Set 6 is the sixth expansion of Anachronism. It was printed published by The History Channel and TriKing Games in August 2006 and it features Chinese, Pirate, Romanian and Turkish civilizations. It also has promos for civilizations from previous expansions.

Type BreakdownEdit

  • 20 Armors (5 Chinese, 5 Pirate, 5 Romanian and 5 Turkish)
  • 23 Inspirations (5 Chinese, 1 Japanese, 5 Pirate, 5 Romanian, 1 Saracen, 1 Spainish and 5 Turkish)
  • 24 Specials (2 Aztec, 5 Chinese, 5 Pirate, 5 Romanian, 1 Russian, 1 Spainish, 5 Turkish)
  • 22 Warriors (6 Chinese, 1 Persian, 5 Pirate, 5 Romanian and 5 Turkish)
  • 21 Weapons (5 Chinese, 5 Pirate, 5 Romanian, 1 Saracen and 5 Turkish)

Rarity BreakdownEdit

  • 100 Fixed
  • 10 Promos

Card ListEdit

# Title Rarity Type Civilization
01/100 Cao Cao Fixed Warrior Chinese
02/100 Wei Guo Fixed Inspiration Chinese
03/100 Yi Tian Dao Fixed Weapon Chinese
04/100 Guandu Hu Cheng He Fixed Armor Chinese
05/100 Jue Ying Fixed Special Chinese
06/100 Lü Bu Fixed Warrior Chinese
07/100 Diao Chan Fixed Inspiration Chinese
08/100 Ji Fixed Weapon Chinese
09/100 Shi Tou Kou Fixed Armor Chinese
10/100 Chi Tu Ma Fixed Special Chinese
11/100 Ma Chao Fixed Warrior Chinese
12/100 Wu Hu Fixed Inspiration Chinese
13/100 Shan Dian Mao Fixed Weapon Chinese
14/100 Yin Tou Hui Fixed Armor Chinese
15/100 Biao Qi Jiangjun Fixed Special Chinese
16/100 Zhang Fei Fixed Warrior Chinese
17/100 Chang Ban Po Fixed Inspiration Chinese
18/100 Ba Bian She Mao Fixed Weapon Chinese
19/100 Tie Xia Bi Hu Jia Fixed Armor Chinese
20/100 Lu Wei Fixed Special Chinese
21/100 Zhang Jiao Fixed Warrior Chinese
22/100 Huang Lao Jun Fixed Inspiration Chinese
23/100 Tai Chi Gun Fixed Weapon Chinese
24/100 Tie Chien Shan Qi Gong Fixed Armor Chinese
25/100 Huang Jin Zhi Luan Fixed Special Chinese
26/100 Anne Bonney Fixed Warrior Pirate
27/100 Calico Jack Rackham Fixed Inspiration Pirate
28/100 Flintlock Pistol Fixed Weapon Pirate
29/100 Pleading the Belly Fixed Armor Pirate
30/100 Ye Dirty Swabs Fixed Special Pirate
31/100 Black Bart Fixed Warrior Pirate
32/100 Davy Jones' Locker Fixed Inspiration Pirate
33/100 Small Sword Fixed Weapon Pirate
34/100 Plumed Hat Fixed Armor Pirate
35/100 A Straight Ship Fixed Special Pirate
36/100 Blackbeard Fixed Warrior Pirate
37/100 Blackbeard's Jolly Roger Fixed Inspiration Pirate
38/100 Pair o' Cutlasses Fixed Weapon Pirate
39/100 Fearsome Reputation Fixed Armor Pirate
40/100 Pieces of Eight Fixed Special Pirate
41/100 Gráinne ní Mháille Fixed Warrior Pirate
42/100 Pirate Legacy Fixed Inspiration Pirate
43/100 Boarding Axe Fixed Weapon Pirate
44/100 Articles of Interrogatory Fixed Armor Pirate
45/100 Pirate Stronghold Fixed Special Pirate
46/100 Sir Francis Drake Fixed Warrior Pirate
47/100 Good Queen Bess Fixed Inspiration Pirate
48/100 Swept-Hilt Rapier Fixed Weapon Pirate
49/100 El Draco Fixed Armor Pirate
50/100 Letter of Marque Fixed Special Pirate
51/100 Burebista Fixed Warrior Romanian
52/100 Zamolxis Fixed Inspiration Romanian
53/100 Falx Fixed Weapon Romanian
54/100 Cascã Dacicã Fixed Armor Romanian
55/100 Kogaion Fixed Special Romanian
56/100 Michael the Brave Fixed Warrior Romanian
57/100 Liga Sfîntã Fixed Inspiration Romanian
58/100 Buzdugan Fixed Weapon Romanian
59/100 Buzunare La Armurã Fixed Armor Romanian
60/100 Slujbã Valahã Fixed Special Romanian
61/100 Mircea the Old Fixed Warrior Romanian
62/100 Mânãstirea Cozia Fixed Inspiration Romanian
63/100 Buzdugan Cu Crampoane Fixed Weapon Romanian
64/100 Placã Armurã Spate Fixed Armor Romanian
65/100 Tratatul De La Nicopole Fixed Special Romanian
66/100 Stephen the Great Fixed Warrior Romanian
67/100 Papa Sixtus Al IV-Lea Fixed Inspiration Romanian
68/100 Sabie Pentru O Mânã 'I Jumãtate Fixed Weapon Romanian
69/100 Mãnu°i De Armurã Fixed Armor Romanian
70/100 Athleta Christi Fixed Special Romanian
71/100 Vlad Tepes Fixed Warrior Romanian
72/100 Cupa de Aur Fixed Inspiration Romanian
73/100 Sabie Puternica Fixed Weapon Romanian
74/100 Pieptarul Lui Vlad Dracul Fixed Armor Romanian
75/100 Cetatea Poenari Fixed Special Romanian
76/100 Beyazid I, The Thunderbolt Fixed Warrior Turkish
77/100 Konstantinya Fixed Inspiration Turkish
78/100 Mech Fixed Weapon Turkish
79/100 Tura Fixed Armor Turkish
80/100 Savasi Nicopolis Fixed Special Turkish
81/100 Mehmed II, The Conqueror Fixed Warrior Turkish
82/100 Hagia Sophia Fixed Inspiration Turkish
83/100 Buzdovan Fixed Weapon Turkish
84/100 Rumeli Hisari Fixed Armor Turkish
85/100 Mektup in Komutan Fixed Special Turkish
86/100 Murad IV, the Cruel Fixed Warrior Turkish
87/100 Kösem Sultan Fixed Inspiration Turkish
88/100 Topuz Fixed Weapon Turkish
89/100 Yasuk Fixed Armor Turkish
90/100 Söczügŵün Fixed Special Turkish
91/100 Selim I, the Brave Fixed Warrior Turkish
92/100 Qubbat Al-Nabi Fixed Inspiration Turkish
93/100 Kargi Fixed Weapon Turkish
94/100 Silah Iman Fixed Armor Turkish
95/100 Khadim Ul Haremeyn Fixed Special Turkish
96/100 Suleiman I, the Magnificent Fixed Warrior Turkish
97/100 Roxelana Fixed Inspiration Turkish
98/100 Yataghan Fixed Weapon Turkish
99/100 Yarik Fixed Armor Turkish
100/100 Balyemez Fixed Special Turkish
P41/100 Liu Bei Promo Warrior Chinese
P42/100 Saif Promo Weapon Saracen
P43/100 Jihad Promo Inspiration Saracen
P44/100 Cuauhxicalli Promo Special Aztec
P45/100 Templo Mayor Promo Special Aztec
P46/100 Reconquista Promo Inspiration Spainish
P47/100 Tomas de Torquemada Promo Special Spainish
P48/100 Xerxes I Promo Warrior Persian
P49/100 Kamikaze Promo Inspiration Japanese
P50/100 Kremlin Promo Special Russian

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