Set 0 is the second set of Ani-Mayhem and it is published in July 1996 by Upper Deck. It consists of 306 cards with images of the following animations: Bubblegum Crisis, El Hazard, Ranma ½ and Tenchi Muyo!

Type BreakdownEdit

  • 45 Characters
  • 1 Chit Card
  • 20 Combats
  • 23 Enhancements
  • 25 Equipments
  • 31 Flash Effects
  • 13 Global Effects
  • 6 Havens
  • 34 Items
  • 42 Locations
  • 25 Major Disasters
  • 41 Minor Disasters

Rarities BreakdownEdit

  • 129 Commons
  • 97 Uncommons
  • 78 Rares
  • 2 Promos

Card ListEdit

33-S Sexaroid Rare Minor Disaster
5 Yen Coin Common Item
55-C Bodyguard Boomer Common Minor Disaster
7 Lucky Gods Martial Artists Rare Major Disaster
A.D. Police HQ Uncommon Location
Afura Mann Common Character
Akane Tendo Uncommon Character
Akane's Cooking Rare Minor Disaster
Akane's Rage Rare Minor Disaster
Ambulance Common Flash Effect
Angel of Mercy Rare Flash Effect
Angry Schoolgirls Rare Minor Disaster
Armitage Promo Character
Assassin Disguise Uncommon Enhancement
Assault / Shining Knight Common Combat
Assisted Flight Common Flash Effect
Attack Pods Common Equipment
Auntie Saotome Rare Minor Disaster
Baby Common Minor Disaster
Bad Reputation Rare Flash Effect
Barbells Common Item
Bash / Broken Heart Uncommon Combat
Big Bug Rare Major Disaster
Big Sucker Gas Slash Uncommon Flash Effect
Brian J. Mason Uncommon Major Disaster
Briefing Common Global Effect
BU-12B Cyberdroid Common Minor Disaster
Bugrom Big Raid Medal Common Item
Bugrom Bridge Bashers Common Minor Disaster
Bugrom Homeland Common Location
Bugrom Horde Common Minor Disaster
Bugrom, Type 1 Rare Minor Disaster
Captured! Common Minor Disaster
Cest Lavie Common Location
Chang Tiger Clan Ring Rare Item
Charge / Scandal Common Combat
Chief Servant Londs Common Character
Chit Card Common Chit Card
City of Floristica Rare Location
Class C Boomer Common Minor Disaster
Class C Female Boomer Uncommon Minor Disaster
Clean Livin' Rare Enhancement
Cleaning Supplies Common Item
Cloud Monster Uncommon Minor Disaster
Club / Stunning Smile Uncommon Combat
Combat Training Uncommon Global Effect
Control Cube Uncommon Equipment
Crystal Tunnels Common Location
Cute Little Dolly Common Item
Cynthia Uncommon Item
Dai-Kokusei and Dai-Hakusei Uncommon Minor Disaster
Dailey Wong Uncommon Character
DD J1 Battlemover Rare Major Disaster
Deception / Tied Up Common Combat
Defense Minister Callahan Uncommon Item
Desert of Bleached White Bones Common Location
Desert Skimmer Uncommon Equipment
Deserted Island Uncommon Location
Detective Kiyone Rare Character
Detective Mihoshi Uncommon Character
Deva, The Bugrom Queen Common Major Disaster
Dimensional Hammer Common Equipment
Dimensional Sleep Chamber Common Item
Dimensional Vortex Rare Minor Disaster
Disguise Revealed Uncommon Minor Disaster
Dobermans Common Major Disaster
Dodge / Puppy Dog Eyes Common Combat
Dr. Raven Uncommon Global Effect
Dr. Stingray Uncommon Global Effect
Dr. Tofu Rare Character
Equipment Breakdown Uncommon Flash Effect
Everyone's After Me Common Major Disaster
F.G. Frederick Uncommon Major Disaster
Face Slam / Beautiful Queen Common Combat
Fatora Disguise Uncommon Enhancement
Female Jealousy Uncommon Flash Effect
Fire Shield Uncommon Flash Effect
Floristica Marketplace Rare Location
Floristica Palace Room Rare Haven
Flying Block Common Flash Effect
Forceful Impact Common Minor Disaster
Funaho, The Holy Tree Uncommon Location
Furinkan High Common Location
Galaxy Destroyer Rare Major Disaster
Galaxy Destroyer Remote Rare Item
Galaxy Police Flag Uncommon Item
Galaxy Police HQ Common Location
Gas Attack / Incomparable Beauty Uncommon Combat
GD-42 Crab Mech Common Major Disaster
Genaros Station Uncommon Location
Gene Doubling Uncommon Enhancement
Genma Saotome Rare Character
Genom Military Lab Rare Location
Genom Research Center Uncommon Location
Genom Tower Common Location
Go Board Uncommon Item
Go Fish Uncommon Flash Effect
Hammer / Lover's Kiss Common Combat
Hand Computer Common Equipment
Happosai Common Major Disaster
Have a Nice Trip Common Minor Disaster
Horned Mongoose Whistle Uncommon Item
Hot Legs Common Location
Hot Springs House Common Location
Hungry Cabbit Common Major Disaster
Ifurita's Power Key Staff Rare Item
Ifurita's Tomb Rare Location
I'm Buyin' Common Enhancement
Interference Common Global Effect
Island Restaurant Rare Location
Jail Break Common Flash Effect
Jinnai's Strike Squad Uncommon Major Disaster
Jump Rare Enhancement
Juraian Battlesuit Uncommon Enhancement
Juraian Guardians Uncommon Minor Disaster
Juraian Royal Teardrop Common Item
Juraian Ultra Battlesuit Rare Enhancement
Jusenkyo Common Location
K-12 Battlesuit Uncommon Equipment
Kagato Common Major Disaster
Kasumi Common Global Effect
Katsuhiko Jinnai Common Character
Keys Common Item
Kick / Awfully Cute Common Combat
Kirin Common Major Disaster
Kiriya Rare Character
Kiriya, The Phantom Assassin Uncommon Minor Disaster
Knee Slam / Special Gift Common Combat
Kodachi Kuno (The Black Rose) Common Minor Disaster
Kodachi's School Dress Common Item
Lab Explosion Common Minor Disaster
Lady Tokimi Common Minor Disaster
Lamp of Fire Rare Equipment
Lamp of the Winds Rare Equipment
Largo Common Major Disaster
Leon McNichol Common Character
Leon's Boomer Rifle Rare Equipment
Leon's Missile Gun Uncommon Equipment
Lingerie Common Item
Linna Yamazaki Uncommon Character
Linna's Hardsuit Uncommon Equipment
Lisa Vanett's Camera (sic) Uncommon Item
Lisa Vannett (sic) Rare Character
Little Washu Common Character
Locked Gate Common Minor Disaster
Mackie Stingray Rare Character
Mackie's Battlesuit Rare Equipment
Magical Girl Pretty Sammy Rare Character
Maid Disguise Uncommon Enhancement
Makoto Mizuhara Common Character
Masaki Comes Visiting Common Global Effect
Masaki House Rare Haven
Masaki Shrine Rare Location
Medical Disguise Uncommon Enhancement
Medical Treatment Common Flash Effect
Mega Motoslave Rare Global Effect
Mihoshi's Driving Uncommon Flash Effect
Mihoshi's Laser Pistol Common Equipment
Mihoshi's Mothership Rare Haven
Military Disguise Uncommon Enhancement
Misdirection Common Flash Effect
Miss Hinako Common Major Disaster
Miz Mishtal Uncommon Character
Mountain Man Common Enhancement
Mountain Sign Post Uncommon Item
Mousse Rare Character
Mr. Masamichi Fujisawa Common Character
Mr. Panda Rare Character
Mrs. Tendo's Cookbook Uncommon Item
Mt. Muldoon Common Location
Mu-Mu Chan Rare Character
Musical Instrument Uncommon Item
Nabiki Tendo Common Character
Najato (Phantom Prince) Uncommon Minor Disaster
Nanami Jinnai Uncommon Character
Natsumi and Karume Common Major Disaster
Nene Romanova Common Character
Nene's Hardsuit Uncommon Equipment
Nobuki Inn Rare Location
Okonomiyaki (Ukyo's Pizza) Common Item
Old Woman Common Minor Disaster
Palace Guard Rare Global Effect
Panic / Enchanted View Common Combat
Paralyse / Captivate Common Combat
Parry / Handsome Lad Common Combat
Pass Around Common Enhancement
Pay Attention Rare Flash Effect
P-Chan Uncommon Character
Peeping Disguise Uncommon Enhancement
Personal Training Uncommon Enhancement
Piece of Cake Common Item
Planet Jurai Common Location
Police Disguise Rare Enhancement
Possession Rare Flash Effect
Power Chi Rare Enhancement
Power Gem Rare Item
Power Grip Common Global Effect
Princess Ayeka Uncommon Character
Princess Sasami Uncommon Character
Principal Kuno Common Major Disaster
Priss and the Replicants Uncommon Minor Disaster
Priss Asagiri Common Character
Priss' First Live Concert Poster Rare Item
Priss' Hardsuit Uncommon Equipment
Pruning Shears Common Equipment
Punch / Lovely Hair Common Combat
Quincy Common Major Disaster
Ranma Saotome (boy type) Common Character
Ranma Saotome (girl type) Common Character
Raven's Garage Rare Haven
Red Tape Rare Minor Disaster
Refreshing Drink Uncommon Item
Reika "Vision" Chang Rare Character
Relaxing Hot Springs Uncommon Global Effect
Reload Common Flash Effect
Restricted Area Common Minor Disaster
Reverse Attack Uncommon Flash Effect
Ring of Water Rare Equipment
Royal Flying Barge Uncommon Equipment
Royal Librarian Rare Flash Effect
Royal Painting Common Item
Royal Trees of Jurai Uncommon Location
Ryo-Ohki (Cabbit) Common Character
Ryo-Ohki (Ship) Common Character
Ryoga Hibiki Uncommon Character
Ryoko Common Character
Ryoko's Prison Cave Rare Location
Ryu-Oh's Seed Uncommon Item
Ryugenzawa Uncommon Location
Sake Tub Common Item
Satellite Strike Common Major Disaster
Seito Bridge Common Location
Servant Uncommon Enhancement
Sexaroid Data Disk Uncommon Item
Shaken Up / Singing Sensation Common Combat
Shampoo Uncommon Character
Shampoo (Cat) Uncommon Character
Shayla-Shayla Uncommon Character
Shi Chi Hokodan Common Flash Effect
Shinonome High School Uncommon Location
Shuttle Craft Common Equipment
Shuttle Crash Common Minor Disaster
Slam / Great Service Uncommon Combat
Slap / Beautiful Redhead Common Combat
Smash / Stupefaction Common Combat
Soft Bath Towel Common Item
Soja Guardians Common Minor Disaster
Space Pirate Attack Uncommon Major Disaster
Space Pirate Ryoko's Hideout Rare Location
Spotlight Rare Flash Effect
Spring of Arliman Common Location
Spring of Life Uncommon Location
Spy Camera Rare Global Effect
Stand Up Straight Common Flash Effect
Stomp / Cool Dude Common Combat
Supreme Battle Aura Rare Flash Effect
Surveillance Rare Global Effect
Survival Shot Common Location
Sylia Stingray Uncommon Character
Sylia's Hardsuit Uncommon Equipment
Sylvie Rare Character
Tatewaki Kuno Uncommon Minor Disaster
Taunt Common Flash Effect
Teacher Disguise Common Enhancement
Telephone Pole Common Location
Temporal Disturbance Rare Flash Effect
Tenchi Masaki Uncommon Character
Tenchi the Master Key Rare Item
The Citadel Rare Location
The Demoness Ifurita Common Major Disaster
The Masaki Van Common Equipment
The Mass Common Major Disaster
The Mass Humanoid Form Rare Minor Disaster
The Reversed World Rare Location
The Ruined City Uncommon Location
The Silky Doll Rare Haven
The Tendo Dojo Rare Haven
This Device Uncommon Enhancement
Tokyo Mega Dome Common Location
Toma Uncommon Major Disaster
Toma's Guards Common Minor Disaster
Toma's Palace Uncommon Location
Towed Vehicle Uncommon Minor Disaster
Traffic Ticket Rare Minor Disaster
Training Ground of Cursed Springs Common Minor Disaster
Training Partner Rare Flash Effect
Transmitter Bra Rare Equipment
Trapped Door Uncommon Minor Disaster
Tsunami Uncommon Equipment
U.S.S.D. Military HQ Rare Location
Ukyo Kuonji Rare Character
Ukyo's Restaurant Common Location
Ura, The Armor Cat Uncommon Equipment
Vision's Private Jet Rare Equipment
Washu Uncommon Character
Washu's Baby Formula Common Item
Washu's Lab Uncommon Location
Washu's Space Time Converter Promo Flash Effect
Water Kettle Uncommon Flash Effect
Water Spear Common Flash Effect
Wedding Jewels Common Enhancement
Wings Of The Lighthawk Rare Enhancement
Wrath of the Eye of God Rare Flash Effect
Yamata No Orochi Uncommon Minor Disaster
Yoiko-no-taiso Step 1 Uncommon Flash Effect
Yukinojo Uncommon Enhancement

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