Set 4 is the fourth expansion of Anachronism. It was printed published by The History Channel and TriKing Games in November 2005 and it features Irish, Maori, Persian and Russian civilizations. It also has promos for civilizations from previous expansions.

Type BreakdownEdit

  • 21 Armors (5 Irish, 5 Maori, 1 Native American, 5 Persian and 5 Russian)
  • 22 Inspirations (1 Germanic, 5 Irish, 5 Maori, 1 Native American, 5 Persian and 5 Russian)
  • 24 Specials (1 Egyptian, 1 Germanic, 5 Irish, 5 Maori, 5 Persian, 5 Russian and 2 Scottish)
  • 21 Warriors (1 French, 5 Irish, 5 Maori, 5 Persian and 5 Russian)
  • 22 Weapons (1 Chinese, 1 French, 5 Irish, 5 Maori, 5 Persian and 5 Russian

Rarity BreakdownEdit

  • 100 Fixed
  • 10 Promos

Card ListEdit

# Title Rarity Type Civilization
01/100 Benríg Medb Fixed Warrior Irish
02/100 Anú Fixed Inspiration Irish
03/100 Sleá Bladhmadh Fixed Weapon Irish
04/100 Brat Derg Fixed Armor Irish
05/100 Donn Cuailnge Fixed Special Irish
06/100 Brian Ború Fixed Warrior Irish
07/100 Árd Rí Fixed Inspiration Irish
08/100 Clíabh Mór Fixed Weapon Irish
09/100 Máille Na Lúb Fixed Armor Irish
10/100 Cluain Tairbh Fixed Special Irish
11/100 Cú Chulainn Fixed Warrior Irish
12/100 Mor Rioghaim Fixed Inspiration Irish
13/100 Gae Bolg Fixed Weapon Irish
14/100 Dubán Fixed Armor Irish
15/100 Bás Sheasamhach Fixed Special Irish
16/100 Dónal McCarthaigh Mór Fixed Warrior Irish
17/100 Dlí Breithim Fixed Inspiration Irish
18/100 Sleá le Scian le Cuma Duilleog Fixed Weapon Irish
19/100 Torc Órga Fixed Armor Irish
20/100 Siúlóir na Cosach Croise Fixed Special Irish
21/100 Finn MacCumhaill Fixed Warrior Irish
22/100 An Bradán Feasa Fixed Inspiration Irish
23/100 Mac an Luin Fixed Weapon Irish
24/100 Sgiath Gailbhinn Fixed Armor Irish
25/100 Bran Agus Sceolang Fixed Special Irish
26/100 Ariki the Wherowhero Fixed Warrior Maori
27/100 Treaty of Waitangi Fixed Inspiration Maori
28/100 Taiaha Fixed Weapon Maori
29/100 Pa Fixed Armor Maori
30/100 Hei-Tiki Fixed Special Maori
31/100 Hatupatu Fixed Warrior Maori
32/100 Tane Mahuta Fixed Inspiration Maori
33/100 Mere Fixed Weapon Maori
34/100 Te Kohatu-O-Hatupatu Fixed Armor Maori
35/100 Karakia Fixed Special Maori
36/100 Kupe Fixed Warrior Maori
37/100 Tangaroa Fixed Inspiration Maori
38/100 Hauhau-te-Rangi Fixed Weapon Maori
39/100 Moko Fixed Armor Maori
40/100 Waka Fixed Special Maori
41/100 Maui-Tikitiki Fixed Warrior Maori
42/100 Tu-Matauenga Fixed Inspiration Maori
43/100 Manai Ikalanai Fixed Weapon Maori
44/100 Kahu Kiwi Fixed Armor Maori
45/100 Mana Fixed Special Maori
46/100 Te Raupraha Fixed Warrior Maori
47/100 Ranga-nui Me Papa-tu-a-Nuku Fixed Inspiration Maori
48/100 Kotiate Fixed Weapon Maori
49/100 Haka Fixed Armor Maori
50/100 Tapu Fixed Special Maori
51/100 Apranik Fixed Warrior Persian
52/100 Anahita Fixed Inspiration Persian
53/100 Akinaka Fixed Weapon Persian
54/100 Tiara Fixed Armor Persian
55/100 Jang O Goriz Fixed Special Persian
56/100 Cyrus the Great Fixed Warrior Persian
57/100 Mardukh Fixed Inspiration Persian
58/100 Kaman-E Helal-E Irani Fixed Weapon Persian
59/100 Spara Fixed Armor Persian
60/100 Arabe Haye Darrande Fixed Special Persian
61/100 Darius the Great Fixed Warrior Persian
62/100 Ahuramazda Fixed Inspiration Persian
63/100 Neyze-Ye Darrande Fixed Weapon Persian
64/100 Gerron Fixed Armor Persian
65/100 Amrtaka Fixed Special Persian
66/100 Mithriates VI the Great Fixed Warrior Persian
67/100 Dionysus Fixed Inspiration Persian
68/100 Palta Fixed Weapon Persian
69/100 Griwban Fixed Armor Persian
70/100 Mitray-I Fixed Special Persian
71/100 Shapur I Fixed Warrior Persian
72/100 Zartosht Fixed Inspiration Persian
73/100 Kontos Fixed Weapon Persian
74/100 Kolah Khod-E Sasani Fixed Armor Persian
75/100 Rhyton Fixed Special Persian
76/100 Catherine the Great Fixed Warrior Russian
77/100 Voltaire Fixed Inspiration Russian
78/100 Polusablya Fixed Weapon Russian
79/100 Kirasa Fixed Armor Russian
80/100 Prosveschenniy Absolutism Fixed Special Russian
81/100 Ivan the Terrible Fixed Warrior Russian
82/100 Anastasia Romanova Zakharyina Fixed Inspiration Russian
83/100 Shestoper Fixed Weapon Russian
84/100 Tyegilya Fixed Armor Russian
85/100 Oprichniki Fixed Special Russian
86/100 Peter I the Great Fixed Warrior Russian
87/100 Vozeshenniye Posolstovo Fixed Inspiration Russian
88/100 Shpaga Fixed Weapon Russian
89/100 Kolontar Fixed Armor Russian
90/100 Rindi Fixed Special Russian
91/100 Prinz Mikhial Skopin-Shuisky Fixed Warrior Russian
92/100 Samozvantez Dmitry I Fixed Inspiration Russian
93/100 Palash Fixed Weapon Russian
94/100 Bakhterets Fixed Armor Russian
95/100 Mechnik Fixed Special Russian
96/100 Saint Alexander Nevsky Fixed Warrior Russian
97/100 Metropolitan Kyrillus Fixed Inspiration Russian
98/100 Chekan Fixed Weapon Russian
99/100 Kol'chuga Fixed Armor Russian
100/100 Shlem Fixed Special Russian
P21/100 A'Phìob Mhòr Promo Special Scottish
P22/100 D'Artagnan Promo Warrior French
P23/100 Allt A'Bhonnaich Promo Special Scottish
P24/100 Šspw Promo Special Egyptian
P25/100 Donar-Eiche Promo Special Germanic
P26/100 Rapière Promo Weapon French
P27/100 San Jie Gun Promo Weapon Chinese
P28/100 Völkerwanderung Promo Inspiration Germanic
P29/100 Wakíŋyaŋ Promo Inspiration Native American
P30/100 Tĥahé Hahúwanap'iŋ Promo Armor Native American

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