Set 1 is the first expansion of Anachronism. It was printed published by The History Channel and TriKing Games in 2004 and it features Greek, Japanese, Norse and Roman civilizations. There is also a 2-player starter set, featuring the Japanese and Norse.

Type BreakdownEdit

  • 20 Armors (5 Greek, 5 Japanese, 5 Norse and 5 Roman)
  • 22 Inspirations (5 Greek, 6 Japanese, 5 Norse and 6 Roman)
  • 20 Specials (5 Greek, 5 Japanese, 5 Norse and 5 Roman)
  • 28 Warriors (7 Greek, 7 Japanese, 7 Norse and 7 Roman)
  • 20 Weapons (5 Greek, 5 Japanese, 5 Norse and 5 Roman)

Rarity BreakdownEdit

  • 100 Fixed
  • 10 Promos

Card ListEdit

# Title Rarity Type Civilization
01/100 Alexander the Great Fixed Warrior Greek
02/100 Oracle of Delphi Fixed Inspiration Greek
03/100 Sarissae Fixed Weapon Greek
04/100 Linen Cuirass Fixed Armor Greek
05/100 Bucephalus Fixed Special Greek
06/100 Leonidas Fixed Warrior Greek
07/100 Nemesis Fixed Inspiration Greek
08/100 Spartan Lakonian Fixed Weapon Greek
09/100 Muscle Cuirass Fixed Armor Greek
10/100 Hoplon Fixed Special Greek
11/100 Herakles Fixed Warrior Greek
12/100 Zeus Fixed Inspiration Greek
13/100 Kopis Fixed Weapon Greek
14/100 Greaves Fixed Armor Greek
15/100 Belt of Hippolyte Fixed Special Greek
16/100 Milo of Croton Fixed Warrior Greek
17/100 Pythagoras Fixed Inspiration Greek
18/100 Ropalo Fixed Weapon Greek
19/100 Liontari Fixed Armor Greek
20/100 Kotynos Fixed Special Greek
21/100 Oda Nobunaga Fixed Warrior Japanese
22/100 Izanagi Fixed Inspiration Japanese
23/100 Yumi Fixed Weapon Japanese
24/100 Do Fixed Armor Japanese
25/100 Kyudo Fixed Special Japanese
26/100 Nakano Takeko Fixed Warrior Japanese
27/100 Bokken Fixed Weapon Japanese
28/100 Amaterasu Fixed Inspiration Japanese
29/100 Gorin no Sho Fixed Special Japanese
30/100 Naginata Fixed Weapon Japanese
31/100 Mempo Fixed Armor Japanese
32/100 Kemuri-Kona Fixed Special Japanese
33/100 Saito Musashibo Benkei Fixed Warrior Japanese
34/100 Bishamon-ten Fixed Inspiration Japanese
35/100 Katana Fixed Weapon Japanese
36/100 Kimono Fixed Armor Japanese
37/100 Haidate Fixed Armor Japanese
38/100 Uma Fixed Special Japanese
39/100 Miyamoto Musashi Fixed Warrior Japanese
40/100 Musha-Shuyo Fixed Inspiration Japanese
41/100 Ninja Fixed Warrior Japanese
42/100 Izanami Fixed Inspiration Japanese
43/100 Ninja-to Fixed Weapon Japanese
44/100 Shinobo Shozoku Fixed Armor Japanese
45/100 Shuriken Fixed Special Japanese
46/100 Canute the Great Fixed Warrior Norse
47/100 Odin Fixed Inspiration Norse
48/100 Langseax Fixed Weapon Norse
49/100 Healsbeorgs Fixed Armor Norse
50/100 Crown of England Fixed Special Norse
51/100 Harald Hardrada Fixed Warrior Norse
52/100 Beowulf Fixed Warrior Norse
53/100 Thor Fixed Inspiration Norse
54/100 Byrnies Fixed Armor Norse
55/100 Langox Fixed Weapon Norse
56/100 Hjelm Fixed Armor Norse
57/100 Mjollnir Fixed Special Norse
58/100 Freydis Eiriksdottir Fixed Warrior Norse
59/100 Tyr Fixed Inspiration Norse
60/100 Grendel Fixed Inspiration Norse
61/100 Skegox Francisca Fixed Weapon Norse
62/100 Leiter Fixed Armor Norse
63/100 Elhaz Rune Fixed Special Norse
64/100 Grettir the Strong Fixed Warrior Norse
65/100 Loki Fixed Inspiration Norse
66/100 Dane Axe Fixed Weapon Norse
67/100 Bear Sark Fixed Armor Norse
68/100 Berserkergangr Fixed Special Norse
69/100 Julius Caesar Fixed Warrior Roman
70/100 Jupiter Fixed Inspiration Roman
71/100 Gladius Fixed Weapon Roman
72/100 Skjold Fixed Weapon Norse
73/100 Sverd Fixed Weapon Norse
74/100 Caesar's Greaves Fixed Armor Roman
75/100 De Bello Gallico Fixed Special Roman
76/100 Amazonia Fixed Warrior Roman
77/100 Mercury Fixed Inspiration Roman
78/100 Pugio Fixed Weapon Roman
79/100 Pteryges Fixed Armor Roman
80/100 Scutulum Fixed Special Roman
81/100 Marcus Claudius Marcellus Fixed Warrior Roman
82/100 Apollo Fixed Inspiration Roman
83/100 Pilum Fixed Weapon Roman
84/100 Loricae Segmentata Fixed Armor Roman
85/100 Disciplina Fixed Special Roman
86/100 Maximinus Fixed Warrior Roman
87/100 Pluto Fixed Inspiration Roman
88/100 Spatha Fixed Weapon Roman
89/100 Cassis Fixed Armor Roman
90/100 Scutum Fixed Special Roman
91/100 Achilles Fixed Warrior Greek
92/100 Thetis Fixed Inspiration Greek
93/100 Sarissa Fixed Weapon Greek
94/100 Armor of Hephaestus Fixed Armor Greek
95/100 Shield of Hephaestus Fixed Special Greek
96/100 Spartacus Fixed Warrior Roman
97/100 Blossius of Cumae Fixed Inspiration Roman
98/100 Sica Fixed Weapon Roman
99/100 Ocrea Fixed Armor Roman
100/100 Parma Fixed Special Roman
P1/10 Alexander III of Macedon Promo Warrior Greek
P2/10 Leonidas I of Sparta Promo Warrior Greek
P3/10 Bushido Promo Inspiration Japanese
P4/10 Nobunaga Promo Warrior Japanese
P5/10 Shinmen Takezo Promo Warrior Japanese
P6/10 Canute I of Denmark Promo Warrior Norse
P7/10 Great King Beowulf Promo Warrior Norse
P8/10 Gaius Julius Promo Warrior Roman
P9/10 Mars Promo Inspiration Roman
P10/10 Spartacus of Thrace Promo Warrior Roman

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