Set1 booster


Set 1 is the third set of Ani-Mayhem and it is published by Upper Deck. It consists of 220 cards with images of the following animations: Armitage III, Dominion Tank Police, Oh My Goddess!, Phantom Quest Corp. and Project A-ko.

Each booster contains 9 cards.

Type BreakdownEdit

  • 23 Characters
  • 20 Combats
  • 15 Enhancements
  • 16 Equipments
  • 33 Flash Effects
  • 11 Global Effects
  • 4 Havens
  • 22 Items
  • 26 Locations
  • 15 Major Disasters
  • 34 Minor Disasters

Rarities BreakdownEdit

  • 80 Commons
  • 80 Uncommons
  • 60 Rares

Card ListEdit

'Scuse Us Common Flash Effect
3 Way Rumble Common Minor Disaster
A Goddess' Kiss Rare Enhancement
Acrophobia Uncommon Global Effect
Agent "D" Common Character
Akagiyama 23 Uncommon Equipment
Akagiyama Missiles Rare Enhancement
A-ko Magami Common Character
A-ko's House Common Haven
Al Common Character
Alarm Clock Common Item
Alien Battleship Uncommon Major Disaster
Alien Invasion Force Uncommon Major Disaster
Alien Ship Rare Location
Ancient Pottery Uncommon Item
Annapuna (sic) Common Character
Antiques Common Item
Assassin-Bot (Aqua Augmentation) Uncommon Major Disaster
Assassin-Bot (Land Augmentation) Uncommon Major Disaster
Assault with Intent to Kill Rare Flash Effect
Assistance / I Surrender Uncommon Combat
Assisted Shot Common Flash Effect
Asteroid Common Minor Disaster
Avoid / Overdoing It Common Combat
Avoid Fire Uncommon Flash Effect
Ayaka Kisaragi Common Character
Back to Reality Rare Flash Effect
Bills and Calculator Uncommon Item
Bio Ball (sic) Uncommon Minor Disaster
Bio-Ball Remover Uncommon Equipment
B-ko Daitokuji Common Character
B-ko's Bath Rare Location
B-ko's English Textbook Uncommon Item
Blind Throw / Surprised Common Combat
Blocking Rush / Halitosis Common Combat
Blown Main CPU Common Flash Effect
Bonaparte Rare Equipment
Breaking and Entering Rare Global Effect
Breather Mask Common Item
Broken Back Rare Flash Effect
Call To Arms / Accost Common Combat
Call To God Rare Flash Effect
Captain Napolipolita Uncommon Character
Cathedral Rare Location
Chaplain Uncommon Character
Charged Up / Ogle Uncommon Combat
C-ko Kotobuki Uncommon Item
C-ko's Cooking Common Minor Disaster
C-ko's Lunch Common Item
Classy Crooks Uncommon Global Effect
Comm Goggles Uncommon Equipment
Comm Phone Rare Equipment
Compact Uncommon Item
Computer Core Uncommon Location
Computer Link Common Equipment
Conception Building Common Location
Country Bar Rare Location
Crazy Eyes Uncommon Flash Effect
Cross Common Item
Danich Hill Dome Rare Location
Data Stream Rare Enhancement
Daylight Uncommon Flash Effect
Defense Forces Rare Minor Disaster
Desert Skeletons Common Minor Disaster
Desperate Shot / Terror Common Combat
Dinner with Mom and Dad Uncommon Minor Disaster
Dirty Laundry Rare Item
Don't Move Common Flash Effect
Dr. René D'anclaude Uncommon Major Disaster
Dracula Common Major Disaster
Earrings Rare Item
Eddie Uncommon Character
Electronic Day Planner Rare Equipment
Elite Medical Staff Rare Global Effect
Emergency Stop Common Flash Effect
Exorcism Circle Rare Enhancement
Falling Debris Rare Minor Disaster
Falling I-Beam Common Minor Disaster
Family Picture Uncommon Item
Fancy Dance / Sexy Teacher Common Combat
Fire Fight Common Minor Disaster
Following Orders Uncommon Flash Effect
Forceful Passage Rare Flash Effect
Funky Muggers Uncommon Minor Disaster
Get Around Rare Flash Effect
Glass of Wine Uncommon Item
Gone Crazy / Lovely Ladies Uncommon Combat
Goons Uncommon Minor Disaster
Grab 'n Run Common Flash Effect
Graviton City Rare Location
Gravition High School for Girls Common Location
Group Photo Rare Item
Happy Students Uncommon Global Effect
Happy Tanks Rare Minor Disaster
Hidden Weapon Uncommon Flash Effect
Hounded by the Press Rare Minor Disaster
Hu-Gite Manufacturing Rare Location
In the Hall Uncommon Minor Disaster
Inhuman Strength Rare Enhancement
Interrogation Uncommon Global Effect
Introduction Rare Flash Effect
It's Your Fault / Broad Shoulders Uncommon Combat
I've Been Waiting for You Rare Flash Effect
Jacking In Uncommon Enhancement
Jet Pack Uncommon Equipment
Julian "Pluto" Moore Uncommon Character
Julian's Gravesite Rare Location
Junk Yard Common Location
Karaoke Taxi Uncommon Flash Effect
Kelly McCanon Poster Uncommon Item
Knocked Out / Beauty Common Combat
Kozo Karino Common Character
Lab Computers Uncommon Item
Last Chance to Confess Uncommon Flash Effect
Late for School Uncommon Global Effect
Leona Ozaki Common Character
Loving You Rare Flash Effect
Lt. Randolph Rare Character
Lucky Shot Rare Flash Effect
Mad Doctor Common Major Disaster
Mamoru Shimesu Uncommon Character
Mars Shuttle Uncommon Equipment
Martian Police Department Uncommon Location
Martian Security Forces Uncommon Major Disaster
Max 5000 Common Minor Disaster
Mecha Plans Rare Item
Medical Scanner Uncommon Equipment
Memory Bank IO Room Common Location
Minor Injury Rare Flash Effect
Miss Ayumi Rare Character
Missile Walk Uncommon Flash Effect
Murder Scene Uncommon Location
Murdered Music Star Uncommon Minor Disaster
Museum Uncommon Location
Nanami Rokugo Rare Character
Naomi Armitage Common Character
Nightmare Rare Major Disaster
Ninja Defense / Getting Dressed Common Combat
No Way Out Uncommon Minor Disaster
Observation Droid Uncommon Minor Disaster
On The Move Rare Major Disaster
One World Common Minor Disaster
Over the Edge Rare Flash Effect
Panic Attack Common Flash Effect
Patiently Waiting Rare Enhancement
Pedal Copter Common Equipment
Peep Hole Rare Enhancement
Pentacle Uncommon Flash Effect
Phantom Quest Corporation Common Haven
Phobian Uncommon Item
Phone Booth Common Location
Pleasure Treatment Common Enhancement
Police Forensics Expert Rare Enhancement
Political Investigation Common Major Disaster
Power Push Rare Flash Effect
Power Suit Rare Minor Disaster
Project Greenpeace Uncommon Item
Ready to Go Common Global Effect
Red Commandos Uncommon Major Disaster
Red Dragon Spirit Capture Star Sword Uncommon Equipment
Robot Flight Crew Uncommon Enhancement
Robot Guard Uncommon Enhancement
Robot Slave Rare Equipment
Rock/Paper/Scissors Common Flash Effect
Rokkon Common Character
Ross Sylibus Common Character
Ross' Apartment Common Haven
Ross' Battlesuit Rare Equipment
Run Over Rare Minor Disaster
Runaway Elevator Common Minor Disaster
Running Fight Common Minor Disaster
Running Late Common Minor Disaster
Sahara Demon Uncommon Major Disaster
Screw Kick / Comfy? Common Combat
Security Camera Uncommon Global Effect
Sewer Uncommon Location
Shinjuku Police Building Rare Location
Shinora Hospital Common Location
Shopping Spree Common Minor Disaster
Short Out Uncommon Minor Disaster
Shortcut Uncommon Global Effect
Shot Down Uncommon Minor Disaster
Southern Cross Fist / Mournful Look Common Combat
Space Station Rare Location
Specs Common Character
Speed Uncommon Enhancement
Spirit Protection Field Uncommon Item
Squad Bay Common Haven
Squad Leader Britain Rare Character
St. Lowell Spaceport Uncommon Location
Startled / Pretty Lady Uncommon Combat
Striptease Uncommon Flash Effect
Sudden Stop Common Minor Disaster
Surgical Laser Rare Minor Disaster
Surprise Attack / Happy Common Combat
Swamp Boat Rare Equipment
Swat Team Uncommon Minor Disaster
Swimming Pool Uncommon Location
Take Cover / Ecstacy Common Combat
Take Your Best Shot Common Flash Effect
Tank Police HQ Common Location
Tank Police on Patrol Common Major Disaster
Tank Special Rare Minor Disaster
Tea Room Transylvania Common Location
Tender Moment Rare Global Effect
Toss / Distraction Common Combat
Tracer Bug Common Equipment
Tracheotomy / Lovely Possession Common Combat
Training Book Common Item
Trip / Tears Uncommon Combat
Turbo Boost Uncommon Enhancement
Under Age Smoking Common Major Disaster
Unfinished Building Common Location
Unipuma Common Character
Unwanted Guest Uncommon Minor Disaster
Vampiric Ambush Common Minor Disaster
Wake Up Call Common Flash Effect
Wrist Lasers Uncommon Enhancement
Wrong Button Rare Minor Disaster
Young Belldandy Rare Character

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