Set 2 is the second expansion of Anachronism. It was printed published by The History Channel and TriKing Games in June 2005 and it features Briton, Chinese, Egyptian and Mongol civilizations.

Type BreakdownEdit

  • 20 Armors (5 Briton, 5 Chinese, 5 Egyptian and 5 Mongol)
  • 20 Inspirations (5 Briton, 5 Chinese, 5 Egyptian and 5 Mongol)
  • 20 Specials (5 Briton, 5 Chinese, 5 Egyptian and 5 Mongol)
  • 20 Warriors (5 Briton, 5 Chinese, 5 Egyptian and 5 Mongol)
  • 20 Weapons (5 Briton, 5 Chinese, 5 Egyptian and 5 Mongol)

Rarity BreakdownEdit

  • 100 Fixed

Card ListEdit

# Title Rarity Type Civilization
01/100 Alfred the Great Fixed Warrior Briton
02/100 Ealhswith Fixed Inspiration Briton
03/100 Longsword Fixed Weapon Briton
04/100 Gambeson Fixed Armor Briton
05/100 Targe Fixed Special Briton
06/100 Boudicca Fixed Warrior Briton
07/100 Rhiannon Fixed Inspiration Briton
08/100 Goaf Fixed Weapon Briton
09/100 Bratt Fixed Armor Briton
10/100 Carpat Fixed Special Briton
11/100 King Arthur Fixed Warrior Briton
12/100 Lady of the Lake Fixed Inspiration Briton
13/100 Excalibur Fixed Weapon Briton
14/100 Chainmail Shirt Fixed Armor Briton
15/100 Merlin the Wise Fixed Special Briton
16/100 Richard the Lionheart Fixed Warrior Briton
17/100 Berengaria Fixed Inspiration Briton
18/100 Greatsword Fixed Weapon Briton
19/100 Full Mail Hauberk Fixed Armor Briton
20/100 Chivalry Fixed Special Briton
21/100 Robin Hood Fixed Warrior Briton
22/100 Maid Marian Fixed Inspiration Briton
23/100 Longbow Fixed Weapon Briton
24/100 Leather Jerkin Fixed Armor Briton
25/100 Band of Merry Men Fixed Special Briton
26/100 Guan Yu Fixed Warrior Chinese
27/100 Guan Di Fixed Inspiration Chinese
28/100 Qing Long Yan Yue Dao Fixed Weapon Chinese
29/100 Jiang Jun Zhil Kai Fixed Armor Chinese
30/100 Tao Yuan San Jie Yi Fixed Special Chinese
31/100 Hua Mulan Fixed Warrior Chinese
32/100 Zhu Rong Fixed Inspiration Chinese
33/100 Qiang Fixed Weapon Chinese
34/100 Zhou Fixed Armor Chinese
35/100 Sheng Kai De Mu Lan Hua Fixed Special Chinese
36/100 Jie the Tyrant Fixed Warrior Chinese
37/100 Yeng Wang Ye Fixed Inspiration Chinese
38/100 Yue Fixed Weapon Chinese
39/100 Bo Xion Jia Fixed Armor Chinese
40/100 Qing Gong Palace Fixed Special Chinese
41/100 Sun Tzu Fixed Warrior Chinese
42/100 Yu Huang Shang Di Fixed Inspiration Chinese
43/100 Nu Gong Fixed Weapon Chinese
44/100 Shan Wen Jia Fixed Armor Chinese
45/100 Bing Fa Fixed Special Chinese
46/100 Yue Fei Fixed Warrior Chinese
47/100 Jin Cheng Bao Guo Fixed Inspiration Chinese
48/100 Dao Fixed Weapon Chinese
49/100 Hu Xion Jia Fixed Armor Chinese
50/100 Ba Duan Jin Fixed Special Chinese
51/100 Cleopatra VII Fixed Warrior Egyptian
52/100 Ast Fixed Inspiration Egyptian
53/100 B'gsw Fixed Weapon Egyptian
54/100 Golden Corselet Fixed Armor Egyptian
55/100 Hega and Was Scepters Fixed Special Egyptian
56/100 Horemheb the Restorer Fixed Warrior Egyptian
57/100 Horus Fixed Inspiration Egyptian
58/100 Khopesh Fixed Weapon Egyptian
59/100 Man-High Shield Fixed Armor Egyptian
60/100 Udjat Eye Fixed Special Egyptian
61/100 Ramses II Fixed Warrior Egyptian
62/100 Ra Fixed Inspiration Egyptian
63/100 Minb Fixed Weapon Egyptian
64/100 Ikm'T Fixed Armor Egyptian
65/100 Wereryet Fixed Special Egyptian
66/100 Seti I Fixed Warrior Egyptian
67/100 Osiris Fixed Inspiration Egyptian
68/100 Hornbow Fixed Weapon Egyptian
69/100 Khephresh Fixed Armor Egyptian
70/100 Reu Nu Pert Em Hru Fixed Special Egyptian
71/100 Srqt, The Scorpion King Fixed Warrior Egyptian
72/100 Khnum Fixed Inspiration Egyptian
73/100 Nsywt Fixed Weapon Egyptian
74/100 Ikm Mskw Fixed Armor Egyptian
75/100 Mace of the Scorpion King Fixed Special Egyptian
76/100 Attila the Hun Fixed Warrior Mongol
77/100 Nemere Fixed Inspiration Mongol
78/100 Sword of Mars Fixed Weapon Mongol
79/100 Duulga Fixed Armor Mongol
80/100 Gäitäy Geprech Fixed Special Mongol
81/100 Gengis Khan Fixed Warrior Mongol
82/100 Koeke Moengke Tengri Fixed Inspiration Mongol
83/100 Alman Sukh Fixed Weapon Mongol
84/100 Khurim Fixed Armor Mongol
85/100 Zhad Fixed Special Mongol
86/100 Khutulun Fixed Warrior Mongol
87/100 Burqan-Qaldun Fixed Inspiration Mongol
88/100 Khutga Fixed Weapon Mongol
89/100 Gutal Fixed Armor Mongol
90/100 100 Aduu Bootsoo Fixed Special Mongol
91/100 Kublai Khan Fixed Warrior Mongol
92/100 Xanadu Fixed Inspiration Mongol
93/100 Tomor Scimitar Fixed Weapon Mongol
94/100 Tsamts Torgo Fixed Armor Mongol
95/100 Num Tom Fixed Special Mongol
96/100 Subedei Fixed Warrior Mongol
97/100 Yeke Mongghul Ulus Fixed Inspiration Mongol
98/100 Num Mor Fixed Weapon Mongol
99/100 Khatangu Fixed Armor Mongol
100/100 Mangudai Steed Fixed Special Mongol

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