Scarlet Seas
Scarletseas booster
Game/Set: 7th Sea CCG


Scarlet Seas


Alderac Entertainment Group







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Scarlet Seas is the third expansion of 7th Sea CCG. It was printed by Alderac Entertainment Group in 2000 and consists of 156 cards, however Wikipedia states that this set consists of 161 cards. The set icon is white crossed cutlass on a purple background.

Type BreakdownEdit

  • 59 Action
  • 11 Adventure
  • 44 Attachment
  • 2 Captain (1 Crimson Rogers and 1 Sea Dogs)
  • 105 Crew (1 Black Freighter, 3 Brotherhood, 3 Castille, 3 Corsairs, 7 Crimson Rogers, 3 Explorers, 5 Gosse, 3 Montaine, 7 Sea Dogs, 1 Unaligned and 3 Vesten)
  • 2 Ship (1 Sea Dogs and 1 Crimson Rogers)

Rarity BreakdownEdit

  • 50 Common
  • 6 Fixed
  • 50 Uncommon
  • 50 Rare

Card ListEdit

Title Rarity Type Affiliation
…and He Makes Witty Repartee Rare Action -
...and One for All Common Action -
...He Rides Well... Rare Action -
7th Sea Eddy Rare Action -
A Coward Among Us Uncommon Action -
Adeeb Al-Amid Common Crew Corsairs
Andrew Littlejohn Common Crew Sea Dogs
Angus McCloud Rare Crew Sea Dogs
Annie Rush Common Crew Sea Dogs
Babette Rare Crew Montaigne
Backs to the Wall Common Action -
Bad Luck Rare Action -
Barnacle Pete Uncommon Crew Sea Dogs
Barracuda Rare Action -
Battle of San Felipe Common Adventure -
Below the Waterline Common Action -
Best Served Cold... Uncommon Action -
Big Target Rare Action -
Blockade Common Attachment -
Brenden Stafford Rare Attachment -
"Butcher" Pinchot Uncommon Crew Crimson Rogers
By the Gods... Rare Attachment -
Cafe of Broken Dreams Common Attachment -
Call of Duty Common Action -
Cannons of La Bucca Uncommon Attachment -
Captain Bonnie McGee Fixed Captain Sea Dogs
Captain Reis Fixed Captain Crimson Rogers
Celedoine Fixed Crew Sea Dogs
Cheap Cannons Common Attachment -
Cheap Gunpowder Common Action -
Clear Skies Rare Action -
Clear the Decks Common Action -
Confusion on Deck Common Action -
Cornelius Van Brock Common Crew Crimson Rogers
Dark Dreams Common Action -
Dashing Duel Uncommon Action -
Defense of the Motherland Rare Attachment -
Desperate Wages Uncommon Action -
Destiny's Touch Common Action -
Diplomatic Envoy Rare Attachment -
Disguised Ship Common Action -
Don't Make Me Ask Again Rare Action -
Double the Rum Ration Rare Action -
Down to the Nub Uncommon Action -
Dry Docks Rare Attachment -
Duel with a Castillian Uncommon Adventure -
Eisen Cannon Balls Common Adventure -
Eisen Steel Uncommon Adventure -
Extra Watch Common Action -
Eye of the Storm Rare Adventure -
Faisal Uncommon Crew Corsairs
Fate's Web Uncommon Attachment -
Favor for a Noble Common Adventure -
Fear and Fire Uncommon Attachment -
François Gaulle dul Motte Common Crew Montaigne
Friendly Winds Uncommon Action -
Gaspar Rare Crew Gosse
Gem of Warning Rare Adventure -
Geno Uncommon Crew Brotherhood
Gerald Hohne Rare Crew Crimson Rogers
Gillian the Razor Common Crew Brotherhood
Guns Blazing Common Action -
Hand of the Sirens Uncommon Attachment -
Harsh Light of Reality Rare Action -
He Fights Well... Rare Action -
High Seas Cannoning Common Attachment -
Hoskuld Hardrada Rare Crew Vesten
Host (Harvest) Rare Attachment -
Hostile Harbor Common Attachment -
Howls of Vengeance Common Attachment -
I'm Not Left-Handed Rare Action -
Inil Rare Crew Corsairs
Inquisitor Bascalle Rare Crew Castille
It's a Trap Uncommon Action -
Javier de Bejarano Rare Crew Crimson Rogers
Jemy Uncommon Crew Crimson Rogers
Joern Keitelsson Fixed Crew Crimson Rogers
Jorund's Betrayal Rare Action -
King Before Captain Uncommon Action -
La Bucca Defenses Rare Attachment -
Land Lubber Rare Action -
Li'l Jim Rare Crew Gosse
Lightning Flash Common Action -
Livestock Common Action -
Locked in Death Rare Action -
Marc Pierre Uncommon Crew Montaigne
Maria Forliani Uncommon Crew Gosse
Marker Barrel Uncommon Attachment -
Master of Wind and Tide Uncommon Attachment -
Max Discher Common Crew Gosse
Merchant Quarter Common Attachment -
Merchant Ship Common Attachment -
Moment of Glory Uncommon Action -
Montaigne Ship of the Line Rare Attachment -
Mother in Law Uncommon Attachment -
Mumblety Peg Rare Crew Explorers
Natalia Ivanonva Common Crew Crimson Rogers
Nicole Cowbey Uncommon Crew Sea Dogs
Night of Horror Uncommon Action -
No Survivors! Common Action -
Orf Helfir Uncommon Crew Vesten
Out of Action Uncommon Action -
Pertruccio Garibaldi Uncommon Crew Explorers
Phantom Topman Rare Attachment -
Phelan Cole Rare Crew Sea Dogs
Pulled From the Sea Common Action -
Queen Eleanor Rare Attachment -
Rabbit's Foot Common Attachment -
Rats in the Hold Rare Attachment -
Ricardo Ramos Uncommon Crew Castille
Rita del Zepeda Common Crew Castille
Rum Runners Common Attachment -
Rune Knowledge Uncommon Attachment -
Sabine Montjoy Common Crew Unaligned
Sea Chantey Uncommon Action -
Sean McCorley Rare Crew Brotherhood
Secret Stash Common Attachment -
She's Coming Apart! Uncommon Action -
Ship's Boat Rare Attachment -
Ship's Brig Uncommon Attachment -
Show of Force Uncommon Attachment -
Skeletal Boarding Gang Uncommon Crew Black Freighter
Slow Tack Common Action -
Speak Softly... Uncommon Attachment -
Succubus Rare Action -
Swift Vengeance Uncommon Attachment -
Swimming with Sharks Common Action -
Swing from the Rigging Common Action -
Syrneth Guardians Rare Action -
Syrneth Powder Rare Adventure -
Tempting the Portal Rare Attachment -
The Crow's Nest Uncommon Attachment -
The Few, the Proud... Uncommon Action -
The Grey Queen's Price Rare Attachment -
The Hurricane Fixed Ship Sea Dogs
The Right Place Rare Attachment -
The Scarlet Roger Fixed Ship Crimson Rogers
The Third Switch Common Adventure -
Therein Lies the Tale Uncommon Action -
Through the Magic Mirror Uncommon Adventure -
Tight-Knit Crew Rare Attachment -
Tools of the Trade Common Action -
Top Dog Rare Action -
Topaz Pendent Common Attachment -
Underwater Cave Uncommon Action -
Unreliable Uncommon Action -
Ussuran Brawl Uncommon Adventure -
Velda Conklin Common Crew Explorers
Vendel Smugglers Common Attachment -
Vengeful Serpent Uncommon Attachment -
Vestenmannavnjar Archers Common Crew Vesten
Vestenmannavnjar Funeral Rare Action -
Vile Duel Uncommon Action -
Vodacce Pirates Uncommon Attachment -
Will Do You No Good! Common Action -
Without a Trace Uncommon Action -

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