Severed Dreams is the sixth expansion set of the Babylon 5 CCG. It is published by Precedence Publishing in 1999 and consists of 157 cards.

Type BreakdownEdit

  • 16 Aftermaths
  • 7 Agendas
  • 43 Characters
  • 26 Conflicts
  • 7 Contingencies
  • 22 Enhancements
  • 29 Events
  • 7 Groups

Rarity BreakdownEdit

  • 50 Commons
  • 50 Uncommons
  • 50 Rares
  • 4 Promos
  • 3 Autographs

Card ListsEdit

50 Credits a Week Common Event
A Shot in the Dark Rare Event
A World Gone Mad Uncommon Event
Alexander Rare Enhancement
Alien Scum Common Event
Alyt Uncommon Enhancement
Alyt Neroon Rare Character
Anti-Psi Training Common Event
Assume Authority Rare Conflict
Attaché Uncommon Enhancement
Attaché Cotto Rare Character
Attack the Underlings Common Conflict
Between You & The Abyss Rare Event
Breaching Pod Common Event
Brevari! Promo Event
Cannot Run Out of Time Uncommon Conflict
Captain Sheridan Rare Character
Captain Sheridan Rare Character
Captain Sinclair Rare Character
Captain Sinclair Autograph Character
Carve Up the Galaxy Uncommon Conflict
Citizen G'Kar Rare Character
Cocksure Uncommon Enhancement
Compensation Uncommon Conflict
Councilor Na'Far Rare Character
Courtly Intrigue Common Agenda
Cult of Personality Uncommon Aftermath
Deep Agent Common Character
Deeron Common Character
Defuse the Situation Uncommon Conflict
Delenn Rare Character
Delenn Rare Character
Delenn Rare Character
Den'Sha Rare Conflict
Desperate Measures Uncommon Event
Disinformation Uncommon Conflict
Do as You Are Told Rare Enhancement
Dodger Promo Character
Dogfight Uncommon Conflict
Domestic Concerns Common Enhancement
Doomed Expedition Uncommon Event
Double-cross Common Contigency
Draal the Caretaker Rare Character
Dwindling Resources Rare Enhancement
Efficiency Engineers Common Group
Entil'zha Delenn Rare Character
Evacuation Common Conflict
Executive Aide Uncommon Enhancement
Eye of the Storm Rare Agenda
Facing Oblivion Common Event
Fifth Column Uncommon Enhancement
Flashback Rare Aftermath
Foiled Scheme Common Aftermath
Force Them Back Uncommon Conflict
Friendless & Forgotten Common Aftermath
Giant Fusion Bomb Uncommon Conflict
G'Kar Rare Character
G'Kar Forsaken Rare Character
Gravity Well Common Event
Handy Dandy Micro Helper Rare Conflict
Head on a Pike Common Aftermath
Hello, Old Friend Uncommon Conflict
Honored Position Uncommon Conflict
How Dare You? Uncommon Contingency
Incentives Common Enhancement
Information Control Uncommon Conflict
Jane Rare Character
Jane Autograph Character
Journalistic Integrity Common Aftermath
Kha'Ri Citadel Rare Enhancement
Lady Daggair Rare Character
Lady Mariel Uncommon Character
Lady Timov Uncommon Character
Lise Hampton Edgars Uncommon Character
Londo Mollari Rare Character
Londo Mollari Rare Character
Londo's Wives Uncommon Group
Major Krantz Common Character
Malcontent Common Character
Man for All Seasons Rare Enhancement
Mass Carnage Rare Aftermath
Mister Allan Rare Character
Mister Welles Rare Character
Mutual Understanding Uncommon Event
Natural Born Leader Common Aftermath
Nay-Sayer Common Enhancement
Nest of Vipers Uncommon Group
Nightwatch Collaborators Uncommon Group
No One Returns Uncommon Contigency
Not The One Uncommon Event
Now He's Ready Common Aftermath
Nuclear Bluff Uncommon Conflict
Number One Rare Character
Offer a Position Common Event
Our Own People First Common Agenda
Oversight Committee Uncommon Group
Overwhelmed Common Contingency
Paparazzi Common Enhancement
Pariah Uncommon Aftermath
Partnership for Peace Common Conflict
Penultimate Revenge Uncommon Conflict
Pestilence, Famine, Death Uncommon Event
Pierce Macabee Uncommon Character
Predestination Uncommon Event
Prime Minister Refa Rare Character
Psi World Rare Event
Psychopath Common Character
Quartermaster Uncommon Enhancement
Question Authority Common Conflict
Ranger Lennier Rare Character
Ranger Lennier Autograph Character
Rapid Aging Uncommon Aftermath
Redeemed Uncommon Event
Resist Control Common Conflict
Right Makes Might Uncommon Event
Rising Star Uncommon Enhancement
Secrets of Success Promo Event
Senator King Uncommon Character
Shining Beacon in Space Rare Conflict
Silent Majority Uncommon Enhancement
Sniper Common Character
Snoop Common Enhancement
Steal Babylon 4 Common Agenda
Suicide Run Common Event
Sycophant Common Character
Tacticians Uncommon Group
Taking Sides Common Aftermath
Taree Promo Event
The Conspiracy Deepens Common Agenda
The Hive Uncommon Group
The Messiah Effect Rare Enhancement
The One Rare Aftermath
The Path to Peace Common Agenda
They're Killing Us! Uncommon Conflict
Thug Common Character
Time Jump Rare Conflict
Time Stabilizer Common Enhancement
Toast to Victory Common Aftermath
Tonia Wallis Common Character
Trakis Rare Character
Triple-cross Rare Event
Under Our Protection Uncommon Contingency
Unstuck In Time Rare Aftermath
Valen's War Rare Aftermath
VIP Involvement Rare Event
War Crimes Trial Rare Conflict
Warriors Council Common Agenda
Watch Your Back Common Conflict
We Die for The One Uncommon Contigency
Why Are You Here? Rare Enhancement
Why Are You Hitting Me? Common Contingency
With Us or Against Us Common Event
Written in the Stars Common Event
Xenophobia Common Event
You Have a Destiny Uncommon Enhancement
You Three Are One Rare Event
Zathras Who Was Rare Character

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