Smoke and Saints would be the second expansion for Age of Empires II ECG. It was to be released in September 2001 by Journeyman Press and consists of 153 cards.

This expansion would have the Byzantines, Chinese, Teutons and Turks as new civilizations. New are also the Gunpowder units and University and Monk technologies.

This set is never printed, but a spoiler list was released!

Type BreakdownEdit

  • 28 Buildings
  • 50 Events
  • 4 Relics
  • 17 Technologies
  • 32 Units
  • 23 Upgrades

Rarity BreakdownEdit

  • 63 Commons
  • 49 Uncommons
  • 41 Rares

Card ListEdit

Title Rarity Type Civilization
Age of Science Common Event Turk
Arbalest Rare Upgrade -
Archer Common Unit -
Archery Range Common Building -
Architecture Common Technology -
Atonement Uncommon Technology -
Autumn Harvest Common Event -
Ballistics Uncommon Technology -
Barracks Common Building -
Battering Ram Common Unit -
Battle on the Black Sea Uncommon Event Byzantine
Block Printing Uncommon Technology -
Bombard Cannon Rare Unit Turk
Bombard Cannon Rare Unit -
Bombard Tower Rare Building -
Bounty of Zen Rare Event Chinese
Breeders Common Event -
Burning Bridges Uncommon Event -
Burning the Midnight Oil Common Event -
Burst of Speed Common Event -
Byzantine Relic Uncommon Relic -
Camel Common Unit Byzantine
Camel Common Unit -
Cannon Galleon Rare Unit Turk
Cannon Galleon Uncommon Unit -
Capped Ram Uncommon Upgrade -
Careening Common Technology -
Cataphract Rare Unit -
Cavalier Uncommon Upgrade -
Cavalry Archer Common Unit -
Champion Uncommon Upgrade -
Chemistry Common Technology -
Chinese Relic Uncommon Relic -
Chu Ko Nu Rare Unit Chinese
Closer Than You Think Uncommon Event -
Dedicated Workers Common Event -
Demolition Ship Uncommon Unit Chinese
Demolition Ship Common Unit -
Deus Ex Machina Rare Event -
Divine Guidance Uncommon Event -
Dock Common Building -
Dry Dock Common Technology -
Elite Cannon Galleon Rare Upgrade Turk
Elite Cannon Galleon Rare Upgrade -
Elite Cataphract Rare Upgrade Byzantine
Elite Chu Ko Nu Rare Upgrade Chinese
Elite Janissary Rare Upgrade Turk
Elite Skirmisher Uncommon Upgrade Byzantine
Elite Skirmisher Uncommon Upgrade -
Elite Teutonic Knight Rare Upgrade Teuton
Faith Rare Technology -
Fallen Tree Common Event -
Farm Common Building Chinese
Farm Common Building Teuton
Farm Common Building -
Fast Fire Ship Uncommon Upgrade Byzantine
Faulty Fuses Common Event -
Fervor Uncommon Technology -
Fire Ship Uncommon Unit Byzantine
Fire Ship Common Unit -
Fishing Ship Common Unit -
From a Distance Common Event -
Galley Common Unit -
Gold Mine Common Building -
Gold Nugget Common Event -
Greek Fire Common Event Byzantine
Grizzled Sergeant Common Event -
Guard Tower Uncommon Upgrade -
Guard Tower Uncommon Upgrade Teuton
Hand Cannoneer Rare Unit Turk
Hand Cannoneer Uncommon Unit -
Heated Shot Common Technology -
Heavy Camel Rare Upgrade Byzantine
Heavy Camel Uncommon Upgrade -
Heavy Demolition Ship Uncommon Upgrade Chinese
Heavy Scorpion Uncommon Upgrade -
Holy Might Common Event -
Holy Protection Uncommon Event -
House Common Building -
Hypocrisy Rare Event -
Iconoclastic Controversy Common Event Byzantine
Illumination Rare Technology -
Janissary Rare Unit Turk
Keep Rare Upgrade Teuton
Keep Rare Upgrade -
Knight Uncommon Unit -
Lack of Faith Common Event -
Last Resort Uncommon Event -
Lets Pull Together Common Event -
Lost but not Forgotten Common Event -
Lumber Camp Common Building -
Mangonel Common Unit -
Masonry Common Technology -
Militia Common Unit -
Monastery Rare Building Byzantine
Monastery Rare Building Teuton
Monastery Uncommon Building -
Mounted Reinforcements Common Event Turk
Murder Holes Common Technology -
Onager Uncommon Upgrade -
Paladin Rare Upgrade -
Pikeman Uncommon Upgrade Byzantine
Pressed into Service Common Event -
Redemption Rare Technology -
Reforms of the Han Common Event Chinese
Rotted Timber Rare Event -
Saltpeter Shortage Common Event -
Sanctity Uncommon Technology -
Scaling the Walls Common Event -
Scorpion Common Unit -
Scout Cavalry Common Unit -
Siege Engineers Rare Technology -
Siege Workshop Uncommon Building -
Skirmisher Common Unit Byzantine
Skirmisher Common Unit -
Soft Ground Rare Event -
Spearman Common Unit Byzantine
Spearman Common Unit -
Stable Uncommon Building -
Stoke of Luck Common Event -
Stone Mine Common Building -
Taking Prisoners Rare Event -
Teuton Relic Uncommon Relic -
Teutonic Knight Rare Unit Teuton
The Best Laid Plans Uncommon Event -
The Fat of the Land Common Event Teuton
The Ghastly Sea Rare Event -
The Ghost Kings Uncommon Event Teuton
The King is Dead, Long Live the King Rare Event -
The King's Guards Common Event -
The King's Study Common Event -
The Power of Truth Uncommon Event -
The Silk Road Rare Event -
The Weight of Protection Uncommon Event -
Town Center Uncommon Building Chinese
Town Center Common Building -
Transport Ship Uncommon Unit Saracen
Transport Ship Uncommon Unit -
Traveling Carnival Uncommon Event -
Treadmill Crane Uncommon Technology -
Turk Relic Uncommon Relic -
University Uncommon Building European
University Uncommon Building Arab
University Uncommon Building Far East
University Uncommon Building Raider
Watch Tower Uncommon Building Teuton
Watch Tower Common Building -
Where There's a Whip Common Event -
Winter Solstice Rare Event Viking
Wonder Rare Building Byzantine
Wonder Rare Building Chinese
Wonder Rare Building Teuton
Wonder Rare Building Turk
Wondering Monk Common Event -
Wrath of Empress Wu Rare Event Chinese

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