Set 5 is the fifth expansion of Anachronism. It was printed published by The History Channel and TriKing Games in February 2006 and it features Aztec, Japanese, Saracen and Spainish civilizations. It also has promos for civilizations from previous expansions.

Type BreakdownEdit

  • 20 Armors (5 Aztec, 5 Japanese, 5 Saracen and 5 Spainish)
  • 23 Inspirations (5 Aztec, 5 Japanese, 1 Maori, 2 Russian, 5 Saracen and 5 Spainish)
  • 23 Specials (5 Aztec, 2 Irish, 5 Japanese, 1 Persian, 5 Saracen and 5 Spainish)
  • 22 Warriors (5 Aztec, 1 French, 1 Germanic, 5 Japanese, 5 Saracen and 5 Spainish)
  • 22 Weapons (5 Aztec, 5 Japanese, 1 Maori, 1 Persian, 5 Saracen and 5 Spainish)

Rarity BreakdownEdit

  • 100 Fixed
  • 10 Promos

Card ListEdit

# Title Rarity Type Civilization
01/100 Auítzotl Fixed Warrior Aztec
02/100 Tlaloc Fixed Inspiration Aztec
03/100 Atlatl Fixed Weapon Aztec
04/100 Chimalli Fixed Armor Aztec
05/100 Mectal Fixed Special Aztec
06/100 Cuitláhuac Fixed Warrior Aztec
07/100 Tezcatlipoca Fixed Inspiration Aztec
08/100 Tlacochtli Fixed Weapon Aztec
09/100 Ocelocolohtic Fixed Warrior Aztec
10/100 Ocelomeh Fixed Special Aztec
11/100 Itzcóatl Fixed Warrior Aztec
12/100 Teyaotenyiliztli Fixed Inspiration Aztec
13/100 Macuahuitl Fixed Weapon Aztec
14/100 Cuauhcuachimalli Fixed Armor Aztec
15/100 Teponaztli Fixed Special Aztec
16/100 Moctezuma II Fixed Warrior Aztec
17/100 Quetzalcoatl Fixed Inspiration Aztec
18/100 Tecpatl Fixed Weapon Aztec
19/100 Copilli Fixed Armor Aztec
20/100 Tlimatli Fixed Special Aztec
21/100 Tlacaelel Fixed Warrior Aztec
22/100 Huitzilopochtli Fixed Inspiration Aztec
23/100 Tematlatl Fixed Weapon Aztec
24/100 Ichcahuipilli Fixed Armor Aztec
25/100 Xochivaovotl Fixed Special Aztec
26/100 Hijikata Toshizo Fixed Warrior Japanese
27/100 Kyokuchu-Hatto Fixed Inspiration Japanese
28/100 Izuminokami-Kanesada Fixed Weapon Japanese
29/100 Haori Fixed Armor Japanese
30/100 Ishida-Sanyaku Fixed Special Japanese
31/100 Minamoto no Yoshitsune Fixed Warrior Japanese
32/100 Genji Fixed Inspiration Japanese
33/100 Usumidori Fixed Weapon Japanese
34/100 Akaitoodoshi-Yoroi Fixed Armor Japanese
35/100 Rikutosanryaku Fixed Special Japanese
36/100 Sanada Nobushige Fixed Warrior Japanese
37/100 Rokunmonsenmon Fixed Inspiration Japanese
38/100 Muramasa Fixed Weapon Japanese
39/100 Akazonae Fixed Armor Japanese
40/100 Sanadamaru Fixed Special Japanese
41/100 Takeda Shingen Fixed Warrior Japanese
42/100 Furinkazan Fixed Inspiration Japanese
43/100 Jin-Dachi Fixed Weapon Japanese
44/100 Touseigusoku Fixed Armor Japanese
45/100 Gunpai Fixed Special Japanese
46/100 Uesugi Kenshin Fixed Warrior Japanese
47/100 Kawanakajima Fixed Inspiration Japanese
48/100 Azukinagamitsu Fixed Weapon Japanese
49/100 Kusubekawasugakeodoshi Fixed Armor Japanese
50/100 Hata Bi Fixed Special Japanese
51/100 Amr ibn al'A'as Fixed Warrior Saracen
52/100 Masjid ahl ar-Rayah Fixed Inspiration Saracen
53/100 Ras al Asad Fixed Weapon Saracen
54/100 Al Derra Fixed Armor Saracen
55/100 Reaaia Elahiia Fixed Special Saracen
56/100 Harun al-Rashid Fixed Warrior Saracen
57/100 Al-Khayzuran Fixed Inspiration Saracen
58/100 Kaws Fixed Weapon Saracen
59/100 Ran Fixed Armor Saracen
60/100 Alf Layla wa-Layla Fixed Special Saracen
61/100 Maowvia Fixed Warrior Saracen
62/100 Alnabi Mosa Fixed Inspiration Saracen
63/100 Sahm Fixed Weapon Saracen
64/100 Gabal el Taur Fixed Armor Saracen
65/100 Mesbah Fixed Special Saracen
66/100 Salah ad-Din Fixed Warrior Saracen
67/100 Al Madina al Mokadassa Fixed Inspiration Saracen
68/100 Saif Damashki Fixed Weapon Saracen
69/100 Bargustuwan Fixed Armor Saracen
70/100 Khaimat Hemaya Men Alraml Fixed Special Saracen
71/100 Tariq ibn Ziyad Fixed Warrior Saracen
72/100 Hadis Kaiim Fixed Inspiration Saracen
73/100 Balltat Harb Fixed Weapon Saracen
74/100 Khauza Fixed Armor Saracen
75/100 Jabal Tariq Fixed Special Saracen
76/100 Carlos V Fixed Warrior Spainish
77/100 Mercurino Gattinara Fixed Inspiration Spainish
78/100 Albarda Española Fixed Weapon Spainish
79/100 Escudo de Carlos V Fixed Armor Spainish
80/100 Ballestero Vasco Fixed Special Spainish
81/100 El Cid Fixed Warrior Spainish
82/100 Santiago Matamoros Fixed Inspiration Spainish
83/100 Tizona y Colada Fixed Weapon Spainish
84/100 Cota Corta Fixed Armor Spainish
85/100 Babieca Fixed Special Spainish
86/100 El Gran Capitán Fixed Warrior Spainish
87/100 Vasallo de la Reina Fixed Inspiration Spainish
88/100 Pica de Infante Fixed Weapon Spainish
89/100 Armadura Completa Fixed Armor Spainish
90/100 Formación de Piqueros Fixed Special Spainish
91/100 Hernán Cortés Fixed Warrior Spainish
92/100 La Malinche Fixed Inspiration Spainish
93/100 Arcabuz Fixed Weapon Spainish
94/100 Hombreras Fixed Armor Spainish
95/100 Oro Azteca Fixed Special Spainish
96/100 Isabella I of Castille Fixed Warrior Spainish
97/100 Fernando II de Aragón Fixed Inspiration Spainish
98/100 Ropera Toledana Fixed Weapon Spainish
99/100 Fervor Religioso Fixed Armor Spainish
100/100 La Inquisición Española Fixed Special Spainish
P31/100 Sí An Bhrú Promo Special Irish
P32/100 Cláirseach Bhorú Promo Special Irish
P33/100 Hawaiki Promo Inspiration Maori
P34/100 Pou Whenua Promo Weapon Maori
P35/100 Ostovany Khourosh Promo Special Persian
P36/100 Sagaris Promo Weapon Persian
P37/100 Rasputin Promo Inspiration Russian
P38/100 Baba Yaga Promo Inspiration Russian
P39/100 Godfrey of Bouillon Promo Warrior French
P40/100 Gaiseric Promo Warrior Germanic

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