Shifting Tides
Shiftingtides booster
Game/Set: 7th Sea CCG


Shifting Tides


Alderac Entertainment Group







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Shifting Tides is the second expansion of 7th Sea CCG. It was printed by Alderac Entertainment Group in 1999 and consists of 155, however Wikipedia states that this set consists of 161 cards. The set icon is a white crown on a pale red background.

Type BreakdownEdit

  • 40 Action
  • 16 Adventure
  • 45 Attachment
  • 2 Captain (1 Montaigne and 1 Vesten)
  • 105 Crew (3 Brotherhood, 3 Castille, 3 Corsairs, 3 Crimson Rogers, 3 Explorers, 3 Gosse, 6 Montaigne, 3 Sea Dogs, 9 Unaligned and 14 Vesten)
  • 2 Ship (1 Montaigne and 1 Vesten)

Rarity BreakdownEdit

  • 49 Common
  • 6 Fixed
  • 50 Uncommon
  • 50 Rare

Card ListEdit

Title Rarity Type Affiliation
"...No Barter..." Uncommon Action -
"...No Quarter!" Rare Action -
"Allow Me..." Uncommon Action -
"Beat You To It!" Rare Action -
"Brother" Mathias Brewer Uncommon Crew Sea Dogs
"Captain" Rare Attachment -
"Don't Mess With Me, Boy!" Rare Action -
"Listen!" Uncommon Action -
"Long Tall" Harry Rare Crew Sea Dogs
"Lucky" Vandrad Hallvardson Common Crew Vesten
"No Banter..." Common Action -
"Pack 'em In!" Uncommon Attachment -
"Please, Take Your Time" Uncommon Action -
"Repel Boarders!" Common Action -
"That Hurts!" Uncommon Action -
Advanced Swordsmanship Rare Attachment -
Adventuring Galley Uncommon Attachment -
Aether Compass Rare Adventure -
Alister McGurk Common Crew Sea Dogs
Allied Warship Uncommon Attachment -
Ambroise Praisse du Richetoisse Uncommon Crew Montaigne
Amiral Alazais Valoix-Praisse III Fixed Captain Montaigne
Armed Brig Uncommon Attachment -
Armed Frigate Uncommon Attachment -
Arnlaug Rijs Bragison Common Crew Vesten
Augusto de Augustin Rare Crew Castille
Barcino Fortress Uncommon Adventure -
Barnacles Uncommon Action -
Basic Swordsmanship Common Attachment -
Billy "Bilge Rat" Bones Rare Crew Unaligned
Blows Up In Your Face Uncommon Action -
Boarded By Skeletons Rare Action -
Botas Rojas Common Crew Castille
Brawny Rowers Common Crew Vesten
Burn Their Sails Rare Action -
Castillian Navy Uncommon Attachment -
Challenge to a Duel Common Action -
Cheap Cutlass Common Attachment -
Cheap Sails Common Attachment -
Cheap Tools Common Attachment -
Close Range Cannon Volley Common Action -
Coastal Patrols Uncommon Attachment -
Connor Lynch Rare Crew Gosse
Corsairs Figurehead Rare Attachment -
Crescent Treasures Uncommon Attachment -
Cutthroats Common Crew Unaligned
Delaina Darling Common Crew Brotherhood
Desperate Move Rare Action -
Dirk Common Attachment -
Egil Bergljot Larrson Uncommon Crew Vesten
El Vago Rare Attachment -
Errant Match Common Action -
Felix "l'Aigle" Common Crew Explorers
Fid Blue-Eye Rare Crew Vesten
Fine Boots Common Attachment -
Fine Rope and Tackle Common Adventure -
Fire and Steel Rare Action -
Fresh Powder Common Adventure -
Gino Napoli Uncommon Crew Crimson Rogers
Good Use of Space Common Attachment -
Gosse Figurehead Rare Attachment -
Graham Hapworth Common Crew Gosse
Gris Hallisdottir Uncommon Crew Vesten
Gustolph Hirsch Uncommon Crew Corsairs
Gytha Ives Common Crew Crimson Rogers
Haunted by the Past Rare Action -
Headed Out Uncommon Action -
Herje (Ruin) Rare Attachment -
Heroic Stand Uncommon Action -
Hoskuld Hardrada Rare Crew Vesten
Into the Fog Common Action -
Jacques Renault Rare Crew Unaligned
Jorund Guttormson Uncommon Crew Vesten
Kedish the Crescent Rare Crew Crimson Rogers
Kirsten Blumfeld Uncommon Crew Explorers
Kjøtt (Flesh) Fixed Attachment -
Lady's Kiss Common Action -
Last Second Escape! Common Action -
Le Prédateur des Mers Fixed Ship Montaigne
Leila Uncommon Crew Unaligned
Lightening the Load Uncommon Action -
Lowly Captives Common Crew Corsairs
Main Gauche Common Attachment -
Major Hull Damage Rare Action -
Marcel Entour Common Crew Montaigne
Michél Rois et Reines Uncommon Crew Montaigne
Minor Hull Damage Common Action -
Montaigne Exports Uncommon Adventure -
Musette Falisci Rare Crew Brotherhood
Navigational Tools Common Adventure -
Nød (Intensity) Uncommon Attachment -
Northern Allies Uncommon Attachment -
Oar Team Common Crew Unaligned
Obscured by the Smoke Uncommon Action -
Offensive Maneuvers Common Adventure -
Orm Greybeard Uncommon Crew Vesten
Panzerhand Common Attachment -
Peter Silver Uncommon Crew Gosse
Pocket Money Common Attachment -
Poor Jack Common Action -
Powder Keg Tavern Rare Attachment -
Pulling Through Rare Attachment -
Red the Adventurer Uncommon Crew Unaligned
Red Thorfild Rare Crew Vesten
Reporting Drunk Common Action -
Ring of Honor Rare Adventure -
Ring of Villainy Rare Adventure -
Rognvald Brandson Rare Crew Vesten
Rosamonde du Montaigne Rare Crew Montaigne
Ruby Earring Common Attachment -
Runed Ship's Wheel Rare Adventure -
Santino Medrano Uncommon Crew Castille
Scarlet Launch Rare Attachment -
Scary Tattoo Common Attachment -
Scurvy Dogs Common Crew Unaligned
Secret of the Winds Rare Attachment -
Sharp Shooter Uncommon Action -
Shot Across the Bow Rare Action -
Sighted Pistol Common Adventure -
Sigvaldi Sveinson Rare Crew Vesten
Silver Earring Common Attachment -
Slashing Across the Decks Rare Adventure -
Small Fortress Uncommon Attachment -
Speedy Courier Uncommon Attachment -
Spit in Death's Eye Common Adventure -
Stans (Calm) Uncommon Attachment -
Sterk (Wholeness) Uncommon Attachment -
Stolen Documents Common Adventure -
Stolen Sword Uncommon Adventure -
Styrke (Strength) Uncommon Attachment -
Tar, Tar, and More Tar Rare Action -
Tarsis the Mad Rare Crew Corsairs
The Gullet Uncommon Crew Unaligned
The Kire Rare Crew Unaligned
The Ogre Uncommon Attachment -
The Revensj Fixed Ship Vesten
The River Rare Attachment -
The Second Switch Rare Adventure -
Thordis Bjerregaard Uncommon Crew Vesten
Timothy le Beau Fixed Crew Montaigne
To Fight Another Day Rare Action -
Tugging the Strands Rare Attachment -
Ulf Karlssen Rare Crew Explorers
Unexpected Hero Common Attachment -
Valkyries Common Crew Vesten
Vesten Figurehead Rare Attachment -
Vesten Pride Rare Action -
Victory for the Bold Uncommon Action -
Villskap (Fury) Uncommon Attachment -
Vivianna Étalon du Toille Common Crew Montaigne
Vodanken's Breath Rare Action -
Willie Wilcox Uncommon Crew Brotherhood
Would-Be Traders Common Action -
Wounded Rare Action -
Yngvild Olafsdottir Fixed Captain Unaligned

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