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Game/Set: 7th Sea CCG


Syrneth Secret


Alderac Entertainment Group







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Syrneth Secret is the 12th expansion set of 7th Sea CCG. It is printed by Alderac Entertainment Group in 2001 and consists of 161 cards.

This set is available in 15-card boosters and 65-card starters.

Type BreakdownEdit

  • 24 Action
  • 14 Adventure
  • 53 Attachment
  • 10 Captain (1 Black Freighter, 1 Brotherhood, 1 Castille, 1 Corsairs, 1 Crimson Rogers, 1 Explorers, 1 Montaigne, 1 Sea Dogs, 1 Unaligned and 1 Vestenmannavnjar)
  • 8 Chantey
  • 48 Crew (5 Black Freighter, 6 Brotherhood, 4 Castille, 4 Corsairs, 3 Crimson Rogers, 4 Explorers, 5 Montaigne, 3 Sea Dogs, 11 Unaligned and 3 Vestenmannavnjar)
  • 4 Ship (1 Brotherhood, 1 Montaigne and 2 Unaligned)

Rarity BreakdownEdit

  • 101 Common
  • 11 Fixed
  • 49 Rare


  • The Vesten affiliation is renamed to Vestenmannavnjar.

Card ListEdit

Title Rarity Type Affiliation
"Reis" Rare Captain -
Aindriu McKenna Common Crew Sea Dogs
Aldaron the Dark Common Crew Explorers
Alicia Soldano de Granjero Common Crew Castille
Alison Fairlight Common Crew Sea Dogs
Ambush From the Shadows Common Attachment -
Arciniega's Cordial Common Attachment -
Belinda Thackuray Rare Crew Unaligned
Black Stone Veteran Common Adventure -
Brilliant Disguise Common Attachment -
Caltrops Common Action -
Captain Flanagan Rare Captain Explorers
Captain Upham Rare Captain Black Freighter
Carmilla Bernouilli Common Crew Crimson Rogers
Choose Your Battles Common Adventure -
Cristophé du Fae Common Crew Montaigne
Dalia and Ernesto Common Action -
Damsel in Distress Common Adventure -
Daylen's Cordial Common Attachment -
Die Kreuzritter Acolyte Common Adventure -
Die Kreuzritter Membership Rare Attachment -
Dieter Von Glowen, Shield Man Common Crew Explorers
Dietrich Sword Common Attachment -
Dimitri 'the Bear" Romanovski Fixed Crew Brotherhood
Diving Apparatus Common Attachment -
Don Julio del Bejarano de Castillo Rare Attachment -
Doña Arantxa Grijalva Common Crew Explorers
Doña Lucia del Torres Common Crew Brotherhood
Down with l'Empereur! Rare Adventure -
Dryope Vestini Rare Crew Unaligned
Dust of Irritation Common Attachment -
Dust of Petrification Common Attachment -
El Tojo Common Crew Corsairs
El Esoque Occulto Common Action -
El Puñal Occulto School Rare Attachment -
Encoding Device Common Attachment -
Endings and Beginnings Common Action -
Erik the Bold Common Crew Brotherhood
Evangeline Rois et Reines du Rogne Rare Attachment -
Expeditious Retreat Common Action -
Fateful Duel Common Action -
Feathertuft Rare Crew Unaligned
Felix Guy-Daniel Rare Crew Montaigne
Flee Your Enemies Common Action -
Freeing Felipe Rare Adventure -
Fugitives Common Action -
Garrotte Common Attachment -
Gentlemen's Club Common Chantey -
Graham MacLennan Common Crew Sea Dogs
Guerilla Tactics Common Action -
Halverd Solness Rare Crew Unaligned
Herrmann Stumpf Fixed Crew Montaigne
Hidden Compartment Common Attachment -
Hildegun Common Crew Vestenmannavnjar
In the Nick of Time Common Action -
Inga Danziger Common Crew Montaigne
Ingeborg Davinsson Rare Crew Vestenmannavnjar
Inquisitor Figueroa Rare Captain Castille
Into the Shadows Common Attachment -
Invisible College Membership Rare Attachment -
Joaquin Orduño Fixed Captain Brotherhood
Jorund's Warning Common Chantey -
Karolan's Drum Rare Attachment -
Kheired-Din, the Reborn Rare Captain Corsairs
Kristin Abjornsdottir Common Crew Vestenmannavnjar
La Venganza Fixed Ship Brotherhood
Lakov Rare Crew Black Freighter
Lazare Tourville Rare Crew Unaligned
Leaping from Rooftops Common Action -
Listing Peter Common Crew Black Freighter
Longcoat Lucy Common Crew Unaligned
Los Vagos Henchman Common Attachment -
Los Vagos Membership Fixed Attachment -
McEachern Blade Rare Adventure -
Mad Darius McIntrick Common Crew Crimson Rogers
Magebane Cordial Common Attachment -
Maria Aloise Fixed Captain Unaligned
Maria-Soledad Rivera y Aldana Rare Crew Castille
Matushka's Gate Common Chantey -
Meraldo Avalos Common Crew Castille
Miles Vilroux du Martise Rare Attachment -
Mortis Swordsman School Rare Attachment -
Multiple Barrel Artillery Piece Common Attachment -
Necare Swordsman School Rare Attachment -
Nightblade Common Action -
Noam Common Crew Brotherhood
Oil of Sloth Common Attachment -
Paul Norton Rare Crew Brotherhood
Pedro Alameda Common Crew Unaligned
Petrigal's Cordial Common Attachment -
Philter of Champions Common Attachment -
Poisoned Wine Common Action -
Professora Jacinta Navarro del Garci Common Crew Castille
Pursue Your Enemies Common Action -
Rachel Milligan Rare Crew Unaligned
Regrouping Common Action -
Reis' Legacy Common Chantey -
Renzo Raymondi Rare Crew Crimson Rogers
Reynaldo Lucani Common Crew Corsairs
Richter Hoffmann Common Crew Explorers
Rilasciare Membership Rare Attachment -
Rope Descending Device Common Adventure -
Rose and Cross Membership Rare Attachment -
Rose Thornne Common Crew Unaligned
Rosenkreuz's Secret Common Attachment -
Rum Flask Common Attachment -
Sabira Mallah Common Crew Corsairs
Safe Harbor Common Attachment -
Scar Rare Captain Vestenmannavnjar
Scrying Bowl Rare Attachment -
Seduction Common Action -
Seize the Reins Common Action -
Señor Ladrón, Second Mate Rare Crew Brotherhood
Settling the Manner Common Adventure -
Skeletal Marketeers Common Crew Black Freighter
Soner Iqbal Common Crew Corsairs
Sophia's Daughters Membership Fixed Attachment -
Steel Tooth Bob Common Crew Unaligned
Stronghold of La Bucca Rare Attachment -
Syrneth Dagger Common Attachment -
Syrneth Lock Common Action -
The Black Glove Common Adventure -
The Bonita Swordsman School Rare Attachment -
The Flash Rifle Common Attachment -
The Freighter's Ashes Common Action -
The Heroine of San Cristobal Common Adventure -
The Holy Flag of the Creseant Empire Rare Attachment -
The Horror of the Hook Common Adventure -
The Jolly Roger of the Black Freighter Rare Attachment -
The Jolly Roger of the Brotherhood of the Coast Fixed Attachment -
The Jolly Roger of the Crimson Rogers Rare Attachment -
The Jolly Roger of the Sea Dogs Rare Attachment -
The Mask of El Vago Common Attachment -
The Montaigne Revolution Common Chantey -
The Noble Emblem of the Montaigne Navy Fixed Attachment -
The Noble Flag of the Castillian Armada Rare Attachment -
The Ooze Common Crew Black Freighter
The Prized Emblem of the Explorer's Society Rare Attachment -
The Proud Banner of the Vestenmannavnjar Rare Attachment -
The Ram Rare Ship Unaligned
The Sinking of the Hurricane Common Chantey -
The Stalward Raider Rare Ship Unaligned
The Syrneth Rings Rare Adventure -
The Syrneth Secret Rare Attachment -
The Trap Is Sprung Common Action -
The Vow Common Attachment -
The Wayward Swan Fixed Ship Montaigne
The Witch Common Action -
Things To Come Common Chantey -
Tom "Grave" Stone Common Crew Black Freighter
Two Pistol Penny Common Crew Unaligned
Tyler Jones Rare Captain Sea Dogs
Unexpected Reunion Common Action -
Uppman's Coat Common Attachment -
Ussuran Madhouse Common Action -
Vallery Allamand Common Crew Montaigne
Valoix's Crime Common Chantey -
Vipera ex Morsi Swordsman School Rare Attachment -
Voices of the Dead Common Action -
Wearing the Black Ring Common Adventure -
Ysabette du Montaigne Fixed Captain Montaigne

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