Grave Uncommon Chantey -
Miguel Sandoval de Castillo Uncommon Crew Castille
Morgause Mercuri Common Crew Unaligned
Neither Asked Nor Given Common Chantey -
Nodar the Falcon Uncommon Crew Explorers
One Fell Swoop Common Adventure -
Orduño's Folly Uncommon Action -
Orf Helfir Fixed Crew Vesten
Owl Uncommon Attachment -
Padre Alfonso Rare Crew Castille
Pepin Rare Crew Montaigne
Percis d'Cassell Common Crew Montaigne
Pounder Common Crew Corsairs
Prosperous Ventures Rare Action -
Rabbit Rare Attachment -
Red Fox Uncommon Attachment -
Reise (Journey) Rare Attachment -
Renfeld Throckmorton Uncommon Crew Unaligned
Riant Gaucher Rare Crew Crimson Rogers
Roberta Estrada Rare Crew Brotherhood
Rupella Lagrippe Uncommon Crew Unaligned
Sebastiano Scogna Rare Captain Unaligned
Sergeant Benitez Uncommon Crew Black Freighter
Sharing a Cot Rare Attachment -
Sight 'Em Up Common Attachment -
Snow Leopard Uncommon Attachment -
Starke Common Attachment -
Steel Earring Common Attachment -
Svein Hegge Hjermstad Uncommon Crew Vesten
Tear Their Sails Rare Action -
The Black Freighter's Folly Uncommon Action -
The Corsair's Folly Uncommon Action -
The Explorer's Folly Uncommon Action -
The Fifth Switch Rare Adventure -
The General's Armor Common Adventure -
The General's Plan Rare Action -
The Island Common Chantey -
The Kire's Pen Rare Action -
The Rage of the Vesten Common Chantey -
The Revenge of the Damned Uncommon Chantey -
The Roger's Folly Uncommon Action -
The Santa Cecilia Rare Ship Unaligned
The Sea Dog's Folly Uncommon Action -
The Sea Lion Fixed Ship Vesten
The Seal of the Thalusai Rare Adventure -
The Shattered Spear Rare Adventure -
The Siren's Jaw Rare Adventure -
The Trail of the Dead Common Chantey -
The Trial of Orduño Uncommon Chantey -
The Undiscovered Port Uncommon Adventure -
The Unrelenting Depths Common Action -
The Vestenmannavnjar's Folly Uncommon Action -
The Vision Spreads Common Chantey -
The Wayward Route Rare Ship Unaligned
The Witches Return Common Action -
The Word of the Vagabond Rare Attachment -
Throwing Knives Common Attachment -
Torvo Espada Rare Crew Gosse
Ulfied Jansson Common Crew Sea Dogs
Valoix's Folly Uncommon Action -
Vendel Sorcery Uncommon Chantey -
Visions of the Isle Uncommon Chantey -
Wenching Jim Uncommon Crew Gosse
Wilhelm Dunst Rare Crew Unaligned
Willie Wilcox Rare Crew Brotherhood
Yngvild's Plan Uncommon Chantey -
Zoya the Serpent Uncommon Crew Unaligned

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