The Spy Who Shagged Me
Thespywhoshaggedme booster
Game/Set: Austin Powers CCG


The Spy Who Shagged Me









Cards Total:


The Spy Who Shagged Me is the first and only expansion for Austin Powers CCG, published by Decipher, Inc. in December 1999. It consists of 140 cards.

Booster boxes contains 30 pack. Each pack contains 11 cards. Each pack, starting with the cards face-up, has Uncommons in positions 1-3; Rares in 4; and Commons in 5-11. There also starter decks.

Type BreakdownEdit

  • 61 Agents (29 Evil and 32 Good)
  • 37 Frickin' Bones (20 Evil and 17 Good)
  • 17 Happenings (8 Evil and 9 Good)
  • 25 Swingers (13 Evil and 12 Good)

Rarity BreakdownEdit

  • 60 Commons
  • 40 Uncommons
  • 10 Starters
  • 29 Rares

Card ListEdit

1 Amanda Kisenhugg - Go-Go Dancer Common Agent Good
2 Austin - From 10 Minutes From Now Rare Agent Good
3 Austin Powers - All Shagged Out Rare Agent Good
4 Austin Powers - Astro-Naughty Rare Agent Good
5 Austin Powers - Bikini-Clad Bombshell? Rare Agent Good
6 Austin Powers - Fashion Photographer Rare Agent Good
7 Austin Powers - M.O.D. Agent Starter Agent Good
8 Barry Erman - Battering Ram Expert Common Agent Good
9 Basil Exposition - Elder British Intelligence Superior Uncommon Agent Good
10 Basil Exposition - Younger British Intelligence Superior Rare Agent Good
11 Busby Queensman - Undistractable Guardsman Common Agent Good
12 Chastity - "Shagette" Common Agent Good
13 Cherry - "Shagette" Common Agent Good
14 Dick - Fighter Pilot Starter Agent Good
15 Divine - "Shagette" Uncommon Agent Good
16 Felicity Shagwell - American Woman Rare Agent Good
17 Felicity Shagwell - Astro-Very-Naughty Rare Agent Good
18 Felicity Shagwell - Bikini-Clad Bombshell Rare Agent Good
19 Felicity Shagwell - In Quasi-Futuristic Clothes Rare Agent Good
20 Felicity Shagwell - London Tourist Rare Agent Good
21 General Hawk - Presidential Advisor Rare Agent Good
22 Goldie - Heartthrob Starter Agent Good
23 Jerry Springer - Biting Talk Show Host Uncommon Agent Good
24 Johnson - Radar Operator Common Agent Good
25 Jonas Cooper - Haz Mat Agent Common Agent Good
26 Mr. Elvis Costello - Radio Sweetheart Uncommon Agent Good
27 Mr. English Colonel - Weight Loss Consultant Uncommon Agent Good
28 Mrs. Ruth - Sex-Ed Teacher Uncommon Agent Good
29 Rebecca Romijn - Hasn't Had "The Pleasure" Rare Agent Good
30 Telly Wise - Springer Fan Common Agent Good
31 The President - Oblivious to 90s References Rare Agent Good
32 Willie Nelson - The Highwayman Common Agent Good
33 "Crikey!" Common Frickin' Bone Good
34 "Hop on the good foot and do the bad thing." Common Frickin' Bone Good
35 "How does that feel, baby? Common Frickin' Bone Good
36 "I am a sexy bitch!" Uncommon Frickin' Bone Good
37 "I put the GRR in swinger, baby." Common Frickin' Bone Good
38 "I'll cover your rear." Uncommon Frickin' Bone Good
39 "I'm even better of my feet." Common Frickin' Bone Good
40 "I've beaten Dr. Evil before and I'll beat him again." Common Frickin' Bone Good
41 "It's just not in the cards now, is it?" Common Frickin' Bone Good
42 "Move over, Rover. This chick is taking over." Common Frickin' Bone Good
43 "Oh, behave." Common Frickin' Bone Good
44 "The swinger has landed." Uncommon Frickin' Bone Good
45 "What do you think of these, my man?" Common Frickin' Bone Good
46 "Why won't you DIE?" Common Frickin' Bone Good
47 "Yeah, baby!" Common Frickin' Bone Good
48 "You are one groovy baby... baby." Uncommon Frickin' Bone Good
49 "You don't have to be cute with me." Common Frickin' Bone Good
50 Austin Powers' Kama Sutra Common Swinger Good
51 Austin's Magnifying Specs Uncommon Swinger Good
52 Cryo Chamber Common Swinger Good
53 Felicity's Corvette Uncommon Swinger Good
54 Homing Device Rare Swinger Good
55 Human Shield Starter Swinger Good
56 Ménage à Trois Uncommon Swinger Good
57 Nicely Packed Starter Swinger Good
58 Remote Control Uncommon Swinger Good
59 Springin' Shindig Uncommon Swinger Good
60 Time Beetle Common Swinger Good
61 Yellow Submarine Uncommon Swinger Good
62 Balcony Beauties Uncommon Happening Good
63 Bottoms Up Common Happening Good
64 Dance of the Randy Minx Common Happening Good
65 Flash in the Pad Uncommon Happening Good
66 No-Jo Uncommon Happening Good
67 Pit of Liquid Hot Magma Common Happening Good
68 Shagette Forcefield Common Happening Good
69 Spank You Very Much Uncommon Happening Good
70 Synchronized Swimming Common Happening Good
71 Anita Boyd - Woody Stalker Common Agent Evil
72 Carmen Gettit - Heinie Toucher Starter Agent Evil
73 Dr. Evil - Bent on World Domination Starter Agent Evil
74 Dr. Evil - In Quasi-Futuristic Clothes Rare Agent Evil
75 Dr. Evil - Irresistible Mojo Juggernaut Rare Agent Evil
76 Fat Bastard - Dead Sexy Rare Agent Evil
77 Fat Bastard - Disgruntled Scottish Guard Uncommon Agent Evil
78 Fembot Vanessa - Kamikaze Bride Rare Agent Evil
79 Frau Farbissina - "Laser" Operator Rare Agent Evil
80 Frau Farbissina - LPGA Cruiser Uncommon Agent Evil
81 Frau Farbissina - Weird Momma Rare Agent Evil
82 Ivana Humpalot - Dr. Evil's "Pawn" Rare Agent Evil
83 Ivana Humpalot - Russian Tiger Uncommon Agent Evil
84 Jerry Springer - Talk Show Ringmaster Uncommon Agent Evil
85 Joe - Bazooka Maksman Common Agent Evil
86 Mini-Me - In Quasi-Futuristic Clothes Rare Agent Evil
87 Mini-Me - Vicious Little Chihuahua Thing Rare Agent Evil
88 Mustafa - Tri-questa-phobic Assassin Rare Agent Evil
89 Number Two - Healthy and Youthful Rare Agent Evil
90 Number Two - Not Dead, Just Badly Burned Rare Agent Evil
91 One-Eyed Monster - Cabbage-Scented Carney Starter Agent Evil
92 Rabbi Schlotsky - Evil Mohel Common Agent Evil
93 Robin Swallows - Determined Assassin Rare Agent Evil
94 Robin Swallows - Maiden Name: Spitz Uncommon Agent Evil
95 Rodd - Hot Salty Nuts Vendor Common Agent Evil
96 Scott Evil - The Margarine of Evil Rare Agent Evil
97 Unibrau - Hot German Birdie Uncommon Agent Evil
98 Wanda McLuff - Pecker Watcher Common Agent Evil
99 Wang - Chinese Student Common Agent Evil
100 "Austin... I AM YOUR FATHER!" Uncommon Frickin' Bone Evil
101 "Do You Swing?" Common Frickin' Bone Evil
102 "Doctaaaarrrrrri!" Common Frickin' Bone Evil
103 "Don't go there, girlfriend." Common Frickin' Bone Evil
104 "Get in my BELLY!" Common Frickin' Bone Evil
105 "I ate a BABY!" Common Frickin' Bone Evil
106 "It got weird, didn't it?" Uncommon Frickin' Bone Evil
107 "Nobody knows what you're talking about... ass." Uncommon Frickin' Bone Evil
108 "Once you've had fat, you'll never go back." Common Frickin' Bone Evil
109 "One for me... and one for my homies." Common Frickin' Bone Evil
110 "Ooo... frisky are we?" Common Frickin' Bone Evil
111 "Perhaps next time you should try foreplay!" Common Frickin' Bone Evil
112 "The thought of you naked is just gross." Common Frickin' Bone Evil
113 "The world is mine!" Common Frickin' Bone Evil
114 "When a problem comes along, you must zip it... zip it good." Common Frickin' Bone Evil
115 "Would you care for a suckle of my zipple?" Common Frickin' Bone Evil
116 " .org" Common Frickin' Bone Evil
117 "You are hairy like ANIMAL!" Common Frickin' Bone Evil
118 "You gonna cry? You gonna squirt some?" Common Frickin' Bone Evil
119 "Zip it!" Common Frickin' Bone Evil
120 Bastard Bagpipes Uncommon Swinger Evil
121 Booster Shot Starter Swinger Evil
122 "Death Star" Uncommon Swinger Evil
123 Dr. Evil's Secret Volcano Lair Common Swinger Evil
124 Evil Egg Common Swinger Evil
125 Evil Rap Uncommon Swinger Evil
126 Half Nelson Uncommon Swinger Evil
127 Irritating Interrogation Rare Swinger Evil
128 Mini-Me's Goodbye Card Common Swinger Evil
129 Mojo Extractor Uncommon Swinger Evil
130 Mojo Vial Starter Swinger Evil
131 Slugfest Uncommon Swinger Evil
132 "Time Machine" Uncommon Swinger Evil
133 Balancing Act Common Happening Evil
134 Belgian Dip Uncommon Happening Evil
135 Bridal Shower Common Happening Evil
136 Disciplinary Action Common Happening Evil
137 Roadkill Uncommon Happening Evil
138 Southern California? Common Happening Evil
139 Spin Doctor Uncommon Happening Evil
140 Stroking the Bishops Uncommon Happening Evil

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