Rites of Passage is the first fan-based expansion. At this point, Axlotl went beyond any plans Z-Man had for the game, beginning work on an expansion set based around the AVP film. Sadly, he got distracted by other projects, and has never finished this set.

There were 14 cards made.

Type BreakdownEdit

  • 6 Events
  • 2 Items (both Predator)
  • 1 Location
  • 5 Main Characters (2 Alien and 3 Predator)

Card ListEdit

Body Throw Event -
Brawl Event -
Breeding Chamber Location -
Celtic Predator Main Character Predator
Grid Alien Main Character Alien
Hatch Event -
Into the Shadows Event -
Jaw Lunge Event -
Melee Claws Item Predator
Predburster Main Character Alien
Predator Shuriken Item Predator
Scar Main Character Predator
Temple Guardian Main Character Predator
Threatening Stance Event -

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