The Great War is the fourth expansion set of the Babylon 5 CCG. It is published by Precedence Publishing in 1998 and consists of 415 cards.

Type BreakdownEdit

  • 34 Aftermaths
  • 24 Agendas
  • 66 Characters
  • 52 Conflicts
  • 25 Contingencies
  • 58 Enhancements
  • 99 Events
  • 32 Fleets
  • 14 Groups
  • 6 Locations

Rarity BreakdownEdit

  • 100 Commons
  • 97 Fixed
  • 100 Uncommons
  • 100 Rares
  • 10 Promos
  • 2 Autographs
  • 1 Box Topper

Card ListsEdit

A Good Bluff Fixed Event
A Show of Guile Rare Aftermath
A Time for Heroes Common Event
Abandoned Uncommon Aftermath
Acolyte Uncommon Character
Advance Fleet Uncommon Fleet
Advanced Training Common Enhancement
Affirmation of Support Common Event
Against the First Ones Uncommon Agenda
Agamemnon Rare Enhancement
Aggressive Action Rare Conflict
All or Nothing Common Event
Alliance Fixed Conflict
Altruism Uncommon Agenda
Ancient Enemies Uncommon Enhancement
Anla'shok Rare Group
Anna Sheridan Rare Character
Arrest Dissidents Fixed Conflict
Asimov Laws Promo Conflict
At a Standstill Uncommon Aftermath
Attack Formation Promo Event
Attack Outpost Uncommon Conflict
Babylon 5 Fighters Uncommon Fleet
Babylon 5 War Council Uncommon Enhancement
Backlash Uncommon Aftermath
Battle Hardened Common Aftermath
Battle Momentum Common Event
Behind the Curve Common Event
Beyond the Rim Rare Conflict
Biased Reporting Uncommon Enhancement
Big Guns Common Event
Black Ops Consultant Common Character
Blind the Watchers Uncommon Conflict
Bluff Common Contingency
Bogged Down Common Event
Bolstered Defenses Common Contigency
Border Raid Fixed Conflict
Brakir Uncommon Location
Brakiri Cruisers Fixed Fleet
Brakiri Merchant Common Character
Brakiri War Fleet Fixed Fleet
Bureaucratic Infighting Fixed Event
Buy Favor Uncommon Conflict
Buy New Resources Rare Event
Caliban Common Character
Call In a Marker Common Conflict
Call Their Bluff Uncommon Conflict
Captured Fleet Fixed Aftermath
Carrier Group Uncommon Fleet
Centauri Courtier Common Character
Centauri Fanatic Fixed Character
Chain of Command Uncommon Aftermath
Change of Heart Fixed Event
Changeling Net Rare Enhancement
Charting the Course Box Topper Event
Cheat Fate Common Event
Chosen of God Rare Agenda
Civil Servants Uncommon Group
Cloak and Dagger Common Event
Cloud of Doom Common Event
Coincidence Rare Event
Combined Fleet Rare Fleet
Command Ship Rare Fleet
Confrontation Rare Contigency
Conscription Rare Event
Consultants Rare Group
Cut Supply Lines Fixed Event
Dagool Rare Character
Day of the Dead Rare Event
Death of Kosh Rare Conflict
Debt of Gratitude Fixed Aftermath
Declaration of War Fixed Event
Dedicated Assistant Common Aftermath
Deep Scan Uncommon Conflict
Defeated Rare Aftermath
Defector Revealed Promo Event
Defend the Races Rare Agenda
Defensive Tactics Common Enhancement
Delegate Authority Common Event
Different Perspectives Fixed Event
Diplomatic Channels Uncommon Enhancement
Diplomatic Intrusion Uncommon Conflict
Diplomatic Payoff Rare Contigency
Disarray Promo Aftermath
Disruption Fixed Conflict
Dissent Uncommon Enhancement
Divert Blame Fixed Conflict
Doctor Lilian Hobbs Uncommon Character
Drazi Strike Fleet Uncommon Fleet
Drazi Sunhawk Fixed Fleet
Drazi War Fleet Fixed Fleet
Dust Uncommon Event
Efficiency Uncommon Enhancement
Egyptian God of Frustration Uncommon Enhancement
Elections Fixed Conflict
Emfeeli Rare Enhancement
Empire Builder Uncommon Agenda
Entrap Common Contingency
Ethnocentric Fixed Enhancement
Exhaustion Promo Event
Exploit Opportunities Fixed Aftermath
Eye for an Eye Fixed Event
Eyes and Ears Common Agenda
Eyes on the Border Uncommon Event
Failed Goals Uncommon Aftermath
Falsified Orders Common Event
Fashar Fixed Character
Fast Transport Uncommon Enhancement
Fate Awaits Uncommon Enhancement
Fate Calls Rare Conflict
Fate Favors Common Contigency
Feast of Strife Uncommon Agenda
Feint Rare Event
Fighter Base Uncommon Enhancement
Find Focus Common Event
First One Intervention Rare Aftermath
First One Involvement Rare Event
First One Protection Rare Contingency
First Squadron Uncommon Enhancement
First United Fleet Rare Fleet
Fleets on the Border Fixed Event
Force Majeure Rare Agenda
Fray at the Edges Rare Event
From the Sidelines Common Event
Front Man Common Contingency
Fulcrum of Power Common Agenda
Full Mobilization Rare Agenda
Further Gains Rare Contingency
Futility Rare Aftermath
Gaim Merchant Promo Character
Garrison Duty Common Event
Gear Up for War Rare Enhancement
G'Kar Enlightened Rare Character
G'Neb Uncommon Character
Good Press Fixed Conflict
Grassroots Support Fixed Conflict
Ground Forces Common Contingency
Growing Distrust Common Event
Guarded Resource Rare Contingency
Gunboat Diplomacy Fixed Conflict
Gyor Uncommon Character
Hacker Uncommon Enhancement
Hand of Valen Uncommon Agenda
Hard Lessons Common Contingency
Harkar Uncommon Character
Heavy Losses Uncommon Aftermath
Heroic Aid Common Event
Hidden Pressures Rare Event
Hidden Treasury Rare Contingency
Hostile Reaction Common Event
Human Fanatic Fixed Character
Hyach Matriarch Rare Character
Hyach Patriarch Fixed Character
Ill Fated Reserves Common Conflict
Important Visitor Fixed Event
Improvised Weapon Common Contingency
Independence Fixed Enhancement
Independent Support Uncommon Enhancement
Inflexible Plans Common Event
Insurrection Fixed Enhancement
Intelligence Gathering Uncommon Contingency
Interference Common Event
Internecine Struggle Fixed Conflict
Intervention Force Rare Fleet
Intrigues Mature Fixed Event
Invent the Future Common Event
ISN Reporter Common Character
Judgment Fixed Contingency
Julie Musante Uncommon Character
Justin Rare Character
Kalika Qwal'mizra Fixed Character
Know Your Enemy Fixed Event
Knowledge Is Power Fixed Agenda
Labor Strike Common Event
Led Astray No More Common Aftermath
Lennan Common Character
Let Them Fight Rare Conflict
Lethke Zum Bartrado Fixed Character
Lhim/Dram Uncommon Character
Life Pods Common Enhancement
Light Shines Uncommon Event
Lobbyists Common Group
Local Supremacy Fixed Agenda
Lord Refa Fixed Character
Lorien Rare Character
Lost Opportunities Uncommon Contingency
Lou Welch Uncommon Character
Low Level Conflict Common Event
Lt. David Corwin Common Character
Luhf/Syhf Rare Character
Lurkers Common Group
Lyta Empowered Rare Character
Lyta Empowered Autograph Character
Lyta Empowered Promo Character
Machiavellian Politics Common Event
Maintain Control Rare Conflict
Marked Out Common Event
Martial Law Fixed Enhancement
Master of All Rare Agenda
Med Lab Common Enhancement
Media Mogul Uncommon Agenda
Medical Assistance Fixed Event
Melat Uncommon Location
Merciless Rare Enhancement
Milashi Voktal Fixed Character
Military Outpost Common Location
Minbari Fanatic Fixed Character
Minister Durano Rare Character
Minister Verano Uncommon Character
Mob Violence Fixed Event
Moles Fixed Group
Momentum Rare Enhancement
Mr. Chase Common Character
Mu Tai Exhibition Common Event
Munitions Convoy Fixed Fleet
Mutiny Fixed Conflict
Na'Far Fixed Character
Narn Agitator Common Character
Narn Fanatic Fixed Character
Neroon Fixed Character
Network Support Common Group
Nhuk/Vrek Rare Character
No Compromises Uncommon Enhancement
No Mercy Uncommon Aftermath
Non-Aligned Agent Fixed Character
Non-Aligned Aide Fixed Character
Non-Aligned Captain Fixed Character
Non-Aligned Fanatic Fixed Character
Not Our Concern Fixed Event
Officer Exchange Uncommon Conflict
On All Fronts Rare Conflict
Opportunity for Chaos Rare Event
Order Maintained Rare Conflict
Out of the Loop Common Event
Pak'ma'ra Lurkers Common Group
Pak'ma'ra Spacelanes Fixed Location
Paralyzing Injury Common Aftermath
Parlay Gains Common Contingency
Patrol Fleet Uncommon Fleet
Peace Accord Common Event
Peace Dividend Uncommon Contingency
Peaceful Unification Fixed Agenda
Permanent Losses Common Aftermath
Perpetual Conflict Rare Conflict
Personal Growth Common Aftermath
Personal Involvement Fixed Aftermath
Picket Duty Common Contingency
Plague Rare Conflict
Planet Defense Fleet Uncommon Fleet
Planet-wide Unrest Uncommon Conflict
Plans Revealed Uncommon Conflict
Play for Keeps Common Event
Playing Both Sides Rare Agenda
Pointing Fingers Fixed Event
Popular Tariffs Uncommon Enhancement
Power Block Fixed Enhancement
Power Brokers Rare Group
Power in Consensus Common Contingency
Power Play Rare Event
Precise Targeting Common Event
Premonition Rare Enhancement
Pride of the Kha'Ri Rare Enhancement
Prime Minister Mollari Rare Character
Prime Minister Mollari Autograph Character
Propaganda Uncommon Enhancement
Protecting Your Race Fixed Enhancement
Public Resentment Rare Aftermath
Purple Files Rare Contingency
Pushed to War Common Event
Pushing Limits Uncommon Aftermath
Put on the Squeeze Common Conflict
Quality Leadership Uncommon Enhancement
Racial Command Fixed Event
Racial Cooperation Fixed Enhancement
Racial Ties Fixed Enhancement
Rag-Tag Fleet Fixed Fleet
Ranger Initiate Common Character
Ranger Training Rare Enhancement
Rapid Growth Fixed Event
Reap the Whirlwind Common Event
Reaping Iniquity Uncommon Event
Rebirth Ceremony Rare Event
Repairing the Past Fixed Aftermath
Reprisal Uncommon Aftermath
Research Station Uncommon Enhancement
Reservations Uncommon Enhancement
Resupply Network Uncommon Group
Return to Ideals Promo Event
Rumor Mongers Uncommon Group
Sacrifice Play Common Event
Safety in Numbers Fixed Agenda
Sanctions Fixed Event
Sanctuary Rare Aftermath
Scapegoats Common Event
Screened Uncommon Contingency
Seat of Power Fixed Enhancement
Second Squadron Uncommon Enhancement
Second United Fleet Rare Fleet
Secure the Home Front Fixed Agenda
Security Crackdown Common Event
Security Detail Common Group
Security Fleet Fixed Fleet
Security Fleet Fixed Fleet
Security Fleet Fixed Fleet
Security Fleet Fixed Fleet
Security Fleet Fixed Fleet
Security Override Common Event
Seductive Arguments Common Event
Severed Ties Uncommon Conflict
Shadow Base Uncommon Enhancement
Shadow Cloud Rare Conflict
Shadow Implants Rare Enhancement
Shadow Scouts Uncommon Fleet
Shadow Strike Fleet Rare Fleet
Shadow Symbiont Rare Conflict
Shadow Tech Upgrade Rare Enhancement
Shadow War Fleet Rare Fleet
Shadows Fall Uncommon Event
Shadowwatch Rare Enhancement
Shambah III Uncommon Location
She'lah Fixed Character
Sheridan Reborn Rare Character
Show the Colors Common Conflict
Silver Tongue Common Event
Skirmish Common Event
Special Ops Fixed Event
Spirit of Cooperation Common Event
Stasis Uncommon Enhancement
Straight Talk Common Event
Strange Bedfellows Rare Conflict
Strike at the Heart Uncommon Conflict
Suarez Cil'tlakh Fixed Character
Subtle Influences Uncommon Conflict
Subversion Fixed Event
Supply Convoy Common Fleet
Taunts and Games Common Event
Techno-mage Rare Character
Telepath Block Uncommon Enhancement
Telepath Recruit Common Character
Telepathic Scan Fixed Conflict
Tense Situation Common Event
Tenuous Control Uncommon Event
Terra Firma Rare Agenda
Terrorist Strike Fixed Conflict
Test Their Mettle Fixed Conflict
The Greater Good Common Event
The Just Suffer Promo Event
The Katai Rare Enhancement
The Path of Conquest Rare Agenda
The Price of Fame Uncommon Aftermath
The Right Contacts Fixed Group
The Upper Hand Rare Conflict
Third Squadron Uncommon Enhancement
Third United Fleet Rare Fleet
This Was a Mistake Rare Event
Ties to the Mighty Common Enhancement
Time of Decision Common Event
To Make a Stand Rare Agenda
Trade Pact Fixed Conflict
Trade Sanctions Common Event
Trade War Common Event
Truce Uncommon Event
Tualakh Vit'lokh Uncommon Character
Ulkesh Kosh Rare Character
Uncertain Times Fixed Event
Underground Telepath Uncommon Character
Unexpected Activity Rare Event
Unexpected Return Uncommon Event
Unfounded Rumours Rare Contingency
Universe Today Feature Fixed Event
University Complex Uncommon Enhancement
Unpopular Goals Fixed Conflict
Unpopular Intervention Common Event
Valarius Rare Enhancement
Vengeance Fleet Rare Fleet
Venlesh Common Character
Vicious Blow Common Contingency
Vicious Rumours Uncommon Aftermath
Vizak Fixed Character
Vlur/Nhar Fixed Character
Voice of the Resistance Rare Group
Vorlon Allies Uncommon Enhancement
Vorlon Dreams Uncommon Conflict
Vorlon Order Rare Enhancement
Vorlon Planet Killer Rare Conflict
Vorlon Strike Fleet Rare Fleet
Vorlon Universe Rare Agenda
Vorlon War Fleet Rare Fleet
Vree Scouts Fixed Fleet
War Fever Uncommon Enhancement
War Footing Uncommon Agenda
War Protestors Uncommon Conflict
Wargames Rare Conflict
We Are Not Impressed Uncommon Enhancement
Well Publicized Rare Aftermath
What Are You? Common Aftermath
What Were You Thinking? Uncommon Aftermath
White Star Fleet Rare Fleet
William Morgan Clark Fixed Character
With a Sacrifice Uncommon Aftermath
With an Iron Fist Fixed Conflict
Wrong Place and Time Uncommon Aftermath
You Didn't Mean That Common Event
You Do Not Understand Common Event
Z'athras Rare Character
Zath'ras Common Character
Zathr'as Uncommon Character
Zathra's Promo Character
Zero Sum Game Fixed Enhancement
Zhabar Fixed Location

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