Set 9 is the ninth expansion of Anachronism. It is also the second virtual expansion, published by The History Channel and TriKing Games as card text only in February 2008 It features Italian, Korean, Norse and Pirate civilizations.

Type BreakdownEdit

  • 20 Armors (5 Italian, 5 Korean, 5 Norse and 5 Pirate)
  • 21 Inspirations (1 Carthagian, 5 Italian, 5 Korean, 5 Norse and 5 Pirate)
  • 20 Specials (5 Italian, 5 Korean, 5 Norse and 5 Pirate)
  • 21 Warriors (5 Italian, 5 Korean, 5 Norse, 5 Pirate and 1 Roman)
  • 20 Weapons (5 Italian, 5 Korean, 5 Norse and 5 Pirate)

Note: The Pirate civilization cards have a second civilization.

Rarity BreakdownEdit

  • 100 Fixed
  • 2 Promos

Card ListEdit

# Title Rarity Type Civilization
01/100 Caterina Sforza Fixed Warrior Italian
02/100 Giovanni de'Medici Fixed Inspiration Italian
03/100 Balestra Fixed Weapon Italian
04/100 Gorgiera Fixed Armor Italian
05/100 Sfidare Bolla Papale Fixed Special Italian
06/100 Cesare Borgia Fixed Warrior Italian
07/100 Leonardo da Vinci Fixed Inspiration Italian
08/100 Cinquedea Fixed Weapon Italian
09/100 Armatura Bianca Fixed Armor Italian
10/100 Patronoto Papale Fixed Special Italian
11/100 Erasmo da Narni Fixed Warrior Italian
12/100 Disaccordi Vantaggiosi Fixed Inspiration Italian
13/100 Lancia Fixed Weapon Italian
14/100 Spallaccio Fixed Armor Italian
15/100 Sprone da Rotella Fixed Special Italian
16/100 Federico da Montefeltro Fixed Warrior Italian
17/100 Insegnamento de il Rinascimento Fixed Inspiration Italian
18/100 Stocco Milanese Fixed Weapon Italian
19/100 Solleret Fixed Armor Italian
20/100 Palazzo Ducale Fixed Special Italian
21/100 Giovanni dalle Bande Nere Fixed Warrior Italian
22/100 Papa Leone X Fixed Inspiration Italian
23/100 Spadone Fixed Weapon Italian
24/100 Barbute Fixed Armor Italian
25/100 Lanze Spezzate Fixed Special Italian
26/100 Chi-Woo the Great Fixed Warrior Korean
27/100 Dangun Fixed Inspiration Korean
28/100 Hwandodaedo Fixed Weapon Korean
29/100 Ppalgong Angma Gabot Fixed Armor Korean
30/100 Shinshi Fixed Special Korean
31/100 Kim Yun-Hu Fixed Warrior Korean
32/100 Daeboreum Fixed Inspiration Korean
33/100 Chilsunggum Fixed Weapon Korean
34/100 Tricivara Fixed Armor Korean
35/100 Gukgung Fixed Special Korean
36/100 Taejo of Joseon Fixed Warrior Korean
37/100 Wuihwa Seom-e Baesin Fixed Inspiration Korean
38/100 Masang Ssanggum Fixed Weapon Korean
39/100 Gajuk Helmes Fixed Armor Korean
40/100 Gi-Chang Fixed Special Korean
41/100 Yeon Gaesomun Fixed Warrior Korean
42/100 Salsu-Gang Daecheop Fixed Inspiration Korean
43/100 Mokkgum Fixed Weapon Korean
44/100 Cheolli Jangseong Fixed Armor Korean
45/100 Yang Manchun Fixed Special Korean
46/100 Yi Sunsin Fixed Warrior Korean
47/100 Yu Seong-Ryong Fixed Inspiration Korean
48/100 Janggeom Fixed Weapon Korean
49/100 Geobukseon Fixed Armor Korean
50/100 Myeongnyang Haejeon Fixed Special Korean
51/100 Brunhild Fixed Warrior Norse
52/100 Hindarfjall Fixed Inspiration Norse
53/100 Brynhilds Spyd Fixed Weapon Norse
54/100 Andvarinaut Fixed Armor Norse
55/100 Gygr Fixed Special Norse
56/100 Eric Bloodaxe Fixed Warrior Norse
57/100 Gunhild Kongemor Fixed Inspiration Norse
58/100 Karolingernes Spyd Fixed Weapon Norse
59/100 Fylking Fixed Armor Norse
60/100 Maccus og Osulf Fixed Special Norse
61/100 Erik the Red Fixed Warrior Norse
62/100 De Grønlandse Kolonier Fixed Inspiration Norse
63/100 Flyn Fixed Weapon Norse
64/100 Hriflingr Fixed Armor Norse
65/100 Leiv Eiriksson Fixed Special Norse
66/100 Sigurd I Magnusson Fixed Warrior Norse
67/100 Jorsalfare Fixed Inspiration Norse
68/100 Ridders Sverd Fixed Weapon Norse
69/100 Shabrack Fixed Armor Norse
70/100 Splinter av Korset Fixed Special Norse
71/100 Sweyn I Forkbeard Fixed Warrior Norse
72/100 Massakrene På Sankt Brictiusdagen Fixed Inspiration Norse
73/100 Skeggox Fixed Weapon Norse
74/100 Olmütz Hjelm Fixed Armor Norse
75/100 Harald Blåtann Fixed Special Norse
76/100 Barbarossa Fixed Warrior Pirate / Turkish
77/100 Oruj Reis Fixed Inspiration Pirate / Turkish
78/100 Bileşik Yay Yapimi Fixed Weapon Pirate / Turkish
79/100 Fusta Fixed Armor Pirate / Turkish
80/100 Gazavat-I Hayreddin Paşa Fixed Special Pirate / Turkish
81/100 Cheng I Sao Fixed Warrior Pirate / Chinese
82/100 Cheng I Fixed Inspiration Pirate / Chinese
83/100 Hu Die Shuang Dao Fixed Weapon Pirate / Chinese
84/100 Tung You Ku Fixed Armor Pirate / Chinese
85/100 Hongqi Jlandui Fixed Special Pirate / Chinese
86/100 Jeanne de Clisson Fixed Warrior Pirate / French
87/100 Olivier III de Clisson Fixed Inspiration Pirate / French
88/100 Hache de Jeanne Fixed Weapon Pirate / French
89/100 Cuir Bouilli Fixed Armor Pirate / French
90/100 La Flotte Noire Fixed Special Pirate / French
91/100 Sir Henry Morgan Fixed Warrior Pirate / Welsh
92/100 Governor Lynch Fixed Inspiration Pirate / Welsh
93/100 Cutlass Fixed Weapon Pirate / Welsh
94/100 Club Hauling Fixed Armor Pirate / Welsh
95/100 Port Royal Fixed Special Pirate / Welsh
96/100 William Kidd Fixed Warrior Pirate / Scottish
97/100 Threats of Mutiny Fixed Inspiration Pirate / Scottish
98/100 Marlinspike Fixed Weapon Pirate / Scottish
99/100 The Adventure Galley Fixed Armor Pirate / Scottish
100/100 British East India Company Fixed Special Pirate / Scottish
P84/100 Augustus Promo Warrior Roman
P87/100 Queen Elissar Promo Inspiration Carthaganian

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