The Shadows is the first expansion set of the Babylon 5 CCG. It is published by Precedence Publishing in 1998 and consists of 217 cards.

Type BreakdownEdit

  • 24 Aftermaths
  • 9 Agendas
  • 22 Characters
  • 26 Conflicts
  • 49 Enhancements
  • 60 Events
  • 7 Fleets
  • 8 Groups
  • 9 Locations

Rarity BreakdownEdit

  • 50 Commons
  • 53 Uncommons
  • 100 Rares
  • 10 Promos
  • 1 Autograph

Card ListsEdit

A Final Statement Rare Event
A Moment of Beauty Uncommon Event
Act of War Common Event
Additional Force Rare Event
Aiding the Shadows Common Event
Aiding the Vorlons Common Event
Ambassador Kosh Rare Character
Ambitious Captain Common Character
Ancient Rivals Uncommon Aftermath
Annex Neutral World Rare Conflict
Assassination Device Rare Enhancement
Associates Revealed Uncommon Aftermath
At Peak Performance Uncommon Event
Atmospheric Fighters Common Enhancement
Attack Babylon 5 Rare Conflict
Block Progress Common Event
Bloodied but Unbowed Common Event
Body Armor Uncommon Enhancement
Border World Uncommon Location
Broken Allegiance Promo Event
Brother Theo Common Character
Build Infrastructure Uncommon Agenda
Bureaucracy Uncommon Enhancement
Bureaucratic Controls Promo Enhancement
Calenn Rare Character
Calling the Shots Rare Enhancement
Casualties Common Aftermath
Catastrophic Damage Uncommon Aftermath
Centauri Beta I Rare Location
Change of Direction Rare Event
Commander Ivanova Uncommon Character
Conquered Holding Uncommon Location
Consumed by Shadows Rare Aftermath
Convincing Words Common Event
Corrupted Destiny Uncommon Conflict
Coup de Grace (sic) Rare Conflict
Covering Weaknesses Rare Event
Credit Ship Promo Enhancement
Damaged from Within Rare Enhancement
Debt of Gratitude Common Aftermath
Dedicated Follower Rare Event
Defense Treaty Promo Conflict
Delay the War Common Conflict
Directing Events Common Event
Disciple of Light Rare Agenda
Disruption Common Conflict
Elder Races Triumph Uncommon Enhancement
Eliminate Threats Rare Event
Emergency Repairs Common Event
Emperor Cartagia Rare Character
Entil'zha Rare Character
Evidence of Shadows Promo Event
Extermination Uncommon Conflict
Factional Inertia Rare Enhancement
Fast Learner Rare Enhancement
Followers of G'Quan Rare Group
Force the Issue Common Event
Forging Alliances Rare Agenda
Freedom of Choice Rare Aftermath
Gather Rebels Rare Agenda
Glitch Common Event
Government Aid Rare Enhancement
Government Hostility Uncommon Enhancement
Grey Council Servitor Uncommon Character
Growing Skepticism Rare Enhancement
Healing Artifact Rare Enhancement
Heavy Resistance Rare Enhancement
Held Back Rare Enhancement
Heralds of the Grey Rare Group
Hidden Corruption Rare Event
Hidden Safehouse Common Event
High Level Connections Uncommon Group
Hollow Victory Rare Event
Impasse Common Conflict
In Chaos, Uncertainty Rare Event
In the Spotlight Rare Aftermath
Inconclusive Strike Promo Event
Information Overload Rare Enhancement
Internal Opposition Uncommon Event
Into Their Own Uncommon Aftermath
Knowledge, Then Action Rare Enhancement
Lashing Out Rare Event
Learn Their Weaknesses Rare Conflict
Leaving the Past Uncommon Conflict
Liberating Resources Uncommon Event
Looking Ahead Rare Conflict
Lord Mollari Rare Character
Lost in Shadows Rare Event
Low Morale Uncommon Enhancement
Loyal Guardsmen Uncommon Group
Managed Growth Rare Agenda
Manifest Destiny Rare Agenda
Military Buildup Uncommon Agenda
Minbari Fighting Pike Uncommon Enhancement
Mindwipe Rare Conflict
Minister Virini Uncommon Character
Misdirected Force Uncommon Event
Mobilize Reserves Common Enhancement
Modern Refit Common Enhancement
Monks Rare Group
Mr. Morden Rare Character
Mr. Morden Autograph Character
Muster Support Uncommon Agenda
Mysterious Protections Rare Event
Na'Mel Uncommon Character
New Opportunities Rare Enhancement
New Priorities Rare Event
Nightwatch Agent Common Character
Nightwatch Enforcers Uncommon Group
No Alternatives Uncommon Enhancement
Not Alone Rare Event
Not in Vain Common Event
Observation Post Uncommon Location
Obstacles to Victory Rare Enhancement
Over the Brink Rare Event
Past Victories Promo Enhancement
Peaceful Solutions Rare Enhancement
Permanent Wound Rare Aftermath
Personal Insult Common Event
Political Pull Rare Aftermath
Portents Uncommon Event
PPG Rifle Uncommon Enhancement
Preeminence Rare Enhancement
Prejudice Grows Uncommon Enhancement
Presidential Coup Rare Enhancement
Prey on the Weak Common Conflict
Prove Your Worth Rare Enhancement
Psionic Pacification Rare Conflict
Public Outcry Common Aftermath
Puppeteer Rare Event
Raising the Stakes Rare Event
Rampage Uncommon Event
Ranger Operations Rare Group
Rapid Recovery Common Event
Rebuilding Effort Common Event
Recalled Rare Enhancement
Recover and Regroup Rare Event
Reducing Risk Uncommon Event
Reeling from the Blows Uncommon Enhancement
Refusal to Yield Rare Aftermath
Reluctant Allies Rare Enhancement
Removed from Power Common Conflict
Reverse Engineering Uncommon Conflict
Search for Direction Common Event
Sebastian Rare Character
Seeds of Anarchy Uncommon Conflict
Senator Young Rare Character
Shadow Aid Uncommon Conflict
Shadow Contact Promo Character
Shadow Medaillon Rare Enhancement
Shadow Retribution Rare Aftermath
Shadow Ship Uncommon Fleet
Sigma 957 Rare Location
Slow Poison Uncommon Conflict
Slow Recovery Common Aftermath
Sowing Unrest Common Conflict
Special Intelligence Rare Group
Spread Unrest Rare Event
Squandered Chances Common Event
Stagnation Rare Enhancement
Statement of Position Uncommon Conflict
Status Quo Rare Event
Stim Addiction Rare Aftermath
Stolen Spoils Rare Aftermath
Stripped Bare Rare Event
Support Fleet Common Fleet
Support Fleet Common Fleet
Support Fleet Common Fleet
Support Fleet Common Fleet
Survey in Force Uncommon Conflict
Sworn to Shadows Rare Enhancement
Taking Credit Rare Conflict
Taralenn II Rare Location
Telekinesis Rare Enhancement
Temporary Aid Common Event
Test of Merit Uncommon Enhancement
The Long Night Common Aftermath
The Lure of Shadow Rare Agenda
The Vorlons Respond Rare Aftermath
The White Star Rare Fleet
The Young Races Rise Rare Enhancement
Their Own Destiny Common Event
Things to Come Common Event
To Fight Legends Uncommon Event
To Stand Alone Rare Enhancement
To the Victor Rare Aftermath
Tolonius VII Uncommon Location
Too Predictable Uncommon Event
Trivial Gains Common Event
Troubles Brewing Common Event
Twisting the Knife Uncommon Aftermath
Uncertain Followers Common Enhancement
Uncertain Futures Rare Event
Underground Resistance Common Enhancement
Undermine Trust Rare Conflict
Unheralded Losses Rare Event
Unrelenting Pressure Promo Enhancement
Unsung Hero Rare Enhancement
Va'Kal Rare Character
Veteran Fleet Promo Enhancement
Vorlon Cruiser Uncommon Fleet
Vorlon Protection Uncommon Conflict
Vorlon Proxy Common Enhancement
Vorlon Space Rare Location
Vorlons Ascendent Common Aftermath
Walkabout Rare Aftermath
We Can't Allow That Common Event
When Duty Calls Rare Aftermath
William Morgan Clark Rare Character
Withdrawal Common Event
Za'thras Rare Character
Zath'ras Common Character
Zathras' Uncommon Character
Z'ha'dum Awakened Rare Location

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