Shattered Truths is an expansion of Naruto CCG It was printed by Bandai in 2011 and consists of 120 cards. It was available in boosters and starters.

Type BreakdownEdit

  • 25 Jutsus
  • 27 Missions
  • 67 Ninjas

Rarity BreakdownEdit

  • 39 Commons
  • 8 Starters
  • 2 Starter Super Rares
  • 32 Uncommons
  • 29 Rares
  • 9 Super Rares

Card ListEdit

# Title Rarity Type
J-802 Ninja Art: The Shuriken Common Jutsu
J-803 Earth Style: Earth Dragon Bomb Rare Jutsu
J-804 Flying Swallow Uncommon Jutsu
J-805 Self-Destructing Clay Clone Rare Jutsu
J-806 Headhunter Jutsu Uncommon Jutsu
J-807 Fire Style: Fireball Jutsu Rare Jutsu
J-808 Dispatch of Anbu Uncommon Jutsu
J-809 Madara's Eye Uncommon Jutsu
J-810 Fire Style: Great Dragon Flame Jutsu Uncommon Jutsu
J-811 Overwhelming Power Uncommon Jutsu
J-812 Feral Rage Rare Jutsu
J-813 Wire Trap Common Jutsu
J-814 Kirin Super Rare Jutsu
J-815 Chidori Rare Jutsu
J-816 Snake Sword Uncommon Jutsu
J-817 Water Style: Raging Waves Common Jutsu
J-818 Tsuchigumo Style: Forbidden Jutsu Release - Big Bang Uncommon Jutsu
J-819 Chameleon Jutsu Common Jutsu
J-820 Infinite Embrace Rare Jutsu
J-821 Bubble Barrier Jutsu Rare Jutsu
J-822 Poison Senbon Stream Uncommon Jutsu
J-823 Amaterasu Common Jutsu
J-824 Tsukuyomi Rare Jutsu
J-825 Hologram Common Jutsu
J-826 Sealing Jutsu: Nine Phantom Dragons Rare Jutsu
M-749 Raigo's Blessing Uncommon Mission
M-750 Clear Sky Rare Mission
M-751 Team Guy Uncommon Mission
M-752 Senju vs. Uchiha Super Rare Mission
M-753 World of Earth Rare Mission
M-754 Anbu Assault Uncommon Mission
M-755 World of Fire Rare Mission
M-756 Make-Out Paradise Rare Mission
M-757 Throne of the Uchiha Uncommon Mission
M-758 Last Words Uncommon Mission
M-759 World of Lightning Rare Mission
M-760 Baneful Gaze Super Rare Mission
M-761 Passing Fates Common Mission
M-762 Cursed Existence Rare Mission
M-763 New Members Uncommon Mission
M-764 Rashomon's Defense Uncommon Mission
M-765 Sasuke's Curse Common Mission
M-766 Eight-Headed Serpent Jutsu Uncommon Mission
M-767 Orochimaru's Goal Uncommon Mission
M-768 World of Water Rare Mission
M-769 World of Wind Rare Mission
M-770 Slug Infestation! Uncommon Mission
M-771 Daydreaming Common Mission
M-772 Dreams of the Past Common Mission
M-773 Void World Rare Mission
M-774 Symbol of the Rogue Ninja Rare Mission
M-775 Chakra Seal Uncommon Mission
N-1102 Choji Akimichi - Burning Fist Common Ninja
N-1103 Deidara (Younger Days) - Terrorist Uncommon Ninja
N-1104 Tenzo (Anbu Days) - Days Gone By Uncommon Ninja
N-1105 Deidara (C0 Form) - The End Rare Ninja
N-1106 Denka - Merchant Common Ninja
N-1107 Hina - Merchant Common Ninja
N-1108 Anbu - Rising Threat Common Ninja
N-1109 The Third Hokage (Younger Days) - The Professor Rare Ninja
N-1110 Mist Anbu - Hidden Threat Uncommon Ninja
N-1111 Madara Uchiha Super Rare Ninja
N-1112 Kakashi Hatake (Anbu Days) - Past Actions Uncommon Ninja
N-1113 Itachi Uchiha - The Ultimate Shield Rare Ninja
N-1114 Susano'o - Impenetrable Defense Super Rare Ninja
N-1115 Sai - Virtuoso Super Rare Ninja
N-1116 Kushina Uzumaki - Matronly Care Common Ninja
N-1117 Rock Lee - Star Pupil Common Ninja
N-1118 Naruto Uzumaki - Maximum Potential Uncommon Ninja
N-1119 Jiraiya - The Gallant Sage Uncommon Ninja
N-1120 Anko Mitarashi - Understudy to the Snake Common Ninja
N-1121 Konohamaru Ninja Corp. - Leaders of the Future Common Ninja
N-1122 Minato Namikaze - The Yellow Flash Super Rare Ninja
N-1123 Naruto Uzumaki & The Fourth Hokage - Father and Son Rare Ninja
N-1124 Karin - Luminescent Spy Common Ninja
N-1125 Suigetsu - Sharpened Blade Common Ninja
N-1126 Jugo - Hateful Vigor Common Ninja
N-1127 Sakon (State 1) - Fist of the Left Uncommon Ninja
N-1128 Ukon (State 1) - Fist of the Right Rare Ninja
N-1129 Sasuke Uchiha - Overwhelming Vengeance Super Rare Ninja
N-1130 Rashomon - Unmoveable Uncommon Ninja
N-1131 Sakon & Ukon (State 2) - Trouble Doubled Rare Ninja
N-1132 Harusame - Tailed Beast Removal Common Ninja
N-1133 Utakata - Bubble Wall Rare Ninja
N-1134 Hotaru Katsuragi - Tsuchigumo's Secret Common Ninja
N-1135 Sakura Haruno - Playful Common Ninja
N-1136 Konan (Childhood) - Origami Common Ninja
N-1137 Salamander - Warrior of Steel Common Ninja
N-1138 Temari - Fierce Winds Uncommon Ninja
N-1139 Hiruko - Warrior of the Red Guard Rare Ninja
N-1140 Sasori - Secret Skills Uncommon Ninja
N-1141 The 3rd Kazekage - Treasured Puppet Rare Ninja
N-1142 Sasori & Hiruko - Requiem Rare Ninja
N-1143 Six Tails - Six Tails Super Rare Ninja
N-1144 Giant Panda - Pain Spawn Common Ninja
N-1145 Zetsu - Right Ring of Gai Starter Ninja
N-1146 Tobi - Dawn of Vengeance Starter Ninja
N-1147 Konan - Right Ring of Bya Starter Ninja
N-1148 Sasori - Left Ring of Gyoku Starter Ninja
N-1149 Deidara - Right Ring of Aoi Starter Ninja
N-1150 Kisame Hoshigaki - Left Ring of Nan Starter Ninja
N-1151 Itachi Uchiha - Right Ring of Shu Starter Super Rare Ninja
N-1152 Pain (Deva Path) - Ring Ring of Rei Starter Super Rare Ninja
N-1153 Kakuzu - Left Ring of Hoku Starter Ninja
N-1154 Hidan - Left Ring of San Starter Ninja
N-1155 Neji Hyuga Common Ninja
N-1156 Hinata Hyuga Common Ninja
N-1157 Ino Yamanaka Common Ninja
N-1158 Tenten Common Ninja
N-1159 Shikamaru Nara Uncommon Ninja
N-1160 Yamato Common Ninja
N-1161 Asuma Sarutobi Common Ninja
N-1162 The 1st Hokage Uncommon Ninja
N-1163 Tsume Inuzuka Common Ninja
N-1164 Kuromaru Common Ninja
N-1165 Kiba Inuzuka Common Ninja
N-1166 Akamaru Common Ninja
N-1167 Rock Lee Common Ninja
N-1168 Naruto Uzumaki Common Ninja
N-1169 Might Guy Uncommon Ninja

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